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Lettering Type Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces

Author : Bruce Willen
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A guide to type design and lettering that includes relevant theory, history, explanatory diagrams, exercises, photographs, and illustrations, and features interviews with various designers, artists, and illustrators.

Lettering and Type

Author : Bruce Willen
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Junk Type

Author : Bill Rose
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A graphic compendium of vintage American design and typography. Junk Type is a project driven by the passion of one man to document a disappearing aspect of American culture. Bill Rose—aka Recapturist—is a photographer and designer who has spent the last decade traveling across America looking for junkyards, yard sales, antique stores, and other unlikely sources of inspiration to capture examples of postwar American typography and design before they’re lost forever. Bringing together more than 400 images, this invaluable book is a visual history of postwar America, told through the distinct typography, icons, badges, and branding of the country’s industrial heritage. From Art Deco–inspired fonts and unique handmade cursive lettering to illustrated insignia and clean graphic logos bearing the influence of European design of the 1960s, these pictures together represent an encyclopedic reference of creative typefaces and graphics. With each photograph representing just a detail—an embossed logo, a specially created icon, or an advertising slogan—this book captures the optimism and pragmatism of a golden age of American industrial creativity and distills it into a charming resource for anyone with an eye (or nostalgia) for vintage design.

The Art of Lettering

Author : Brooke Robinson
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From whimsical to elegant, and old-school influences to new school—Goodtype’s The Art of Lettering showcases dynamic hand lettering from today’s young and sought-after typographers and calligraphers, stoking creative inspiration for graphic designers, artists, and type enthusiasts alike. Hand lettering is making a comeback, bursting out of its graphic-design bubble and finding a mainstream via collecting social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. The avid interest in hand lettering seemingly goes hand in hand with the weariness audiences feel with constant slick digital presentation of the information they consume. The Art of Lettering collects myriad new and established graphic designers for whom hand lettering is a time-honored art that has modern applications. Showcasing more than 100 artists from all over the world, the book displays their typographic takes and illustrates their perfectly imperfect handcrafted art, from beautiful photographs of concept sketches to the end result. Straying away from traditional pen calligraphy, artists today employ new and creative approaches, including building type with coffee grounds, watercolors, and combinations of different hand tools, resulting in a dynamically fresh approach to creating type.

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia Dictionary

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Annual of Advertising Editorial Television Art Design

Author :
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Art Alphabets Monograms and Lettering

Author : J.M. Bergling
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Chicago–based jewelry engraver J. M. Bergling (1866–1933) created thousands of letter styles, signets, monograms, and ciphers. A noted author on the subjects of lettering and heraldic design, Bergling created books that became standard references of his era. He assembled his first book, Art Monograms and Letters,with the hopes of inspiring other etchers, engravers, sign painters, and artisans. This volume contains selected illustrations from that publication in addition to his complete Art Alphabets and Lettering,which comprises 96 pages of layouts and letter styles ranging from simple to ornate. Commercial artists, designers, calligraphers, engravers, amateurs, and professionals will prize this exclusive edition as a source of high-quality images and alphabets. This reference book features an appreciative Foreword by artist and author James Gurney, which places Bergling's works in historical context.

Handbook of Type and Lettering

Author : Hildegard Korger
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Introduces the basic elements of design, looks at the history of lettering, suggests exercises for working with type, and discusses typeography, calligraphy, and the use of lettering in applied graphic arts

Playful Type 2

Author : Robert Klanten
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'Playful Type 2' examines how designers are using a variety of techniques to produce typography and lettering in a range of innovative styles. As in other creative disciplines, there is currently a perceptible trend toward handmade solutions in typography that is reflected in the high incidence of calligraphy and illustrative design presented in the book. This publication not only features high-quality type design, but also diverse applications for this original lettering.

Drawing Type

Author : Alex Fowkes
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An introduction to playful typography features projects and examples from seventy-two designers, focuses on four styles of typographic work, and includes sixteen specimen sheets with which to practice drawing typefaces.