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Liberation Rising

Author : Danny Wilson
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Illuminating a complex psyche?....Pushing the mania towards hyper-space?....Sensing the futility of man's ego....I walk the line/I leap into the abyss..

Rising and the national liberation movement in Serbia in 1941

Author : Jovan Marjanović
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The Plo

Author : Jillian Becker
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The Palestine Liberation Organization was created by the Arab states as a weapon against Israel, but most of its victims have been Arabs. In Jordan it established itself as a rival power to the state and was forcibly expelled. Its building up of an army in Lebanon led to civil war and Israeli military intervention until it was again expelled in June 1982. In 1982 and 1983, the author took herself into the midst of war to write this book, journeying for many days on roads known to be mined and ambushed, spent nights in rooms with glassless windows while shells exploded on all sides, and explored the ruins of PLO strongholds in the wake of bombardments, in order to find documents, testimony, and clues of all kinds to the history of the organization. She interviewed members of the many different sides involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The result is a powerful book which explains the structure, aims, tactics and role in middle eastern and world politics of the PLO.

Liberating Rising

Author : Mark F. Geatches
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After the failed assassination attempt on President Joseph Stoner, the Liberation, a group of thousands determined to bring democracy back to America, is disbanded and in hiding. Instead of bringing freedom to the masses, the group of would-be liberators has brought about heightened tension, increased surveillance, and a brutal crackdown of the population of Philadelphia, as the President becomes more guarded and paranoid than ever. When the oppression becomes too much to bear, the Liberation has no choice but to take action. Gone, however, is the naïve idea of conducting a near-bloodless coup. This time they decide on a more direct approach. All-out war.

Feminism and Its Fictions

Author : Lisa Maria Hogeland
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"Fascinating chapters on the relationship between fiction, the theoretical and political debates among women's and feminist groups, and the questions of sexuality . . . and race . . . merit broad readership and prove more culturally illuminating for their emphasis on popular fiction."—In Brief

Red Nation Rising

Author : Nick Estes
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Red Nation Rising is the first book ever to investigate and explain the violent dynamics of bordertowns. Bordertowns are white-dominated towns and cities that operate according to the same political and spatial logics as all other American towns and cities. The difference is that these settlements get their name from their location at the borders of current-day reservation boundaries, which separates the territory of sovereign Native nations from lands claimed by the United States. Bordertowns came into existence when the first US military forts and trading posts were strategically placed along expanding imperial frontiers to extinguish indigenous resistance and incorporate captured indigenous territories into the burgeoning nation-state. To this day, the US settler state continues to wage violence on Native life and land in these spaces out of desperation to eliminate the threat of Native presence and complete its vision of national consolidation “from sea to shining sea.” This explains why some of the most important Native-led rebellions in US history originated in bordertowns and why they are zones of ongoing confrontation between Native nations and their colonial occupier, the United States. Despite this rich and important history of political and material struggle, little has been written about bordertowns. Red Nation Rising marks the first effort to tell these entangled histories and inspire a new generation of Native freedom fighters to return to bordertowns as key front lines in the long struggle for Native liberation from US colonial control. This book is a manual for navigating the extreme violence that Native people experience in reservation bordertowns and a manifesto for indigenous liberation that builds on long traditions of Native resistance to bordertown violence.

A Rising of Courage

Author : Daniel Ronald Hartigan
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Far East Digest

Author :
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The Rising National Liberation Struggles of the Peoples in a Key Area of Southeast Asia

Author : Maud Russell
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Author : Chi-ho et. al Yi
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