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Shake Some Action The Ultimate Guide To Power Pop

Author : John M. Borack
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Our Hearts Are Restless Till They Find Their Rest in Thee

Author : Coleman B. Brown
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Our Hearts Are Restless Till They Find Their Rest in Thee: Prophetic Wisdom in a Time of Anguish from Coleman B. Brown, edited by Michael Granzen and Lisa A. Masotta. The book includes powerful reflections from Chris Hedges, Peter Ochs, and Joshua Brown.

Unleash My Soul

Author : Aneeka Britt
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This is my story in creative prose expressed for the world to read. My hope is that you find peace and understanding in reading this book as I have found in writing it.

The Cornish Retribution

Author : Amanda James
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A widow’s reunion with old friends provides a source of support—until things take a dark turn—in this novel of psychological suspense. After a tragic car accident, Samantha is left widowed and bereft. Her husband, Adam, was everything to her. But at least the home they shared together in Cornwall provides her with some security. Or does it? Upon returning from a school reunion in Sheffield, where Sam met her old friend, Penny, and an old flame from her school days, Dan—who are now married to each other—she discovers that Adam had invested money unwisely and she is now penniless. When Penny and Dan arrive in Cornwall to visit, Dan comes up with a way Sam can keep the house. He suggests she turn it into a writing retreat—and he is willing to invest. But as plans proceed and the relationship among the three of them shifts, Sam begins to have doubts about her ex-boyfriend’s motivations—and wonder if she’s put herself in harm’s way . . . This chilling, twisty tale of domestic noir comes from the bestselling author of such thrillers as Another Mother, Deep Water,and The Feud.

NOOK Tablet The Missing Manual

Author : Preston Gralla
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Combine a world-class e-reader with a top-notch tablet—then add know-how from technology guru Preston Gralla—and you have the perfect recipe for portable entertainment. Packed with clear instructions and helpful illustrations, this book gets you up to speed on the NOOK Tablet so you can enjoy ebooks, magazines, games, apps, TV shows, and movies right away. The important stuff you need to know: Relax with a book. Load your NOOK library with ebooks, comics, and interactive books for kids. Play with apps. Enjoy the games and apps everyone’s talking about. Go online. Browse the Web and check your email with built-in WiFi. Be social. Share books and recommendations with your NOOK Friends and Facebook and Twitter contacts. Take in a show. Watch movies and TV series, and listen to your favorite music anywhere. Read all about it. Subscribe to a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Understanding and Paying Less Property Tax For Dummies

Author : Steve Sims
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This comprehensive guide to understanding and paying less property tax for dummies is the best-value beginners book on the market. Covering everything from commercial buy-to-let and jet-to-let to property development and investing through a company, it explains a notoriously confusing subject in straightforward and easy to follow language. Packed full of tax saving tips and strategies, Understanding and Paying Less Tax For Dummies will help British property owners and investors minimise their tax bills and maximise their returns.

Now That You re Rich

Author : Durjoy Datta
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WILL IT BE MONEY OR LOVE? For Abhijeet, Saurav, Shruti, Garima life is about to change. They have the most sought after jobs in the country—jobs that will pay for designer clothes, shoes, watches, holidays in foreign locations . . . all the things they’ve ever wanted. But then, is life ever perfect? Things begin to get tough from day one as they begin to work under bosses who are straight out of hell, who pile them with work, push them for more and make their lives miserable. Things go from bad to worse as they fall in love and sleep around with all the wrong people. Then when recession affects the company, their bond begins to strain. Till one day, the very reason that got them together tears them apart: Money.

When a Woman Lets Go of Her Fears

Author : Cheryl Brodersen
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Fear in a woman’s life can be controlling, deceptive, and downright crippling. Even as a Christian woman from a well-known family of pastors and Christian leaders, Cheryl Brodersen knew this kind of fear and hated the control it had over her world. Growing up, she often felt the scrutiny and judgment of people around her and this just added to the fear. Wanting to hide away from everyone, she realized fear was determining her decisions and life direction. In the midst of the pain God spoke to Cheryl’s heart and she began a beautiful journey toward freedom. As she understood His word more deeply she saw what it meant to walk in the light—full of confidence and trust in God and His goodness. As a gifted Bible teacher, Cheryl takes readers on an eye-opening and heart-filling study of what the Bible says about fear and how to overcome it, helping women find true faith and the peace that comes from leaving fear behind.


Author : Illinois Secondary School Curriculum Program
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Friends Intelligencer

Author :
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