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Becoming a Media Mentor

Author : Cen Campbell
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Guiding children’s librarians to define, solidify, and refine their roles as media mentors, this book in turn will help facilitate digital literacy for children and families.

Mentoring in the Library

Author : Marta K. Lee
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Noted reference librarian and researcher Lee offers librarians at all levels both her experience and her ideas about establishing a formal mentoring process at the library

Mentoring in Librarianship

Author : Rebecca Tolley-Stokes
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Both new librarians and those changing directions in the field can benefit greatly from a relationship with a positive and supportive mentor. In this book, public, school, academic, and special librarians, as well as LIS faculty and consultants, offer expertise and wisdom for those wishing to become a mentor or a protégé or to implement a mentoring program. Topics include reasons for choosing mentoring relationships, practical tips on setting up a program, internships, practicums, job shadowing, virtual reference, opportunities for those new to the profession and those in mid-career, and mentoring across disciplines. By sharing their personal successes as well as their failures in mentoring, the 35 contributors offer sound advice backed by years of experience, advice that will aid all librarians who seek guidance or want to guide the future of the library profession.

Librarian as Mentor

Author : Eboni Johnson
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Librarian as Mentor explores the many ways mentoring can be an effective tool in recruiting, retaining, supporting, and developing a diverse workforce in any library. Johnson has assembled 14 librarians to share their experiences on the positive outcomes, from not only being a mentor but a mentee as well. A must-have book for any library's collection, with tips that make it easy for staff, faculty, or anyone in a library seeking to enrich their professional career.

Developing Librarian Competencies for the Digital Age

Author : Jeffrey G. Coghill
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Librarianship is both an art and a science. Librarians study the science of information and how to work with clients to help them find solutions to their information needs. They also learn quickly that there is an art to working with people, to finding the answers to tough questions using the resources available and knowing which information resources to use to find the information being sought in short order. But, what technical skills do librarians need to be successful in the future? How can library managers best develop their staffs for success? Developing Librarian Competencies for the Digital Age explores questions such as: What is the composition of a modern library collection? Will that collection look different in the future? What are the information sources and how do we manage those? What are the technical skills needed for a 21st century librarian? How will reference services change and adapt to embrace new ways to interact with library patrons or clients? What kinds of library skills are needed for the librarian of today to grow and thrive, now and into the future? How will service models change to existing clients and how will the model change going into the future of librarianship? What kinds of budgeting challenges are there for libraries and the administrators who oversee these libraries? What do the library professional organizations see as the core skills needed for new graduates and those practicing in the profession going into the future? In answering those questions, the book identifies specific digital skills needed for success, ways of developing those skills, and ways of assessing them.

Federal Librarian

Author :
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School Librarian s Career Planner

Author : Hilda K. Weisburg
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In theory if not in practice, traditional school library career planning went something like this: get a degree, find a job, work towards tenure, then remain in the same district until retirement. If that was ever actually the case, it certainly isn't any longer. School librarians know that making smart choices and planning strategically are the best ways to create a career that is both within their control and professionally fulfilling. This practical, hands-on book covers the multifaceted aspects of how school librarians can successfully carve out a unique niche within the educational community, showing readers how to Present themselves to stakeholders, from the first interview through day-to-day job duties Learn the workings of the school and district while demonstrating expertise Develop the management skills needed to assume various leadership positions, both official and unofficial Stay current with developments in pedagogy and technology, and incorporate them into the fabric of the school Prepare for possible changes due to staff cuts or a personal decision For both long-time school librarians, as well as those who have recently entered the profession with a background in education, Weisburg’s guide will be an invaluable resource for navigating their career path.

The Librarian s Career Guidebook

Author : Priscilla K. Shontz
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Are you trying to break into a career in library science or improve your current position? In The Librarian's Career Guidebook, 63 information professionals from diverse positions, workplaces, and regions discuss a variety of career issues and offer advice to prospective librarians, M.L.S. students, and librarians in various stages of their careers, from entry-level to the highly experienced.

The Whole School Library Learning Commons An Educator s Guide

Author : Judith Anne Sykes
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Introduce your teachers, librarians, and administrators to the roles and responsibilities of educators in advocating a whole school library learning commons using this step-by-step guide for creating shared learning space in your school. • Links the use of the WSLLC to standards in education • Presents a doable plan to implement and sustain the learning commons approach in school • Illustrates how the WSLLC can be a means of increasing student engagement and improving academic achievement • Provides ideas for promoting the WSLLC concept to the education community • Offers suggestions for assessing the effectiveness of the WSLLC • Features strategies, standards, and checklists to support the program

Jump start Your Career as a Digital Librarian

Author : Jane D. Monson
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The skills of digital librarianship are more crucial than ever, and these same skills are in high demand outside the field, from tech startups undertaking digitization projects to digital humanities centers bringing together professors, computer scientists, and information technologists. Map out your career in this fast-growing field with the full range of perspectives gathered in this clear, concise overview of the core concepts and competencies of digital librarianship. Twenty-one experienced practitioners from a variety of settings offer realistic views of today's job market, typical project dynamics, and employer expectations. Whether you're a new graduate just starting out or a seasoned professional transitioning from a more traditional area such as cataloging or archives, you'll benefit from this book's valuable coverage of topics such as * Activities and roles of the digital librarian, including management of digital projects and collaboration * Developing and using transferable skills * Becoming familiar with metadata * How digital librarians are re-shaping scholarly publishing * The concept and framework of digital preservation best practices * Technical competencies such as XML and content management systems Familiarity with digital practices is increasingly important for all information professionals, and this book offers a solid foundation in the discipline.

The 21st Century Black Librarian in America

Author : Andrew P. Jackson
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The 1970 and 1994 editions of The Black Librarian in America by E.J. Josey singled out racism as an important issue to be addressed within the library profession. Although much has changed since then, this latest collection of 48 essays by Black librarians and library supporters again identifies racism as one of many challenges of the new century. Essays are written by library educators, library graduate students, retired librarians, public library trustees, veteran librarians, and new librarians fresh out of school with great ideas and wholesome energies. They cover such topics as poorly equipped school libraries and the need to preserve the school library, a call to action to all librarians to make the shift to new and innovative models of public education, the advancement in information technology and library operations, special libraries, recruitment and the Indiana State Library program, racism in the history of library and information science, and challenges that have plagued librarianship for decades. This collection of poignant essays covers a multiplicity of concerns for the 21st-century Black librarian and embodies compassion and respect for the provision of information, an act that defines librarianship. The essays are personable, inspiring, and thought provoking for all library professionals, regardless of race, class, or gender.

Library Volunteers Welcome

Author : Carol Smallwood
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"A handy anthology of practical advice for institutions looking to build mutually rewarding relationships with volunteers of all stripes, from students to retirees."--Kate Swisher, Registrar, DuSable Museum of African American History "This is a valuable resource for any size or type of library with a large volunteer base...or for any library seeking to build their volunteer program. The tips on training volunteers to help with technology training are particularly timely."--Jenny Brewer, City Librarian, Helen Hall Library, League City, Texas "If you are searching for a wealth of practical ideas and solutions to working with library volunteers, look no further than this outstanding resource!"--Gloria G. Adams, President, Board of Trustees, Peninsula Library & Historical Society "This volume provides a wealth of information on using volunteers in your library; from selecting and training, to recognizing and appreciating their efforts; this resource has the answers you need for your volunteer program to thrive."--Karen Evans, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana." Volunteers are crucial to the daily operation of any library. Finding and retaining the right people, motivating them and matching their skills with projects is challenging. This collection of 30 new essays brings together the experiences of numerous individuals across the U.S., providing ideas, projects and best practices for volunteer recruiting and management. The contributors--among them library board members, heads of special collections, directors of state library associations, outreach coordinators, archivists and researchers--discuss a broad range of topics in five sections: recruitment and retention; policies and process; mentoring and empowering; placement, programs and responsibilities; and outreach.

The New Instruction Librarian

Author : Candice Benjes-Small
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The sheer amount of resources on the subject of information literacy is staggering. Yet a comprehensive but concise roadmap specifically for librarians who are new to instruction, or who are charged with training someone who is, has remained elusive. Until now. This book cuts through the jargon and rhetoric to ease the transition into library instruction, offering support to all those involved, including library supervisors, colleagues, and trainees. Grounded in research on teaching and learning from numerous disciplines, not just library literature, this book shows how to set up new instruction librarians for success, with advice on completing an environmental scan, strategies for recruiting efficiently, and a training checklist; walks readers step by step through training a new hire or someone new to instruction, complete with hands-on activities and examples;explores the different roles an instruction librarian is usually expected to play, such as educator, project manager, instructional designer, and teaching partner;demonstrates the importance of performance evaluation and management, including assessment and continuing education, both formal and informal; andprovides guided reading lists for further in-depth study of a topic. A starter kit for librarians new to instruction, this resource will be useful for training coordinators as well as for self-training.

Space and Organizational Considerations in Academic Library Partnerships and Collaborations

Author : Doherty, Brian
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A vital component of any academic institution, libraries are held to and expected to maintain certain standards. In order to meet these standards and better accommodate the student and faculty body they serve, many libraries are recognizing the benefit of forging relationships with other professional and academic entities. Space and Organizational Considerations in Academic Library Partnerships and Collaborations is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on and methods for utilizing existing spaces within libraries to facilitate collection development in addition to discussions on how on-campus and off-campus partnerships can assist in this endeavor. Focusing on issues related to faculty and researcher collaborations, collection management, and professional development, this book is ideally designed for administrators, librarians, academicians, MLIS students, and information professionals.

Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians

Author : Deborah Lee
File Size : 48.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book, the first of its kind in Canada, is a collection of chapters from Aboriginal and visible minority librarians, working in Canada, speaking about the challenges they face in their profession; their strategies to overcome challenges; the support they have received; their professional fulfillment; and their contributions to the profession.

Career Paths and Career Development of Business Librarians

Author : Diane Zabel
File Size : 67.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contributors provide insights about business librarianship in various types of institutions, explore traditional and non-traditional career paths in business librarianship, and discuss numerous strategies for professional growth (from earning an MBA degree to working abroad). Among the topics covered are the following: recruitment of business librarians (including recent data on the supply and demand of business librarians); the special concerns of early career and mid-career business librarians; the importance of mentoring; leadership development; and business librarians on the job in academic, public, and corporate libraries. This book will appeal to a wide audience: practitioners; directors of public, academic, and special libraries serving the business community; library and information science educators; and those considering business librarianship as a career, including students, generalist librarians, and individuals seeking a career change. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship.

The Agile Librarian s Guide to Thriving in Any Institution

Author : Michelynn McKnight
File Size : 68.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Learn how to get support for yourself through simple on-the-job activities. Suggestions are given for when to hold and when to fold and how to behave ethically. Librarians and their services can and should have more recognition and support than they do. Librarians can take courses and read books about marketing, politics, and advocacy and still miss the daily attitude and tracks of the trade that can make the difference. This book presents a collection of actions that they can take immediately.

Leadership Basics for Librarians and Information Professionals

Author : Edward G. Evans
File Size : 74.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With the start of the 21st Century, information services around the world are facing a host of challenges and changes unique to this era of exponential technological growth. However, this change is further compounded by the high turnover rate in senior positions. Focusing on leadership, this text—ideal for young, emerging managers and supervisors—guides future leaders in making the appropriate choices and decisions in response to and in anticipation of the competition. Authors G. Edward Evans and Patricia Layzell Ward's vast professional experience in a variety of roles and organizations all over the world serves as a strong basis for the advice presented. Leadership Basics for Librarians and Information Professionals includes data from surveys and interviews of leaders in archives, libraries, and other information services arenas, as well as current literature on leadership from both general management and information services fields. All together this book is a solid starting point for young librarians and information professionals seeking to get ahead of the competition, as well as a helpful reminder for seasoned leaders needing a bit of inspiration.

Academic Librarianship Second Edition

Author : G. Edward Evans
File Size : 22.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ideal for practitioners looking to advance their careers and for use in LIS programs, this "comprehensive overview" (Journal of Access Services) has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a timely exploration of the characteristics of academic librarianship and its place in the ever-changing environment of higher education. Evans and new coauthor Greenwell guide readers towards understanding what is required to have a successful career in academic librarianship, explaining why academic libraries are distinct from other types of libraries and lending practical insight into their unique political and operational characteristics. The text offers comprehensive coverage of such key issues as teaching faculty roles and the status of the academic librarian;governance and the growing tension on some campuses between faculty and administration;curriculum, with a discussion of the balance between general education requirements and applied courses;the student body;collections, data management, digitization, and metadata;scholarly communication, plus alternative models such as open educational resources (OERs);providing quality service, and the role of user experience (UX) in assessment;ACRL's Information Literacy Framework;funding, including how and where to find detailed higher education expenditure data;classrooms, common learning spaces, and other facilities;staffing and professional development;technology and IT support;career development, with advice on preparing a vita and undergoing a successful interview; andthe future of academic librarianship. This updated edition enables readers to understand how academic libraries deliver information, offer services, and provide learning spaces in new ways to better meet the needs of today's students, faculty, and other communities of academic library users.

The Academic Librarian as Blended Professional

Author : Michael Perini
File Size : 31.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Academic Librarian as Blended Professional employs a model that allows for individual and managerial reconceptualization of the librarian's role, also helping to mitigate obstacles to professional development both internal and external to the library. Using traditional and personal narrative, the book extends Whitchurch’s blended professional model, designed to consider the merging of academicians’ roles across several spheres of professional and academic influence in a higher education setting, to academic librarians. The book is significant due to its use of higher education theory to examine the professional identity of academic librarians and the issues impacting librarian professional development. The work offers a constructive, replicable research design appropriate for the analysis of librarians in other academic settings, providing additional insights into how these professionals might perceive their roles within the larger context of a higher education environment. Following the application of the blended professional model, this book contends that academic librarians have similar roles concerning research, instruction, and service when compared to an institution’s tenure-track faculty. The scope of professional productivity and the expectation of the librarians, though, are much less regimented. Consequently, the academic librarians find themselves in a tenuous working space where their blended role is inhibited by real and perceived barriers. Uses a model from the discipline of higher education in order to better conceptualize and understand the academic librarian's role in the institution Allows for the analysis and understanding of the librarian's identity and role in a context familiar to those outside of the academic library system Provides a unique understanding of both the library system and its librarians, explaining the nuances of the greater higher education collective