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Legal Order and Mental Disorder

Author : Amita Dhanda
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The author examines the interaction between law (i.e., legislation, government rules and court decisions) and mental disorder in India. She does not limit her exposition to merely discussing how the law regulates the medical and social dimensions of mental illness but extends it to show the manner in which society and the medical establishment utilise these legal provisions. More importantly, the book examines how the law impacts on persons with mental illness and proves that the extant law is rights insensitive.

Mental Health Law Policy and Practice

Author : Peter Bartlett
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This text provides a detailed overview of mental health law and the socio-legal, historical, sociological, and cultural issues related to them. The role of the law and medical treatments in regulating and controlling deviance are explored alongside the fundamental rights and liberties of some of society's most vulnerable people.

Mental Illness Discrimination and the Law

Author : Felicity Callard
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This book describes clearly how legislation can be used to advance the rights and entitlements of people with mental health problems. Straightforward and practical, it provides useful information on how to address disabilities so these people may enjoy full citizenship. It presents the key issues succinctly and illustrates these with legislative examples from around the world. This book documents the role that law can play, at all levels, in combating such discrimination and abuse.

The Future of Disability Law in India

Author : Jayna Kothari
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According to some estimates, there are around 20 to 60 million people with disability in India. For long this invisible minority went without any kind of protection or even legislation aimed at recognizing their basic rights. It was only in 1995 that the government passed the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Act, which addressed the issues of non-discrimination, right to equal opportunity, and affirmative action for persons with disabilities for the first time. This book is a critical and comprehensive analysis of the PWD Act. It examines the Act from a historical perspective, giving an overview of the various legal approaches towards addressing disability-related discrimination. The author critically examines the various provisions of the Act—the definition of disability, affirmative action, equal opportunities in education, reservation in employment, and implementation. The volume also offers an international perspective on disability law by comparatively analysing Indian disability law with international jurisprudence. Taking into account the judgments of the Supreme Court and various high courts, it presents a forward thinking interpretation of the Act in light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which India has ratified.

Law and Mental Health

Author : Robert G. Meyer
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This volume presents classic and contemporary legal cases that have set important precedents related to psychological and mental health issues in criminal and civil proceedings; the role of practitioners as expert witnesses and forensic consultants; and legal concerns in general clinical practice. Engagingly written, the book brings to life the details of each case and the personal stories involved, while also providing a solid introduction to foundational issues in the field. Forensic and clinical professionals will find this a highly informative resource, and it will also be useful for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses and professional training.

Mental Health Review Tribunals

Author : Anselm Eldergill
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This book provides an authoritative combination of legal and administrative practice and procedure and the operation of mental health tribunals (MHRTs). It includes: . Case summaries of all important reported and unreported decisions. Explanatory chapter on medical terms and the interpretation of special investigations. Diagnostic guidelines for the major forms of mental disorder. Detailed guidance on preparation of cases. Important amendments made by the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997

Children with Mental Disorder and the Law

Author : Anthony Harbour
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Children and young people with complex mental health needs are increasingly being cared for within specialist mental health care settings, either in the community or in in-patient facilities. With rapid social developments, it can be difficult for carers and practitioners to keep track of the law in this area. This book provides a guide to the law relating to mental health care for children and young people, their rights and entitlement to service, and discusses important issues in clinical and social care practice such as parental responsibility, Gillick competency and capacity, emergency intervention and detention, assessment of mental illness and confidentiality in practice. A chapter written by Mary Mitchell considers the diagnosis and management of complex mental illness in young people, and a concluding chapter discusses changes in the law. Jargon-free and accessibly written, this is an invaluable guide for professionals working in child and adolescent health and social care, social workers, youth workers, social welfare policy makers, medical professionals, teachers, educational professionals and students, as well as advocates for children and young people.

Mental Health and Human Rights

Author : Michael Dudley
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People with mental disorders often suffer the worst conditions of life - a problem exacerbated by social stigma. In practice, the international community still tends to prioritise human rights in a manner that largely ignores mental health, which in turn remains in the shadow of physical-health programs. This book is the first comprehensive survey of the mental health/human rights relationship. It examines the relationships and histories of mental health and human rights, and their interconnections with law, culture, ethnicity, class, economics, biology, and stigma. It investigates the responsibilities of states in securing the rights of those with mental disabilities, the predicaments of specific vulnerable groups, and the challenge of promoting and protecting mental health in general.

Social Work Law

Author : Alison Brammer
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Written with the non-lawyer in mind, Social Work Law presents a comprehensive, practical and accessible guide to the legal framework that any social worker, or student of social work needs to know. The author provides a balanced account of the law as applied to children, families and vulnerable adults alike, and pays particular attention to the key areas of: the dynamic relationship between the law and social work practice; the crucial role of anti-discriminatory practice; and the continued growth in the importance of the Human Rights Act, 1998.

The Mental Health Professional and the Legal System

Author : Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
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A report by the Committee on Psychiatry and Law, of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, first published in 1991. Explains separately the legal relationship between a therapist and client, and giving testimony as an expert witness. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Law and Mental Disorder

Author : Richard D. Schneider
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Law and Mental Disorder: A Comprehensive and Practical Approach is an encyclopedic medico-legal overview of forensics issues. With 60 chapters, and over 50 contributors, the topics range from an introduction to the legal system for psychiatrists, to pharmacological treatments for sex offenders, to the pathways to conduct disorder amongst children. The book has been written for a professional audience of psychiatrists, resident psychiatrists, and related heath professionals as well as legal professionals (judges, lawyers), and justice system professionals.

The Mental Condition in Criminal Law

Author : Frans Koenraadt
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In the Netherlands the vast majority of forensic mental health assessment on an in-patient basis is carried out at the Pieter Baan Centre, Utrecht, which has the legal status of a house of detention and observation centre. Suspects of serious offences are observed and assessed intensively for a period of seven weeks by a multidisciplinary team of experts. Not only has the enshrinement of forensic mental health diagnosis in the law led to the accentuation of an individualistic type of diagnosis but also makes it important for the expert to consider his position in the justice system. The various parts of the forensic mental health assessment are described in this volume as well as the legal enshrinement of the assessment, an international comparison of Dutch criminal law, the history of the hospital and a survey of relevant research. The Pieter Baan Centre has existed almost sixty years. Based on an extensive clinical experience, the authors offer an account of the way in which this hospital provides for forensic mental health reporting.

Law and Global Health

Author : Michael Freeman
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Current Legal Issues, like its sister volume Current Legal Problems (now available in journal format), is based upon an annual colloquium held at University College London. Each year leading scholars from around the world gather to discuss the relationship between law and another discipline of thought. Each colloquium examines how the external discipline is conceived in legal thought and argument, how the law is pictured in that discipline, and analyses points of controversy in the use, and abuse, of extra-legal arguments within legal theory and practice. Law and Global Health, the sixteenth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, offers an insight into the scholarship examining the relationship between global health and the law. Covering a wide range of areas from all over the world, articles in the volume look at areas of human rights, vulnerable populations, ethical issues, legal responses and governance.

Mental Disorder and the Law

Author : Hy Bloom
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Following the success of its first edition, this book further examines the issues a mentally disordered accused is likely to encounter from arrest to sentencing. The book provides a succinct overview of the key topics that judges, Crown and defence counsel, and mental health providers face in their work with mentally disordered offenders.

Mental Condition Defences and the Criminal Justice System

Author : Ben Livings
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Criminal law has struggled to keep pace with developments in psychiatry, both in substantive and procedural terms, and it is widely recognised that increased inter-disciplinary discussion of mental condition defences is required in order to address this gap between the law and psychiatry. This edited collection comes at a time of review of this sensitive area of criminal law. The Law Commission for England and Wales recently placed its evaluation of insanity, automatism and intoxication on hold, while it considers the law on unfitness to plead. These reviews are set against the backdrop of earlier Law Commission reports on partial defences to murder which informed significant changes that were made to the law in this area under sections 52–56 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. Recent developments in case law in this substantive area illustrate not only the importance of the role of the medical expert, but also that reform in this area is informed by ongoing inter-disciplinary research. This collection brings together medical and legal conceptions of mental disorder in order to appraise the operation of mental condition defences. In this respect, it provides invaluable and original insights into mental condition defences and criminal law.

Social Order mental Disorder

Author : Andrew T. Scull
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Mental Health Law

Author : Peter Bartlett
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Examining the legal structure of the mental health system, this book explains the legal principles. It places them in the context of their practical application, the realities of patient life, and the complexities of organising care. This edition gives an analysis of the Mental Capacity Act, 2005 and the Draft Mental Health Bill.

Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe

Author : Anna Metteri
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Overcome the challenges facing social workers today with international guidance Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe is a valuable stepping stone toward an understanding of the diversity of methods utilized in social work for community health services. This work stems from material gathered at the Third International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, held in Tampere, Finland. In this book, you will find new creative theoretical and practical orientations for designing, developing, and analyzing social work to help you produce policies and services in which clients can positively and productively invest. Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe covers a long period in the history of social work in health issues, from theoretical treatises to empirical research and analyses of practices. The book provides you with research, case studies, and existing international and national literature from India, Botswana, Taiwan, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. This resource explores the shared qualities of social work in health services throughout the world despite differences between countries in terms of culture, social system, and history. Although these experts come from different parts of the world, the book displays an emergence of similar issues and themes, including: the development of expertise for social workers in the health and mental health fields social work as an agent of change that crosses borders, operates on many levels, and across many dimensions of society community-based care—principles, perspectives, marginalized groups, and the role of the social worker dual divisions—becoming aware of and choosing a position in work practice

Mental Health and Scots Law in Practice

Author : Jim J. McManus
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Presents an account of the legal issues relevant to Scottish psychiatric practice, explaining how the Scottish legal system deals with mental health issues, and outlines psychiatric care systems. Meant for those involved with mental health and the law in Scotland, this title provides analysis of the Mental Health legislation.

Mental Disorder and Criminal Law

Author : Robert Schopp
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expands traditional inquiry regarding the significance of psychopathology in the criminal process to include blameworthiness for sentencing, criminal competence at various stages in the process, and dangerousness pairs legal analysis with empirical research in order to promotoe integration of these two aspects of relevant inquiry addresses a wide range of participants in the legal, clinical, and academic disciplines