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Life s Too Short To Ride Busy Roads

Author : Sports Journal Press House
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A Perfect Cycle Quotes Journal For Proud Cyclist If you love to ride a bike then this is a perfect gift to treat yourself or buy as a gift. Useful for daily important notes, plans and ideas This Notebook is 6" x 9" and has 100 pages

Lessons from the Back Roads

Author : John Hodel
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What truly defines a life? What makes us who we are? It is, in no small part, our life's experiences and those who surround us. It is the setbacks, the triumphs and those people in our lives through which the potter's hand gradually molds us into the shape we are to become. I had been molded in many ways - A brother's death in Vietnam when I was 7 years old, a motorcycle accident that took my father's life when I was a senior in high school, and an embarrassingly short ten day marriage in my early thirties. I was molded through positive influences as well - the unconditional love of a faithful mother, the positive role model of an older brother and my Christian faith, which sustained me against life's many piercing arrows. And I was molded by my love for motorcycles...From riding in the 5 acre field behind my house as a kid, racing the Mexican Baja peninsula, trail riding through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and riding my Harley throughout the country. These experiences prepared me for this journey.

Life s Too Short to Cry

Author : Tim Vigors
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A newly discovered “exhilarating and moving memoir” of an RAF fighter pilot in World War II (Daily Mail). It is not often that a long-hidden gem of a manuscript is published, bringing a moment in WWII history to vivid life for today’s readers. Geoffrey Wellum’s First Light was one example. The memoir of Timothy Vigors is another. Born in Hatfield but raised in Ireland and educated at Eton and Cranwell, Vigors found himself in France in 1940 flying Fairey Battle bombers. After the Fall he joined the fighters of 222 Squadron, with whom he saw frantic and distinguished service over Dunkirk and persevered through the dangerous days of the Battle of Britain, when he became an ace. Vigors transferred to the Far East in January 1941 as a flight commander with 243, then to 453 Squadron RAAF, and on December 10 of that year he led a flight of Buffaloes to cover the sinking Prince of Wales and Repulse. Dramatically shot down, burnt and attacked on his parachute, he was evacuated to Java, and from there, to India. As he describes these experiences in his handwritten account, the author provides a fascinating and valuable record, a newly discovered personal narrative of air combat destined to be seen as a classic.

Life Is a Wheel

Author : Bruce Weber
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Life Is a Wheel chronicles the cross-country bicycle trip Bruce Weber made at the age of fifty-seven, an “entertaining travel story filled with insightful thoughts about life, family, and aging” (The Associated Press). During the summer and fall of 2011, Bruce Weber, an obituary writer for The New York Times, bicycled across the country, alone, and wrote about it as it unfolded. Life Is a Wheel is the witty, inspiring, and reflective diary of his journey, in which the challenges and rewards of self-reliance and strenuous physical effort yield wry and incisive observations about cycling and America, not to mention the pleasures of a three-thousand-calorie breakfast. The story begins on the Oregon coast, with Weber wondering what he’s gotten himself into, and ends in triumph on New York City’s George Washington Bridge. From Going-to-the-Sun Road in the northern Rockies to the headwaters of the Mississippi and through the cityscapes of Chicago and Pittsburgh, his encounters with people and places provide us with an intimate, two-wheeled perspective of America. And with thousands of miles to travel, Weber considers his past, his family, and the echo that a well-lived life leaves behind. Part travelogue, part memoir, part romance, part paean to the bicycle—and part bemused and panicky account of a middle-aged man’s attempt to stave off, well, you know—Life Is a Wheel is “a book for cyclists, and for anyone who has ever dreamed of such transcontinental travels. But it also should prove enlightening, soul-stirring, even, to those who don’t care a whit about bikes but who care about the way people connect” (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

Life Begins at 49

Author : Chris Brady
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As he saw his 50th birthday approaching, Chris Brady realised things had to change. When his children wouldnt leave home, he and his wife did. This is the story of the huge gamble they took, uprooting themselves from the security of a job and home on the idyllic Waiheke Island (population 7000) in New Zealands Hauraki Gulf, and moving half way around the world to London (population, 12 million). There Chris explored the UK and Europe with the passion and enthusiasm of a twenty-year old. As an historian, he delighted in finding everything from pre-historic ruins to twentieth century icons, most notably the Abbey Rd crossing! And just to prove that old gits can do anything, after three years away, Chris and his wife came home in style. The book details their camping trip through the UK, their trip around Europe, and finally, their epic journey on the Trans-Siberian railway.

Recollections of a Busy Life

Author : William B. Forwood
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Reproduction of the original: Recollections of a Busy Life by William B. Forwood

Life s Too Short to Go So F cking Slow

Author : Susan Lacke
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Susan and Carlos were unlikely friends. She was a young, overweight college professor and a bit of a trainwreck—juggling a divorce, a pack-a-day habit, and hiding empty boxes of wine under her bed. He was her boss, an Ironman triathlete, with life figured out. She was a whiner, he was a hard-ass. He had his shit together, she most assuredly did not. Trash-talking workouts, breakdowns, a devastating diagnosis—this heartwarming story of training buddies reveals a deep and abiding friendship that traversed life, sport, and everything in between. Their journey reveals the inspiring power of sports and friendship to change lives forever. Amusing and poignant, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow is about running and triathlon, growth and heartbreak, and an epic friendship that went the distance.

Turn Into The Skid

Author : James Rocks Pitrak
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Memoirs of the Life and Adventures of Colonel Maceroni

Author : Francis Maceroni
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M moirs of the life and adventures of Colonel Maceroni late aide de camp to Joachim Murat king of Naples With a portrait

Author : Colonel MACERONI
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Life Is a Road Trip

Author : Nikki Greene
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When Darren, Nikki and Larry sat around talking about selling everything, quitting their jobs and hitting the road deep down it was just something fun to talk about, not real. But when life gave them the opportunity to have such an adventure, they decided to go for it. Winnie, their RV, was their new addition to the family. Nikki and Darren had spent the last eight years being married and building a normal life including owning a mortgage or two, climbing the corporate ladder and preparing their life for a family. All but the last thing happened so they decided to talk about all the things they could do if they didnt have kids including travel. It was time to stop talking and starting doing. After 37 states, numerous breakdowns, Elvis sightings, the last Mardi gras before Hurricane Katrina, Appalachian Trail crossings and many other humorous encounters, they end up nearly a year later where they started with a new business and another addition to the family. The next adventure will be even greater than the last!

Life in Mani Today

Author : Mickey Demos
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"Some insight into Life in Mani Today The Road to freedom... " Not since the advent of British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor s book, Mani - Travels in the Southern Peloponnesus, more than fifty years ago, has there been an historic update, written in English, concerning this land and its people, from a new and very different perspective. Miami-born, Greek-American urologist, Dr. Mickey Demos, exposes the Mani from a unique angle in his book Life in Mani Today The Road to Freedom. This has been a project that the contributing editor, Panayiotis Kokkinias, has spent nearly two years preparing for publication. Kokkinias spent much of this past year in Mani working with Dr. Demos, who wanted to create an up-to-date version to the changes in history, which he discovered when he moved to Mani. His reasoning was based on the fact that his entire family origin began here centuries ago and, until he turned 69 years of age, he had never even visited Greece. Now, at 80, he was on a quest that encompassed an eleven year odyssey. Realizing the passion Kokkinias had for writing, based upon a number of book and periodicals that he had authored and which Demos had read, he asked Kokkinias to help him organize and complete his 600 pages of thoughts into a concise book format and get it published. Demos was a natural, Kokkinias said in an interview, relating to the Doctor s ability to capture the stories he relates in Life in Mani Today. So many people of Greek descent have had their roots in Mani, and the stories abound reflecting the traits and characteristics of these wild mountain people who all claim to have a direct connection to a man named Petros Mavromichalis, one of the greatest freedom fighters in Hellenic history. So many myths, superstitions, battles, wild stories, songs, poems, hearsay, as well as vampires, bats, vendettas, and the power of the evil eye are just the beginning along with the warning to those who so much as mention the word, Mani, to anyone outside of this region. Everybody in Greece knew about Mani and had something to say about the place. You had better watch yourself. Those people in Mani are dangerous. Life in Mani Today will give new insight into what has transpired over these past 50-plus years. It is not a dry historical chronology, but a lively look, with some comic relief, about life in the old country. You might be surprised at what has changed and more surprised at what has stayed the same. Here is an opportunity to learn more about a part of Greece that has remained independent of the rest of the mainland for many years. How these people have survived and succeeded in life, and have stayed free from a lot of the politics that currently threaten the financial stability of this great country, continues as a credit to their hard work, their intelligence, and their use of common sense.

To the Stars Over Rough Roads

Author : Donald Frederick Nelson
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Out of Mulberry Street

Author : Jacob A. Riis
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Reproduction of the original: Out of Mulberry Street by Jacob A. Riis

Cricket s Little Corner

Author : Tonya Clanton
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Life s Tales

Author : Joy Burkey
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Life. Thats what this book is about. This book is a compilation of several different stories about several different things, written over several years. They are about different peoples lives. From a Time Traveler saving his world, to a group of Freedom Fighters returning the US government to how its supposed to be; also the history several different civilizations. It includes the life of Anne, who searches for her brothers plans for a renewable energy machine; also the life and romance of a few couples as they grow in friendship, then love. Finally, it tells the lifes tales of two young ladies who can change peoples lives for the better. We hope you enjoy reading these tales.

The Road to Damascus and Beyond

Author : George Sandul
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In 2003, at the age of sixty-two, I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. This is the story about that hike. The Appalachian Trail starts on Springer Mountain, Georgia, and goes through fourteen states in a rather meandering way ending on Mount Katahdin, Maine, a distance of roughly 2,175 miles (depending on the source of information as to the exact distance). My hike started on April 5. I arrived at the base of Mount Katahdin on September 14 and waited in nearby Millinocket until September 21 to complete the hike and climb the final 5.2 miles to the summit. The final day, I was accompanied by our youngest son, Will, who had flown to Boston (from Salt Lake City), rented a car, and drove to Millinocket to join me. Sometimes plans do work out perfectly for September 21 was Kris and my fortieth wedding anniversarythis to emphasize the importance of commitment, which is what this story is all about. Thru-hiking the AT has taken on different meanings through the years since Earl V. Shaffer did it for the first time in 1948, as documented in his book Walking with Spring. His was the epitome, the purist approach as a backpacking venture, carrying his own supplies, tenting and staying in shelters, and walking the entire distance along the designated path as it then existed, but has been subject to a lot of changes since his time. My intention was to do it as closely as possible, adhering to this purist attitude without all of the designer methodology that has come to be acceptable for being considered a modern thru-hiker. And except for 1.1 milesthis is covered in the bookthat is what I did.

The Hard Hard Life of George A Lowe

Author : George Lowe
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There is no available information at this time.

A Chilli too far

Author : Brian Kennett
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The way in which we understand and appreciate the world will affect our whole approach to life. Over the last century physical science has shown that the cosmos is quite different from what was previously thought. It is far more stimulating and complex. This book describes how, over the centuries, certain simple observations have affected physical science and mathematics. We are now beginning to unearth mysteries and answers which previously were believed to be beyond solution. But science cannot provide all the answers. After first visiting and then living in Southeast Asia I found a range of different approaches which have proved invaluable when facing the challenges of life. ‘A Chilli Too Far’ was written after completing a cycling tour of Southeast Asia in 2002/3. The region, formerly called ‘Indochina’, contains a wonderful tapestry of cultures – a result of Indian, Muslim and Chinese influences. Such outlooks complement the Western perspective. Although my initial intention was to have some fun, the tour turned out to have unexpected repercussions. I was to discover a variety of positive outlooks when tackling life’s problems and met people from differing cultures who radiated an inner sense of contentment. This book, although basing itself on the way in which physical science has developed over the centuries, attempts to show that a harmony is possible between the Oriental and Western perspectives. This seems to be particularly relevant in an age of ideological tensions.

3 Bramble Days on the Road of Life

Author : J Lee Cline
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"On the Road of Life" is the third in a series of books called Bramble Days. Set in the 60's and early 70's, "On the Road of Life" follows Alex Sonnes west to life in Los Angeles where he meets many interesting, complex, and different people. The '60's were times of vast changes, life had challenges not thought of in childhood and adventures far from imagined. Those changes and challenges led to many new plans for life in the '70's. Thanks to new friends, family met in new and surprising areas, Alex was on a road of not just adventure, but an education in life.