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Lessons are for Learning

Author : Mike Hughes
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A range of practical suggestions designed to make learning more effective>

Learning Lessons From Waco

Author : Jayne Seminare Docherty
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Heated debates about "what really happened in Waco" are a recurring public drama. Yet, little or no attention has been given to the work of the negotiators who talked with the Branch Davidians. In this important book, Jayne Seminare Docherty utilizes largely unexplored sources of data to explain why fifty-one days of negotiations by federal officials failed to get all of the Branch Davidians to exit the compound. Learning Lessons from Waco applies a theory of worldview conflicts to the more than 12,000 pages of the negotiation transcripts from Waco. Through perceptive analysis of the situation, Docherty offers a fresh perspective on the activities of law enforcement agents. She shows how the Waco conflict resulted from a collision of two distinct worldviews—the FBI's and the Davidians'—and their divergent notions of reality. By exploring the failures of the negotiations, she also urges a better understanding of encounters between rising religious movements and dominant social institutions. Finally, the resulting model is applicable to other conflict resolution processes such as mediation and facilitated problem solving.

Learning Lessons

Author : Rashi Fein
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This is a book about the policy process. It discusses the considerations advisers have in mind as they develop and select policy alternatives, the ways each of us might want to think about making decisions, and the lessons we should remember in order to minimize avoidable errors. In writing about his experiences in government, the classroom, and private life, Fein offers insights that apply to people responsible for decisions in many kinds of institutions, at all levels of responsibility.His anecdotes and the situations he describes are drawn from over fifty years of experience in the policy arena. They are not intended to represent either a rounded theory about public administration or a comprehensive treatment of important components of political science. Like most people in the policy arena, Fein came to that work from another discipline-in his case economics. His experience of finding his own way through action and experience rather than through application of theory might appear quaint. But his successes, failures, and the lessons he learned, illuminate the process and may prove useful, even inspirational.Fein is sensitive to the need to move beyond statistics and to present the real world and the faces of real people behind the data. He believes that an effective adviser should bring knowledge and interests that extend beyond the confines of a single discipline, even one as methodologically powerful as economics. Unless the adviser presents a range of choices that have been developed with contributions from many fields of knowledge, the proposed policies are likely to be far too constrained and, at worst, unworkable. His perspective, articulated in this book, is easily summarized: there is more to life and to our nation's welfare than economics. We live in a society, not in an economy.

Learning Lessons in ADB

Author : R. Keith Leonard
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Space and Learning

Author : Herman Hertzberger
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"As work on the book proceeded, its format grew almost unobserved in the direction of two preceding books, Lessons for students in architecture 1 (Making space, leaving space) and Space and the architect (Lessons in architecture 2). So Space and learning became part three of the series"--P. 5.

Learning Lessons in the American Expeditionary Forces

Author : Kenneth Earl Hamburger
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Learning Lessons from Furry Friends

Author : Sarah E. Brown
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Learning Lessons From Furry Friends will introduce you to Mama Kitty, Blackie, Smudge, Tiree, Puff, Shasta, and many of the Brown's other furry friends. Join the Brown family as they raise litters of kittens and puppies, experience hardships and losses, and turn every situation into a chance to learn valuable lessons about life and God. This book will teach you how to prepare for a litter of kittens, how to deal with the loss of a pet, how to train an unruly puppy, and much more. You'll also find out why you should never push a kitten out of a tree! In addition, Learning Lessons From Furry Friends will answer questions such as, "How can I be ready when Jesus comes?," "Why is there so much pain and suffering here on earth?," "What happens when your pet dies?" Learn about animals, learn about life, and most importantly, learn about the Bible and grow closer to Jesus by reading Learning Lessons From Furry Friends.

Learning Lessons from China s Forest Rehabilitation Efforts

Author : Unna Chokkalingam
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Still Learning Lessons Even After Forty

Author : Trudi M. Wray
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Lessons from Good Language Learners

Author : Carol Griffiths
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This edited collection provides a comprehensive overview of the area of sucessful language learning strategies and reviews the literature and research on this subject to date. The book provides a reference base, addresses theoretical issues and considers pedagogical implications. It identifies gaps in our current understanding and suggests useful research initiatives and it considers how all of this relates to successful language learning by unique individuals in a variety of situations. The book is divided into 2 sections: the first deals with learner variables and has chapters on such topics as age, culture, motivation, personality and aptitude. The second covers learning variables such as vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading and listening. The writers include many well-established names such as Anna Chamot, Paul Nation and Andrew Cohen as well as some of the best representatives of the new generation of applied linguists.

Learning Lessons to Promote Forest Certification and Control Illegal Logging in Indonesia

Author : Luca Tacconi
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Illegal logging is a cause for widespread concern. It has negative environmental impacts, results in the loss of forest products used by rural communities, creates conflicts, and causes significant losses of tax revenues that could be used for development activities. The Nature Conservancy and World Wide Fund for Nature developed the Alliance to Promote Certification and Combat Illegal Logging in Indonesia to respond to the concern about illegal logging. The Alliance is a three-year initiative that aims to: 1. Strengthen market signals to expand certification and combat illegal logging, 2. Increase supply of certified Indonesian wood products, 3. Demonstrate practical solutions to achieve certification and differentiate legal and illegal supplies, 4. Reduce financing and investment in companies engaged in destructive or illegal logging in Indonesia, 5. Share lessons learned from the project. The Alliance seeks to learn lessons from its ongoing work to inform and adapt its activities, as well as to inform other initiatives seeking to address similar problems. This report is part of this lessons learning process. This report assesses the situation in Indonesia, including a quantitative estimation of illegally produced logs, discusses the causes of illegal logging, and describes the national and international policy and trade context. Then, it considers the work undertaken by the Alliance to address illegal logging in Indonesia; it summarizes the strategy of the Alliance, describes its rationale, and assesses the assumptions underlying the rationale and the objectives. Finally, it summarizes the progress made by the Alliance towards achieving its goal, highlights the lessons that can be learnt from the work in progress, and provides recommendations for the Alliance.

Learning Challenge Lessons Primary

Author : Jill Nottingham
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The Learning Challenge Lessons have been created to accompany The Learning Challenge and provide teachers with everything they need to run thoughtful, dialogue-driven Challenges. The Learning Challenge Lessons, Primary, book includes 20 developmentally-appropriate lesson plans that will help young learners: • Learn new vocabulary in the context of dialogue • Challenge themselves to think through complex concepts • Encourage their natural curiosity and seek answers to questions they pose themselves

Learning Lessons to Promote Certification and Combat Illegal Logging in Indonesia

Author : Emile Jurgens
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Lessons from Problem based Learning

Author : H. J. M. van Berkel
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This resource gives the reader information on the development and implementation of problem-based learning (PBL). It gives rise to further debate and refinement of PBL in specific applications elsewhere and in general educational discussion and thought.

Learning Love Lessons

Author : Sheila Junita Murray
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What makes us hold on? Truly it has to be an effect of the spirit. No one knows the time or hour of trouble. Jesus has already healed where we find our deepest hurt. A light in a place of darknesss. Lemonade for the lemons of life. Salvation for those who seek it in the Lord. Inspiration for those who stand on his accord. No one knows the troubles that I see, but this book encourages and motivates the spirit to be stayed on Jesus.

Learning Large Lessons

Author : David E. Johnson
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The relative roles of U.S. ground and air power have shifted since the end of the Cold War. At the level of major operations and campaigns, the Air Force has proved capable of and committed to performing deep strike operations, which the Army long had believed the Air Force could not reliably accomplish. If air power can largely supplant Army systems in deep operations, the implications for both joint doctrine and service capabilities would be significant. To assess the shift of these roles, the author of this report analyzed post?Cold War conflicts in Iraq (1991), Bosnia (1995), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001), and Iraq (2003). Because joint doctrine frequently reflects a consensus view rather than a truly integrated joint perspective, the author recommends that joint doctrine-and the processes by which it is derived and promulgated-be overhauled. The author also recommends reform for the services beyond major operations and campaigns to ensure that the United States attains its strategic objectives. This revised edition includes updates and an index.

Learning the Lessons

Author : Elise Ford
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Stacey and Her Lessons in Learning

Author : Leo Fred Farr
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People learn to have confidence in themselves at an early age. With confidence in themselves they are likely to overcome obstacles to success by being persistent in the face of failure; children who solve problems as a result of their own thinking gain confidence. Every child has a strong desire to self-learn. This book offers techniques in learning to encourage children to learn without fear of making mistakes. Concrete examples are given of daily activities to be used to educate a child and at the same time establish strong character. The techniques are simple to use and possible for anyone to emulate. Exploring the environment is an adventure for children. By seeing themselves in stories about that adventure, children become willing partners in education. This book offers brief examples from the lives of famous people to show such learning was crucial in their success. This book also gives examples of how to set limitations. Rules for behavior can be given for a child in such a way as to make it more likely for cooperation than rebellion. This book offers inspiring lessons for both parents and educators. Leo Fred Farr, MS, worked thirty years as a counselor and program administrator with the Calif. Department of Rehabilitation, where he developed and administered contracts for rehabilitation services for high school and adult education students. He has worked with thousands of individuals to help them function better in society.

Brain Powered Lessons Learning New Vocabulary

Author : LaVonna Roth
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Based on current brain research, this ready-to-use lesson engages first graders using the Matchmaker strategy. Encourage students with strategies designed to foster student achievement related to learning new vocabulary.

Easy Lessons for Learning French

Author :
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