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Lessons are for Learning

Author : Mike Hughes
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A range of practical suggestions designed to make learning more effective>

Living Learning Lessons in Not So Poetic Rhythms

Author : Jennifer Johnson
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Learning Challenge Lessons Primary

Author : Jill Nottingham
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The Learning Challenge Lessons have been created to accompany The Learning Challenge and provide teachers with everything they need to run thoughtful, dialogue-driven Challenges. The Learning Challenge Lessons, Primary, book includes 20 developmentally-appropriate lesson plans that will help young learners: • Learn new vocabulary in the context of dialogue • Challenge themselves to think through complex concepts • Encourage their natural curiosity and seek answers to questions they pose themselves

Object Lessons and Early Learning

Author : Sharon E. Shaffer
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The twenty-first century is a time of change for early learning in museums, due in part to society's evolving view of childhood, from an age of innocence to understanding the robust learning that defines the first years of life. This perspective is a catalyst for international conversation and continues to raise attention and interest across society. Object Lessons and Early Learning leverages what is known about the cognitive development of young children to examine the power of learning through objects in museum and heritage settings. Exploring the history and modern day practice of object-based learning, Shaffer outlines the rationale for endorsing this approach in both formal and informal learning spaces. She argues that museums, as collecting institutions, are learning spaces uniquely positioned to allow children to make meaning about their world through personal connections to cultural artifacts, natural specimens, and works of art. A range of descriptive object lessons, inspired by objects in museums as well as from the everyday world, are presented throughout the text as examples of ways in which children can be encouraged to engage with museum collections. Object Lessons and Early Learning offers insights into strategies for engaging young children as learners in museum settings and in their everyday world, and, as such, will be essential reading for museum professionals, classroom educators, and students. It should also be of great interest to academics and researchers engaged in the study of museums and education.

Cooperative Learning and Language Arts

Author : Jeanne M. Stone
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, k, p, e, i, s, t.

Lessons from Europe

Author : Max Wilkinson
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The Lessons Learned Handbook

Author : Nick Milton
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How can knowledge managers best implement the "lessons learned" approach to their day-to-day operations? The Lessons Learned Handbook is written for a manager who is instilling a system for his colleagues to learn from experience or looking to improve an in-place system. The book is based on real-life experience of successful and unsuccessful systemsand recognizes the necessity to convert learning into action. In order to make this process successful, a series of key steps need to be followed; author Nick Milton guides the reader throughout these steps that are outlined and explained in the book. He provides comprehensive, practical guidance to learning from experience.

Issues in Science Education

Author : Jack Rhoton
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This publication addresses the issues and practical approaches needed to lay the foundation upon which science educators can work together to build effective science programs. It shares the ideas, insights, and experiences of individuals ranging from science supervisors to university personnel to agencies representing science education. Numerous examples illustrate the utility of topics to practitioners as well as address general issues and perspectives related to science education reform. Section I, "Science Education Reform", examines the issues associated with science education reform. Section II, "Technology", illustrates how technology can be incorporated into the curriculum and used to promote student learning. Section III, "Science Education Research", discusses the importance of basing curriculum and teaching decisions on research findings. Section IV, "Assessment and Evaluation", examines alternative methods of assessment and evaluation. Sections V and VI, "Science Education Leadership" and "Effecting Change", deal with the issues that impact the day-to-day work of curriculum developers, instructional leaders, and science teachers. Finally, section VII, "Professional Development", addresses general issues and perspectives related to professional development. (JRH)

Learning Challenge Lessons Elementary

Author : Jill Nottingham
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Jumpstart meaningful learning for students with new Learning Challenge lessons Twenty new lessons, created to accompany The Learning Challenge, provide teachers with everything needed to run thoughtful, dialogue-driven challenges for elementary school students. Each compelling and developmentally-appropriate lesson invites young students to think, to be reasonable, to make moral decisions, and to understand another person’s point of view—all critical skills in today’s complex world. Detailed lesson plans help teachers facilitate rigorous discussion around topics of current importance and include activities and techniques that encourage students into the “Learning Pit” to explore ideas and uncertainties with others through dialogue.

Programmed Learning

Author : Carl H. Hendershot
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Learning to Plan Modern Languages Lessons

Author : Cheryl Mackay
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Learning to Plan Modern Languages Lessons contains a wealth of guidance and ideas for those learning to teach in secondary schools. Drawing on extensive experience and research in the field, it offers detailed explanation of basic lesson planning methods and the principles that underpin them, illustrated by worked examples of well-planned lessons. The book shows how to progress from planning smaller activities to full lessons to sequences of lessons, and how to ensure progression for your students. Specific aspects of language learning such as grammar and culture are explored, together with ideas for how to make your planning skills more effective in long-term collaborative and reflective practice. Starting from a presentation, practice, production (PPP) model of language teaching, the book aims to: provide structured, practical starting points in lesson planning for beginning teachers of modern languages (ML); deepen knowledge and understanding of ML as a subject and how it is learnt (pedagogical subject knowledge), in order to inform and support planning decisions; develop understanding of lesson planning as part of a planning cycle; enhance understanding of strategies and professional development opportunities to promote the further development of planning abilities. Including reflective/discussion tasks and example lesson plans Learning to Plan Modern Languages Lessons is a must-read book for beginning and more experienced teachers of any modern language.

Learning From the Best

Author : Sandra Harris
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Award-winning superintendents detail proven best practices covering transformational leadership, community building and outreach, responding to change, and developing strategies for effective school reform.

Standard Lesson Commentary 2005 2006

Author : Standard Publishing
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Churches are experiencing a renewed focus in helping their members read and understand the Bible. The search for reliable Bible study resources often leads them to the Standard Lesson Ccommentary?. Leaders value the Standard Lesson Commentary? because it guarantees a thorough and complete study of the Bible. Teachers appreciate the quality of each lesson and how easy it is to prepare a unique learning experience. The Standard Lesson Ccommentary? is designed with every classroom in mind. From participatory learning to lecture-based classes, the Standard Lesson Commentary? guides every teacher through multiple options to make the lesson come alive.

Gregg Typing for Colleges Lessons 76 150

Author :
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Journal of Developmental Education

Author :
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Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

Author :
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Annual Editions Educational Psychology

Author : Kathleen M. Cauley
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From McGraw-Hill Contemporary Learning Series (formerly known as McGraw-Hill/Dushkin), this twenty-first edition of ANNUAL EDITIONS: EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY provides convenient, inexpensive access to current articles selected from the best of the public press. Organizational features include: an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; a general introduction; brief overviews for each section; a topical index; and an instructor's resource guide with testing materials. USING ANNUAL EDITIONS IN THE CLASSROOM is offered as a practical guide for instructors. ANNUAL EDITIONS titles are supported by our student website,

Frontiers in Education 1997

Author : EP Innovations
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Lessons in Leadership from Your Neighborhood

Author : Bunny Holman
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Making connections ... building relationships ... energizing communites where you work and live.

Learning with LinkWay

Author : Gertrude W. Abramson
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