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Life in Biblical Israel

Author : Philip J. King
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A special edition of the Library of Ancient Israel is based on the latest research to provide an in-depth presentation of the land in ancient times from its domestic life and cultural traditions to its religious practices, in a volume complemented by more than 175 illustrations and photographs.

The Family in Life and in Death The Family in Ancient Israel

Author : Patricia Dutcher-Walls
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This volume explores the advantages of seeing a topic from two different but complementary perspectives. All of the papers in the volume were read at two sessions at SBL (2005 and 2006) that were co-sponsored by the Social Sciences and the Hebrew Bible Section of SBL and the American Schools of Oriental Research. The sessions were designed to promote dialogue among scholars by juxtaposing research based in the social sciences and archaeology. Scholars contributed papers from within their own methodological and research perspective, but addressed possible interactions and overlaps that their research might contribute to the complementary perspective. Significant intersections between the approaches emerged when patterns of social interactions accessed by social scientific methods paralleled patterns in material remains accessed by archaeological methods. The sessions and thus the book achieve coherence because all of the papers attended to aspects of the family in ancient Israel. While the presenters selected their own topics in the subject area, several foci emerged that reflect current research interests in these fields. These foci include research on ancestors and the cult of the dead, configurations of family house structures, and family relational interactions. All of the papers make their methods and approaches visible and delineate clearly the textual or material basis of their research, so that the dialogue among the papers is facilitated.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Ancient Israel

Author : Susan Niditch
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The Companion to Ancient Israel offers an innovative overview of ancient Israelite culture and history, richly informed by a variety of approaches and fields. Distinguished scholars provide original contributions that explore the tradition in all its complexity, multiplicity and diversity. A methodologically sophisticated overview of ancient Israelite culture that provides insights into political and social history, culture, and methodology Explores what we can say about the cultures and history of the people of Israel and Judah, but also investigates how we know what we know Presents fresh insights, richly informed by a variety of approaches and fields Delves into religion as lived, an approach that asks about the everyday lives of ordinary people and the material cultures that they construct and experience Each essay is an original contribution to the subject

Hebrew Lexical Semantics and Daily Life in Ancient Israel

Author : Kurtis Peters
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In Hebrew Lexical Semantics Kurtis Peters provides a new way to incorporate linguistics in Biblical Hebrew studies, and does so applied to verbal lexemes of cooking.

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Israel

Author : Niels Peter Lemche
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This reference examines sources in the Old Testament and surveys the findings of recent archaeological research. It includes entries on the significant persons, places and events; covers the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah and what role they played in the ancient world; and defines them as closely as possible according to the latest data. Readers will find that, while the results may differ from traditional views, they are essential correctives.

The A to Z of Ancient Israel

Author : Niels Peter Lemche
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For these very reasons, because Ancient Israel means so much to us and because we actually know so little for sure, The A to Z of Ancient Israel is particularly important. It examines the usual sources in the Old Testament and surveys the findings of more recent archaeological research to help us determine just what happened and when, a far from simple task. It includes entries on most of the persons, places, and events which are generally considered, and shows more broadly what the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were like and what role they played in the ancient world, but it also defines them as closely as possible according to the latest data.

Philosophy and Practice in Writing a History of Ancient Israel

Author : Megan Bishop Moore
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An examination of current methodologies for writing Israel's history.

Daily Life in Biblical Times

Author : Oded Borowski
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While the history of Israel during the period from ca. 1200 to 586 B.C.E. has been in the forefront of biblical research, little attention has been given to questions of daily life. Where did the Israelites live? What did people do for a living? What did they eat and what affected their health? How did the family function? These and similar questions form the basis for this book. The book introduces different aspects of daily life. It describes the natural setting and the people who occupied the land. It deals with the economy, both rural and urban, emphasizing the main sources of livelihood such as agriculture, herding, and trade. These topics are discussed in relation to the family in particular and the social structure in general. Other topics include urban society, the bureaucracy and the military. Beyond material culture, the book delves into daily and seasonal cultural, social and religious activities, art, music, and the place of writing in Israelite society. Drawing on textual and archaeological evidence, and written with nontechnical language, the book will be especially helpful for undergraduates, seminarians, pastors, rabbis, and other interested nonspecialist readers as well as graduate students and faculty in Hebrew Bible.

Reading the Historical Books

Author : Patricia Dutcher-Walls
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Biblical history can be some of the most difficult material for beginning students to grasp. The conventions of contemporary history writing are quite different from those of ancient Israelite writers. Here a master teacher offers basic orientation to the genre and conventions of the Old Testament historical books, helping students become careful and attentive readers. Written in an accessible style with many ancient and contemporary examples, this book introduces students to some of the phenomena they will encounter in the historical books and provides strategies for understanding their significance. The goal is to make further reading and study of Scripture more informed and sensitive. Sidebars, discussion questions, and further reading suggestions are included.

The Baker Illustrated Guide to Everyday Life in Bible Times

Author : John A. Beck
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The authors of the Bible routinely employed mention of manners and customs from the ancient world in their inspired writing, fully intending that the Lord would change readers with these images. But modern readers often miss the full literal and figurative meaning of biblical imagery due to the distance in time and experience between the world of today and the world of the Bible. This fully illustrated guide aims to restore clarity and vitality to these portions of God's Word in order to help readers grasp the full meaning of Scripture. For example, the entry on anointing defines the nature of this act and the connotations associated with it before illustrating how the biblical authors use the act of anointing in their communication with us--communication that reaches its full maturity in Jesus, the Anointed One. Understanding manners and customs like anointing enriches our experience of reading the Bible--and even helps us correctly interpret it. This colorful guide clearly and succinctly introduces modern readers to daily life in Bible times. The cultural practices of the past are fascinating on their own, but even more so as they help us grasp the full meaning of Scripture.