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Dont Let Life Stop You from Living

Author : Georgette Elizabeth Correa
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Don’t Let Life Stop You from Living springs from the personal experiences and insights of Georgette Elizabeth Correa, who found the book’s title flowing through her thoughts one day while sharing a heartfelt conversation with a friend. The phrase has worked on her, giving focus to her reflections on how to live fully and richly. As she notes in the Introduction, “We somehow allow circumstances to defeat us: we stop trying; we stop dreaming; we just stop. Then, we do just enough to survive by doing what we must, not what we want. We even give up on love, happiness, and unfortunately on ourselves. Life can be hard at times, but it only seems unbearable when you don’t have a deeper understanding of who and what you are.” Don’t Let Life Stop You from Living notes the given things: each person has a life to live; life will throw challenges in one’s path; changes are inevitable. What one does about these given truths is what makes one’s life joyous or tragic. The choices one makes and the attitudes one adopts are the fruits of one’s personal decisions. If you have the sense that, no matter what has happened to bring you to this point in your life, you stand in a spot where you can decide what will come next, then Don’t Let Life Stop You from Living will encourage, embolden, and empower you to make those decisions and to live.

We Are All Miracles Don t Let Life Take It Away

Author : Michael R Herndon
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As life passes by-days turn to months, months to years-and before we know it, we take a look at ourselves and realize that we may have fallen short of what God had intended for us to be. This book is intended for all levels of faith-whether you want to believe we evolved from an explosion or you hope that we were created by God or you have asked God to lead you in life and have a personal relationship. I pray that we all take advantage of the miracle of life we have been given, and through a relationship with God, heaven waits for you. Read about how my life changed drastically and gain an understanding that yours can too without bearing the burdens.

Get the Best Out of Life Don t Let Life Get the Best of You

Author : Barbara Whitehead Worsley
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This book is design to inspire and encourage every reader that's going through sickness, disabilities, cituations, circumstances, test, trials or tribulations to set a goal for your life. Plant it, Water it, Nurture it and watch it grow. Don't let your cituations determine your future. Be the best that God created you to be. Have no regrets, live life to the fullest.Put God first in everything that you do, and if you fall get back up and try again.Believe and you shall accomplish whatever you set out to do. Don't give up on life no matter what it looks like.

Let Life Live

Author : Dr SS Bhatti (Ta’meer Chandigarhi)
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English and those transliterated and translated by the author from Urdu is his favorite language for using poetry as an apt mode of creative self-expression in the area of literary arts. Apart from their lyrical value, these verses on diverse subjects and themes carry the author’s philosophic outlook that persistently puts his highly individualized experiences in the universal context, making him a modern-day rishi (seer) of far-reaching consequence. His life’s oeuvre is distinguished by its enormity of quantum, originality, sustained high quality, and amazing versatility—all couched in what he calls holistic humanism. He insists that we humans must wean consciousness from money mindedness to moneyed mindedness as their own pathfinders to the realm of life’s spiritual realities. This anthology has substantial material of diversity that will benefit the modern-day youth in getting rid of many illusions that cloud human wits and prevent us from seeing God’s most precious gift (the soul) lodged inside the eye-catching wrappings (body) that mislead us into blind alleys of maverick ambition. It is not unlikely that it will inspire some to discover their own native creativity and conscientiously develop it to its full potential.

Let s Do Life

Author : David Conellias
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This book contains practical principles that serve to empower, motivate, inform, and encourage the reader. It requires the reader to keep an open mind because of the nature of the dynamic content. The book touches on a range of topics which include the following: * The power of the mind and words: How our thoughts and the words that we speak help frame our world, either negatively or positively. * Health and beauty: Benefits of eating healthy, exercise, and rest. When it comes to beauty, how different oils help look after and nourish your skin. * Management skills: Practical ways of applying management skills such as time management, finance management, and resource management. * Etiquette and communication skills: Etiquette is an art that seems to be drifting away in society today. People seem to be losing basic morals like being polite and courteous. This book touches on these very basic principles that help people coexist harmoniously. It also touches on how to improve your communication by watching your body language and being clear in your intentions. * Authenticity: God made everyone elaborately unique for a reason. Arise an authentic person, reveal and express the glory deposited within by learning to become all that you were designed to be. It takes some effort to dig out diamonds, but the process is worth it in the end. * Spiritual matters: An encouragement for the believer to pray, have faith, love, forgive, and keep Jesus at the centre of it all. The book is for the one who simply wants to learn and discover the beauty of just living life in abundance!

Live the Let Go Life

Author : Joseph Prince
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Are You Overwhelmed by Stress, Worry, and Anxiety? Unending daily to-do lists. The frantic pace of modern living. The race to stay relevant in the face of disruption. The very real threat of superbugs and terror in our everyday lives... It's not hard to see why so many people today are experiencing stress, worry, and anxiety attacks. Unfortunately, these aren't simply innocent states of emotion-they can insidiously develop into chronic depression and psychosomatic illnesses, and lead to destructive behaviors. But here's the good news: While stress is depleting and debilitating, it can be defeated and driven from your life. In LIVE THE LET-GO LIFE, Joseph Prince shows you how to beat stress and anxieties that come with the everyday demands and pressures of modern living. Discover how you were not designed by God to live under stress, but called to live the life of rest. You will learn how to let go of stress and see His grace flow unabated in the worry-free areas of your life.

Don t Chase Life Let It Walk With You

Author : Julie Hanft
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I am someone who faces health challenges and pain every day. I have learned that this does not define me, but it brings me to the very depth of who I am. Who we are as we evolve through these challenges, is the element of what is left, an undeniable essence of true beauty! I will show you how to tap into your gifts that live within your soul, bringing your mind, body and spirit together. I will show you what I have learned to survive.

Come Let s Shake hands with Life

Author : Shonima Kumar
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Life is not a merry-go-round but a roller-coaster ride. In this roller-coaster journey of life, a man’s virtue lies in embracing life through its good times and also standing tall during the bad times. This book will inspire you to believe in yourself, handle relationships with a totally new perspective, and embrace life’s complexities with a ‘go-get it’ attitude. A collection of few fictional short stories, some inspiring real-life incidents and value-based narratives are all blended into a book that will open your eyes to lead a soulful life. A strained marriage which is on the verge of break-up is saved because of an unusual advice by the couple’s well-wisher, a hilarious anecdote of how a sarpanch family’s orthodox mindset gets exposed by their own kin in front of the villagers, the story of how a house help sorts her life out of a stressful relationship and becomes an entrepreneur, a revolutionary thought that transpires when the author’s four-year-old daughter innocently objects on becoming old are few of the 27 inspiring accounts in the book that shows the myriad shades of human nature. All stories are portrayed in simple, lucid language that promises to touch your heart and make a difference in how you look at life!

Let There be Life

Author : Robert Fripp
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Using prose and scientific fact, this book combines the spirit and sense of Genesis with current scientific thought on cosmic change and life's evolution on our planet.

Let Love ROCK your Life

Author : Dannette Genasci
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Former Rock Star, Trevor Riggs, has finally found someone who makes him feel young again. Sandra, his love, helps him rediscover what's important. Listening to the songs inside himself and hearing things differently. Stepping back and gaining perspective. Long walks on the beach. A good cup of coffee. Reflection. Peace. Learning patience and how to relax. Isn't that what the golden years are about? The conclusion to the Rock Star trilogy, will Trevor Riggs finds happiness at last?