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Annual Report of Research

Author : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dept. of Leisure Studies
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Leisure Studies

Author : Shaun Best
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Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here What is the place of leisure in societies where people complain of 'over-work'? How do personal freedom and choice relate to the inequalities of class, gender, disability and ethnicity? This critical introduction to the field offers a systematic account of the meaning and structure of leisure today. The book: • situates the student in the field • provides a comprehensive account of the leading approaches to leisure • explores the influence of class, race, gender, ethnicity, disability and age • discusses to role of the sate • examines leisure in the context of changing work relationships • locates leisure in the debate around globalization In short, this is an indispensable, one-stop guide to understanding leisure.

Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies

Author : Tony Blackshaw
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This landmark publication brings together some of the most perceptive commentators of the present moment to explore core ideas and cutting edge developments in the field of Leisure Studies. It offers important new insights into the dynamics of the transformation of leisure in contemporary societies, tracing the emergent issues at stake in the discipline and examining Leisure Studies’ fundamental connections with cognate disciplines such as Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Sport Studies and Tourism. This book contains original work from key scholars across the globe, including those working outside the Leisure Studies mainstream. It showcases the state of the art of contemporary Leisure Studies, covering key topics and key thinkers from the psychology of leisure to leisure policy, from Bourdieu to Baudrillard, and suggests that leisure in the 21st century should be understood as centring on a new ‘Big Seven’ (holidays, drink, drugs, sex, gambling, TV and shopping). No other book has gone as far in redefining the identity of the discipline of Leisure Studies, or in suggesting how the substantive ideas of Leisure Studies need to be rethought. The Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies should therefore be the intellectual guide of first choice for all scholars, academics, researchers and students working in this subject area.

A Handbook of Leisure Studies

Author : C. Rojek
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A unique, international resource for Leisure Studies: in one volume the history, organization and central debates in the field of Leisure Studies are defined, providing a one-stop-shop for students and an agenda for future debate and research academics.

An Introduction to Leisure Studies

Author : Peter Bramham
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"There are textbooks galore, but there aren’t many crafted as intelligently as this one. This book will change the way that students understand leisure. It will give them an easier entry to that place where difficult ideas fuse into something intelligible, where real understanding sits and the educated imagination is stirred." - Tony Blackshaw, Sheffield Hallam University Peter Bramham and Stephen Wagg provide a foundation for those studying within the broad field of leisure studies. The book gives students an accessible and engaging introduction to leisure studies and leisure research, encouraging students to engage in reflexive analysis of their common sense understandings of everyday life and enabling them to develop an understanding of contemporary leisure studies and changing leisure practices.

The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies

Author : Tony Blackshaw
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What is Leisure Studies? Who are the key figures in the field? How can we evaluate the relevance of concepts in the field? This is the first full length Dictionary of Leisure Studies. It examines the key concepts, assesses the work of central figures and helps students zero-in on essential issues and conceptual distinctions. The Book: • Provides an unprecedented critical survey of the field • Offers students authoritative, comprehensive accounts of the basic concepts and leading figures • Provides students with core resources to write essays and pass exams Written by teachers experienced with the needs of undergraduates and postgraduates in the field, the book will be quickly recognized as a vital asset in making sense of Leisure Studies.

Trends in Outdoor Recreation Leisure and Tourism

Author : William C. Gartner
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This book focuses on the issues and trends in outdoor, 'nature-based' recreation, leisure and tourism and explores the implications for public policy, planning, management and marketing. It is intended as supplementary reading for advanced students and is a useful reference tool.

Gender and Leisure

Author : Cara Carmichael Aitchison
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The highly contested nature of both 'gender' and 'leisure' encapsulates many of the most critical social and cultural debates of the early twenty-first century. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical perspectives, as well as extensive empirical research, Gender and Leisure goes forward to offer a contemporary socio-cultural analysis of gender relations in leisure practice and leisure policy. The book begins by introducing and evaluating the key social and cultural ideologies, philosophies and beliefs that have informed our theoretical understanding of gender and leisure. The particular leisure policies that have emerged from these perspectives are examined. Part two of Gender and Leisure draws on research in social and cultural theory, gender and leisure studies, cultural geography, management and education, and goes on to explore the reality of contemporary gender relations in leisure practice. Leisure policy, leisure management, places and sites of leisure and leisure education are examined, as are the relationships between leisure, sport and tourism.

The Labour of Leisure

Author : Chris Rojek
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Leisure has always been associated with freedom, choice and flexibility. The week-end and vacations were celebrated as 'time off'. In his compelling new book, Chris Rojek turns this shibboleth on its head to demonstrate how leisure has become a form of labour. Modern men and women are required to be competent, relevant and credible, not only in the work place but with their mates, children, parents and communities. The requisite empathy for others, socially acceptable values and correct forms of self-presentation demand work. Much of this work is concentrated in non-work activity, compromising traditional connections between leisure and freedom. Ranging widely from an analysis of the inflated aspirations of the leisure society thesis to the culture of deception that permeates leisure choice, Rojek shows how leisure is inextricably linked to emotional labour and intelligence. It is now a school for life. In challenging the orthodox understandings of freedom and free time, The Labour of Leisure sets out an indispensable new approach to the meaning of leisure. Chris Rojek is Professor of Sociology and Culture at Brunel University. In 2003 he was awarded the Allen V. Sapora Award for outstanding achievement in the field of leisure studies.

The Politics of Leisure

Author : Rudy Dunlap
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This book explores entanglements between politics and leisure, ranging from the electorate’s concerns with public recreation resources, to the presence of politics in casual conversation, and to the use of leisure as a means of preserving racial hierarchies in society. In noting the contributions of past scholarship, it also points toward a trend of increasingly political leisure research, where research helps to unpack the multiple ways in which power suffuses the experience of leisure. A contrast between ‘being political’, on one hand, and the tribal politicization that characterizes much of contemporary social life, on the other hand, demonstrates that scholars and educators can and should be engaged in politically-oriented scholarship, while also building a more diverse and intellectually productive academy. This edited volume will be of great interest to researchers and scholars interested in race, power, polarization, and the interrelationship between politics and leisure. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal Leisure Sciences.