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Library Science and Administration Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Effective administration of libraries is a crucial part of delivering library services to the public. To develop and implement best practices, librarians must be aware and informed of the recent advances in library administration. Library Science and Administration: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on trends, techniques, and management of libraries and examines the benefits and challenges of library administration. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as digital libraries, information sciences, and academic libraries, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, practitioners, and librarians seeking current research on library science and administration.

Unesco Journal of Information Science Librarianship and Archives Administration

Author : Unesco
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Special Library Administration Standardization and Technological Integration

Author : Yap, Joseph M.
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The digital age has transformed the structure and management of libraries around the world. With an increased focus on technology and its use in library management, library professionals seek the best practices and management systems to implement in specialized library settings. Special Library Administration, Standardization and Technological Integration presents the latest scholarly research on the existing and emerging trends in special library management including technological advancements, the importance of social media outlets, and the necessary professional practices to maintain efficiency and success within a library setting. This publication is an essential reference source for academicians, researchers, librarians, and advanced level students interested in the management of special libraries in the digital age.

Academic Library Development and Administration in China

Author : Ruan, Lian
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As the Chinese economy develops, academic libraries continue to evolve and provide indispensable services for their users. Throughout this growth, the scientific and cultural dialogue between China and the United States has made it necessary for each country’s libraries to understand each other. Academic libraries often act as catalysts for progress and innovation; proper management and applications of these resources is key to promote further research. Academic Library Development and Administration in China provides a resource to promote Sino-U.S. communication and collaboration between their academic libraries. In considering the relationship between China and the West, this publication serves as a timely reflection on the expanding global field of information science. This publication is intended for librarians, researchers, university administrators, and information scientists in both the U.S. and China.

Relation of Library History to Library Science and Administration

Author : William Dawson Johnston
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The Management of Library and Information Studies Education

Author : Herman L. Totten
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In The Management of Library and Information Studies Education, leading educators discuss the management and various components of library and information education as they pertain to accreditation standards for library and information schools. It brings together valuable information on library accreditation essential to all library professionals concerned with the goals of professional education for library and information studies. Deans, professors, librarians, and students at library schools will find valuable insights into the management of library and information studies education and its applications to the components that accompany the structure of their profession. This informative volume addresses the rationales, strategies, and trends in library science, as well as the influences from other disciplines, that impact the management of library education. Contributors identify topics that look to the future to help readers with long-range planning and management for library education. This comprehensive book is divided into seven sections, each covering a different area of the management of library education, such as: the timetable for the revision of the 1972 Standards for Accreditation the mission, goals, and objectives of library and information science educational institutions generally, with an examination of the philosophies and availability of various programs around the country the traditional curricula in the library and information science school and its enhancement and expansion challenges in faculty management--setting priorities between the demands to teach and advise, to conduct research, and to contribute to the university generally examination of the management of students and analysis of demographic characteristics, diversification, admission standards, and recruitment patterns financial support and funding for library and information science schools assessment of the management of an evaluation; accreditation policies and procedures and the activities involved before, during, and after an on site visit Educators in library and information studies programs, university administrators, and those interested in libraries will find The Management of Library and Information Studies Education to be required reading. Those interested in accreditation issues and evaluation practices as well as management in general will find this book to be of lasting value in setting goals and manageable objectives for a wide variety of institutions and organizations.

Advances in Library Administration and Organization

Author : Delmus E. Williams
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Dealing with the subject of organizational theory and library administration, this title covers topics such as: managing change in research libraries; the agility of library consortia and its member libraries; the evaluation of reference services; and, developing a recruitment strategy for a diverse workforce. It is suitable for library students.

Administration of Library owned Computer Files

Author : Suzanne J. Shaw
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Creative Planning for Library Administration

Author : Kent Hendrickson
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In the seven chapters of this helpful new book, the topics of planning and creativity as they apply to the management of academic libraries are discussed fully, with specific examples and detailed guidelines. Creative Planning for Library Administration will be a helpful resource for administrators, library consultants, and academic librarians alike. Topics such as involving all members of the library staff in decisionmaking and encouraging creativity in an unstable work environment are explored, as are new developments like performance measures. The phrase “Create your own future” serves as the foundation for this timely new book, and the reader is encouraged to come up with new and innovative ways to organize, access, and interpret the world's store of information.

Archives and Library Administration

Author : Lawrence J Mc Crank
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This informative volume focuses on the effective management of library archives, presenting perspectives and firsthand accounts from experienced and successful administrators in the field. The contributors examine the differences and similarities in the management of archives and other library/information centers, providing valuable insights into various managment styles, decisions, and planning techniques.