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Author : Ranton Rach
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I look down at my boots and wait for the humiliation that is sure to come when someone is forced to take me in their team as the last option. "I'll take Rach," says Fred. And with that decision, he changes the whole shape of my military career and everything I think about myself. During chopper flights into unsecured airfields, on the receiving end of a face-ripping, through the hijinks of field life and into the moments before setting off on patrol in Afghanistan, Rach Ranton explores the actions and behaviours of those who led her through the most volatile and unpredictable of situations. Their words and actions echoing through her life, Rach tells the stories of those leaders who lifted her up, encouraged her to be her best and helped her find the purpose in her work. Leaders who were not fearless but who did not shy from facing their fears. Who were authentically themselves, openly sharing their failures and weaknesses. Who were bold, took risks and who were forced to make critical decisions in extreme circumstances. Those who succeed on the battlefield, in the boardroom and in business. Dauntless leaders

Responsible Leadership

Author : Mark Moody-Stuart
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As Chairman of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group from 1991–2001 and Anglo American plc from 2002–2009, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is as qualified as anyone on the planet to discuss the realities, dilemmas and lessons to be learnt from the last 20 years of corporate engagement with sustainability, ethics and responsibility. In this unique book – part memoir, part confessional, part manifesto for leadership – we hear a unique voice from the front line of corporate responsibility. Moody-Stuart retraces the steps of a remarkable journey from being a postgraduate geologist to being at the helm of two of the largest corporations in the world.We hear of dealings with dictators and prime ministers, colleagues and NGOs, rivals and friends. We travel from Syria to Nigeria; Iraq to Downing Street; and from the machinations of the United Nations to those inside the boardroom of Shell. We see Shell’s annus horribilis in 1995 unfold through the eyes of an insider, and how Brent Spar and the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa sent shockwaves through the company, resulting in a complete reappraisal of its mission and principles. We hear about the oil and mining sectors and their complicated development role in areas of conflict and corruption; the way that markets have failed us on climate change and corruption; and how governments need to step up to the global challenges we face. We hear how Deepwater Horizon could have been avoided; what Shell were asked to do by Tony Blair during the UK fuel blockades of 2000 and why they declined; why China is too important to ignore; and why the Global Compact is too important to fail. We hear lessons from a life spent living in 10 different countries and we come to realize that, for corporations, trying to do the right thing can sometimes be almost impossible. We also come to know a deeply ethical and thoughtful leader who has always tried to do exactly that.

Leading on the Frontline

Author : Linda Cruse
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Transform your leadership with powerful lessons from the frontline Leading on the Frontline brings humanitarian leadership into the boardroom, giving business leaders a powerful lesson in engagement, motivation, inspiration and innovation. Drawing upon a lifetime of humanitarian work in some of the world’s most difficult places, author Linda Cruse shares stories from the frontline that illustrate how to dig deep, inspire, thrive and more. Business leaders work on a different type of frontline — one that is no less volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — and the ability to deal effectively with the unexpected sets great leaders apart from the herd. Tap into your own intuition, compassion and courage; keep composure under pressure; align vision with strategic goals; exercise mental toughness — these skills are required in the aftermath of a tsunami in Thailand or a landslide in Nepal, and in business, they propel good people to great feats of leadership. This book presents extraordinary stories of extraordinary people who confront the best and worst of humanity every day. These people accomplish big things with few resources, prioritise progress over personal comfort and prevail over seemingly impossible odds. Their lessons contain multitudes for those who aspire to be great leaders — and the very best version of themselves. Learn the secrets of effective leadership through the frontline humanitarian lens Master the art of storytelling to build morale, strengthen teamwork and define problem solving paradigms See everyday situations in a new way, discover new possibilities and unearth new solutions Learn how extraordinary people confront fear, face death and find joy in the most difficult circumstances Whether on the frontline or in the boardroom, the objective is the same: to achieve goals and exceed expectations. Leading on the Frontline equips leaders with the skills and perspective they need to emerge victorious in a relentlessly volatile, constantly changing world.

Banker to the World Leadership Lessons From the Front Lines of Global Finance

Author : William Rhodes
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"From Ukraine to China and Nigeria to Egypt debt and finance are central to global stability and United States interests. No one else has nearly as much experience on the front lines as Bill Rhodes. All who care about the 21st century will profit from close study of his thoughts." —Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard University, former Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton, and former Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama In more than five decades with Citi, William "Bill" Rhodes, the firm's former senior vice chairman and senior international officer, has worked with senior business leaders, statesmen, and strongmen and brokered immense financial deals while looking across the table at finance ministers . . . and up the barrels of guns trained on him. He has earned the cooperation of Fidel Castro over cigars and the admiration of Rupert Murdoch, who said of Rhodes, "By dogged hard work, Bill forms important and great relationships. Everyone knows Bill. Everyone trusts Bill." From these and other experiences, Rhodes has learned a lifetime of lessons about managing amid crises--and, more important, how to lead prudently, decisively, and effectively to prevent crises from ever happening in the first place. In Banker to the World, Rhodes presents his collected wisdom, best-practices, analysis, and anecdotes in one essential volume on the creation of value through leadership--and on the importance of leading by one's values. Dramatically illustrated by more than two dozen examples, Rhodes's principles offer an excellent foundation for leaders at all levels. Having honed his skills in high-level negotiations around the world--including those with the Sandinistas, heads of state, and corporate CEOs in situations ranging from the opening of post-apartheid South Africa and the defusing of the Latin American "debt bomb" to the forestalling of the nationalization of Citi assets in Venezuela—Rhodes dispenses invaluable advice, including: Lead boldly and decisively: Know when to disregard caution for caution's sake--and always insist on a neutral negotiating atmosphere. Anticipate problems by visualizing their impact: Get ahead of risk by taking a comprehensive view of potential obstacles. Confront problems directly and proactively: When faced with a critical situation, going directly to its epicenter is what turns a crisis into an opportunity. You may not be presented with challenges such as restructuring a nation’s multibillion-dollar debt or dealing with Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. But in Banker to the World, Bill Rhodes gives takeaway lessons on leading with character, tact, and determination that any manager, executive, or government official will use again and again to evaluate challenges, anticipate responses, and be more decisive in navigating crises of any size.

Leadership At the Front Line Lessons Learned About Loving Leading and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant

Author : James L Capra
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James L. Capra, the former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, captures the essence of leadership as he shares his personal story about a lifetime serving the public. Filled with real-life examples of leadership in action as well as lighthearted humor, he explores how some employees can love their profession but hate their respective organizations. He also delivers tips and strategies so you can: • transform your organization from good to great; • make a difference in the lives of others; • get the best out of your people; • maintain focus and accountability. There are no magical steps to take to become a great leader, only a genuine concern from the heart for the development and welfare of those you’re entrusted to lead. While many books about leadership focus on theory, there is no substitute for learning from a warrior who placed himself in danger and earned everything he had by demonstrating Leadership at the Front Line.

My Battlefield Your Office

Author : Justin Constantine
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Leadership Lessons from West Point

Author : Major Doug Crandall
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With Leadership Lessons from West Point as a guide, leaders in the business, nonprofit, and government sectors can learn leadership techniques and practices from contributors who are teaching or have taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and have served in positions of leadership that span the globe. These military experts cover a broad range of topics that are relevant to any leadership development program in any sector. The articles in this important resource offer insight into what leadership means to these experts—in both war and peacetime—and describe their views on quiet leadership, mission, values, taking care of people, organizational learning, and leading change.

Leadership Resilience

Author : Ginger Charles
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Leadership is demanding and challenging. How do leaders cope? How do they remain fit and strong, and thrive? The authors of Leadership Resilience, a business school academic and a police officer, suggest that many challenges faced by leaders are similar to the challenges experienced by police officers. The isolation; the pressure not to show personal emotions; the expectation that they will deal effectively with confused, frustrated and angry people; and that they can deal with delivering bad news; all contribute to the pressures bearing on leaders and police officers everywhere. The authors argue that these challenges are more pronounced in policing and so more readily identifiable than in other leadership situations. They explore challenges experienced by police officers, look at how they cope with them, and draw lessons for those undertaking leadership roles more generally. Leadership Resilience provides accounts from police officers, in their own words, of difficult experiences they encounter. They describe their feelings about what was important and how they coped with it. Each account is followed by an analysis highlighting what is discussed, and not discussed, in the accounts and identifying lessons that can be drawn by leaders in other situations. All is presented so that it is relevant to different cultures demanding different styles of leadership. Analysis of the engaging experiences featured will help leaders struggling with the gap between leadership education and capability and the demands made of them to survive and thrive, while maintaining their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

What Managers Say what Employees Hear

Author : Regina Fazio Maruca
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Advice from an all-star cast--what every manager needs to know about connecting with front-line employees to improve communication, motivation, and productivity.

Leadership Lessons of Ulysses S Grant

Author : Bil Holton
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Military Review

Author :
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Professional Journal of the United States Army

Author :
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Leadership Lessons of Robert E Lee

Author : Bil Holton
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The tactics, strategies, philosophies, and attitudes in this book represent the essential qualities of Civil War general Robert E. Lee's leadership, wisdom and personal integrity. Today's leaders will find Lee's wise counsel to be practical, invigorating, and inspiring. The book is divided into sections dealing with such subjects as ambition, character, compassion, discipline, duty, politics, and vision.

Profiles in Leadership

Author : Alan Axelrod
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Offers two hundred biographical entries about great leaders from history, classifying them as conquerors, innovators, problem solvers, profit makers, strategists, visionaries, systems creators, and leveragers.

Leadership Lessons from the Ancient World

Author : Arthur Cotterell
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As the demand for comparative studies of leadership rises, managers and trainers are looking harder than ever for new studies to which trainees will not bring preconceived idea. This unique book delivers just that. Though the contexts have changed, the examination of ancient events from a business perspective provides a wealth of useful insights on how the process of leadership works. From China’s first emperor Liu Bang on vision and Pericles on integrity to Alexander the Great on communication and Ramesses II on courage, Leadership Lessons from the Ancient World combines history with business to show that the universal strategies used by great leaders of the past are still relevant today.

Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line

Author : Dean Crisp
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A veteran police chief's hard-won lessons on leading yourself, leading others, and leading an organization. Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line is just that - lessons learned the old-fashioned way through trial and error, studying, hard work, and experience while on our nation's front lines to serve and protect. Dean Crisp spent decades leading people where a single misstep could cost a life. Faced with the daily challenges of a police chief, Dean threw himself into learning all he could about effective leadership and applying those lessons in his departments. He shares those hard-won lessons in this book. Dean lays the book out into three key sections that build on each other to help you become a better leader: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading the Organization. Dean's approach to leadership is built on his concept of Diamond Leadership, a four-point method that creates a self-perpetuating synergy for positive change. Dean has taught this method in elite conferences to countless rising leaders, and now he brings it to you. "I think that all leaders want to be really good at leading and most seek ways to improve. Some are even willing to go to extraordinary lengths to become the best. I am hoping this book will inspire others to be their best and to constantly strive to get better, to shoot for the stars, to get outside their comfort zones, and to push themselves to become remarkable." -Dean Crisp Built on the success of Dean's debut leadership book, Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line, this new release features a revised approach to the curriculum, expanded information, and a streamlined formula to develop the leader within you. Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line uses personal anecdotes to drive home the human element of leadership and will connect with you at any point on your journey to becoming a significant leader. "My motive and intent in writing this book is simple: I want to provide the reader with leadership lessons and experiences which I hope will help you, the reader, to become a better leader and, more importantly, a better person." -Dean Crisp

Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations

Author : Daniel Denison
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Filled with case studies from firms such as GT Automotive, GE Healthcare China, Vale, Dominos, Swiss Re Americas Division, and Polar Bank, among others, this book (written by Dan Denison and his co-authors) combines twenty years of research and survey results to illustrate a critical set of cultural dynamics that firms need to manage in order to remain competitive. Each chapter uses a case as a means to illustrate an important aspect of culture change focusing on seven common culture-change dilemmas including creating a strategic alignment, keeping strategy simple, and more.

Goal Play

Author : Paul F. Levy
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This book offers insights from sports, health care, business and government to help leaders get better outcomes. Here are some comments from experts in the field: Paul Levy, who managed the cleanup of Boston Harbor and became the nation's most acclaimed hospital CEO, is a leader of uncommon skill and breadth. In Goal Play!, he offers powerful lessons in leadership by drawing on experiences ranging from coaching girls' soccer to managing the aftermath of catastrophic medical mistakes. How should a top executive communicate with front line staff, and with the outside world? How can a manager nurture great teams while celebrating superstars? How should a leader react when things go wrong... and right?

Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line

Author : Dean Crisp
File Size : 58.68 MB
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"This book was developed the hard way, in the real world, by a results-oriented leader who faced guns, bombs, dope fiends, riots, disgruntled employees, political espionage, lawsuits, mediocrity, and miracles. The author is a retired police chief who has worked and taught throughout this nation and around the world. As a cop, he understands what it means to achieve the mission in the face of danger and controversy. Dean Crisp has learned just how essential it is to win the hearts, minds, and actions of human beings in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. "This book irreverently cuts through layers of complex language and research. It blasts through bureaucracy and distills the simple, compelling competencies that are essential to leadership success." --Kathleen Sheehan, LAPD lieutenant (retired and former police chief) "Chief Crisp has written a book that is not only helpful for the law enforcement leader but for anyone who is in a leadership role. It is a must read if you want to make yourself a better leader." --Tim Plotts, captain, North Carolina Highway Patrol (retired) "My only wish is that I could have read this book twenty years ago when I began my leadership career. It would have helped me avoid many leadership mistakes and made me a better leader. Highly recommend this book." --Neil Moore, chief of police, Fort Wayne, Indiana (retired) "Loved the leadership lessons along with great stories to tie everything together. Would absolutely recommend this book for every leader and anyone who wants to make their life better." --Captain Buddy Dodson, Columbia Police Department (retired)


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