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Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies

Author : Tony Blackshaw
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This landmark publication brings together some of the most perceptive commentators of the present moment to explore core ideas and cutting edge developments in the field of Leisure Studies. It offers important new insights into the dynamics of the transformation of leisure in contemporary societies, tracing the emergent issues at stake in the discipline and examining Leisure Studies’ fundamental connections with cognate disciplines such as Sociology, Cultural Studies, History, Sport Studies and Tourism. This book contains original work from key scholars across the globe, including those working outside the Leisure Studies mainstream. It showcases the state of the art of contemporary Leisure Studies, covering key topics and key thinkers from the psychology of leisure to leisure policy, from Bourdieu to Baudrillard, and suggests that leisure in the 21st century should be understood as centring on a new ‘Big Seven’ (holidays, drink, drugs, sex, gambling, TV and shopping). No other book has gone as far in redefining the identity of the discipline of Leisure Studies, or in suggesting how the substantive ideas of Leisure Studies need to be rethought. The Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies should therefore be the intellectual guide of first choice for all scholars, academics, researchers and students working in this subject area.

An Introduction to Leisure Studies

Author : Peter Bramham
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"There are textbooks galore, but there aren’t many crafted as intelligently as this one. This book will change the way that students understand leisure. It will give them an easier entry to that place where difficult ideas fuse into something intelligible, where real understanding sits and the educated imagination is stirred." - Tony Blackshaw, Sheffield Hallam University Peter Bramham and Stephen Wagg provide a foundation for those studying within the broad field of leisure studies. The book gives students an accessible and engaging introduction to leisure studies and leisure research, encouraging students to engage in reflexive analysis of their common sense understandings of everyday life and enabling them to develop an understanding of contemporary leisure studies and changing leisure practices.

A Handbook of Leisure Studies

Author : Chris Rojek
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This handbook addresses the history, organization and central debates in the field of leisure studies. More than thirty chapters from leading international scholars are presented in five clearly defined parts. These examine the origins of leisure studies; review and evaluate the contributions and approaches to leisure studies of key social science disciplines; provide a guide to core questions in the organization of leisure that recur in the literature; consider locations and forms of leisure; and consider the key themes that run through debates as the subject has matured in a central part of the social science canon. Critically summing up the achievements of the field and providing an agenda for future debate and research, it offers an invaluable resource for students, scholars and lecturers.

Leisure Studies

Author : Chris Rojek
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Leisure Studies brings together the seminal and seminal-to-be papers in a young and animated field of inquiry, which is nevertheless deeply rooted in the established fields of sociology, history, politics, geography, and economics. This four-volume set traces the disparate interdisciplinary roots of the study of leisure and situates it in its present and future context as a busy research arena in its own right. Edited by one of the most prominent academics in the field, the set draws on leading international journals as well as elusive classics outside the reach of most libraries that will shed new light on the subject for students and researchers.

The Labour of Leisure

Author : Chris Rojek
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Leisure has always been associated with freedom, choice and flexibility. The week-end and vacations were celebrated as 'time off'. In his compelling new book, Chris Rojek turns this shibboleth on its head to demonstrate how leisure has become a form of labour. Modern men and women are required to be competent, relevant and credible, not only in the work place but with their mates, children, parents and communities. The requisite empathy for others, socially acceptable values and correct forms of self-presentation demand work. Much of this work is concentrated in non-work activity, compromising traditional connections between leisure and freedom. Ranging widely from an analysis of the inflated aspirations of the leisure society thesis to the culture of deception that permeates leisure choice, Rojek shows how leisure is inextricably linked to emotional labour and intelligence. It is now a school for life. In challenging the orthodox understandings of freedom and free time, The Labour of Leisure sets out an indispensable new approach to the meaning of leisure. Chris Rojek is Professor of Sociology and Culture at Brunel University. In 2003 he was awarded the Allen V. Sapora Award for outstanding achievement in the field of leisure studies.

Feminisms in Leisure Studies

Author : Diana Parry
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Moving beyond women, the emphasis of much gender scholarship to date, this book focuses on issues of feminism as connected to leisure scholarship more broadly. A team of leading international feminist scholars use case studies to unpack methodological and substantive issues essential to leisure studies.


Author : Tony Blackshaw
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No single introductory book has until now captured the range of thought appropriate for scrutinizing the idea of leisure. Beginning with a discussion of expressions in classical thought, etymological definitions and key leisure studies concepts, Blackshaw suggests that the idea abounds with ambivalence, which is unlikely ever to be resolved. After analyzing the rise and fall of modern leisure patterns, the emphasis shifts from the historical to the sociological and the author identifies and critically discusses the key modernist and postmodernist perspectives. Drawing on the idea that leisure studies is a ‘language game’, Tony Blackshaw subsequently offers his own original theory of liquid leisure which asks some key questions about the present and the future of leisure in people’s lives, as well as what implications it has for individuals’ abilities to embrace the opportunity for an authentic existence that is both magical and moral. Leisure is an essential purchase for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academics in the fields of Sociology of Leisure, Sports and Leisure Studies, and Popular Culture.

Leisure and Urban Processes

Author : Peter Bramham
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First published in 1989. Focusing on leisure and policy in West European cities, this interdisciplinary study is written by leading policy analysts and academics from six European Community states: Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The emergence of leisure as a significant area of public policy in both developed and developing economies has been recognised only relatively recently, and this book was the first to deal with urban leisure policy in a European context. Common themes in this study include the use of tourism as a strategic tool for the economic regeneration of cities, leisure as a vehicle of community development and of social integration, and the role of leisure in the development of socialist municipal policy programmes. This book should be of interest to policy makers in local government, lecturers and students of development, tourism, economics, and urban studies.

Fields in Vision

Author : Garry Whannel
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Fields in Vision offers a comprehensive and analytical study of the international phenomenon of television sports coverage. Garry Whannel considers the historical development of sport on television, the growth of sponsorship and the way that television and sponsorship have re-shaped sport in the context of the enterprise culture. Drawing on archival research, Whannel first charts the development of the BBC Outside Broadcast department, and the growing battle for dominance between BBC and ITV, showing how sponsorship and the rising power of sports agents began to transform sport - not only in the UK but across the world - in the 1960s. He goes on to examine the implications of this vast and escalating global network during the 1980s by analysing the central role that stars and narratives began to play in television sport, presenting case studies of major contests such as Coe versus Ovett and Decker versus Budd. His study also takes into account one of the more indirect, but no less significant results of international televised sport - the rise of popular fitness chic and the American monopoly of the workout boom of the 1980s. Fields in Vision explains the development of television sport by linking its economic transformation with the cultural forms through which it is represented, offering a study encompassing not simply the sports world, but our relationship with television and the media industries as a whole.

Tourism Spaces

Author : Alan A. Lew
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Geographic space is a fundamental and essential construct of the physical reality within which we live, move, and construct our world. Through space we create ‘others’ (anything that is any distance from ‘us’) and we experience time (by moving from one place point to another). Because it is so fundamental to our experience, we often take geographic space for granted. Tourism Spaces: Environments, Locations, and Movements shows some of the ways that geographers and other social scientists bring spatial considerations to the forefront of our research and understanding of tourism. This is seen through the spatial arrangements and distributions of tourism phenomena, such as attractions, destinations, and in the spatial behaviour of tourists themselves. Today, these spatial arrangements and patterns are increasingly being captured, analysed, and understood through various forms of formal and informal digital data. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Tourism Geographies.