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Le po me de l extase

Author : Aleksandr N. Skrjabin
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Le Poeme de L extase

Author : Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skriabin
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Program Notes

Author : Chicago Symphony Orchestra
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The volume for the 50th season, 1940/41, includes "Repertoire, 1891-1941" [62] p. and "Solists, 1891-1941" [5] p.

Skryabin Philosophy and the Music of Desire

Author : Kenneth M. Smith
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Commentary on Skryabin has struggled to situate an understanding of the composer's music within his idiosyncratic philosophical world views. Early commentators' efforts to do so failed to establish a thorough or systematic approach. And later twentieth-century studies turned away from the composer's ideology, focusing instead on 'the music itself' with an analytic approach that scrutinized Skryabin's harmonic language in isolation from his philosophy. This groundbreaking study revisits the questions surrounding the composer's music within his own philosophy, but draws on new methodological tools, casting Skryabin's music in the light not only of his own philosophy of desire, but of more refined semiotic-psychoanalytical theory and modern techniques of music analysis. An interdisciplinary methodology corrects the narrow focus of Skryabin scholarship of the last century, offering insights from New Musicology and recent music theory that lead to hermeneutical, critically informed readings of selected works.

A Dictionary of the Avant Gardes

Author : Richard Kostelanetz
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A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes recognizes that change is a driving force in all the arts. It covers major trends in music, dance, theater, film, visual art, sculpture, and performance art--as well as architecture, science, and culture.

Temporaries and Eternals

Author : Michael Allis
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Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Aldous Huxley (1894–1963), Temporaries and Eternals focuses on the music column that Huxley wrote for The Weekly Westminster Gazette in 1922–23. Readers of Huxley’s novels, essays and travel writing will be aware of the wealth of musical detail in these works, and this book suggests that such references can only be fully understood in the context of the opinions voiced in Huxley’s music criticism. Not only does Huxley’s column offer a fascinating snapshot of musical life in 1920s Britain, but several of the themes that Huxley explores continue to have contemporary relevance. These include music and technology, the composer-performer relationship, the nature of the child prodigy, musical tradition and innovation, the suitability of opera libretti, and how to write about music effectively. However, Huxley’s central theme, reflected in the title of this book, is the problematic question of how to judge the significance and potential longevity of specific composers and their works, from Palestrina to Schoenberg. After an extended introduction placing Huxley’s music criticism in the context of his other writings, the book reproduces all 64 of Huxley’s weekly articles, with footnote commentary to help the reader appreciate his wide-ranging textual references.

Music and Esotericism

Author : Laurence Wuidar
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This book analyzes the relationships that exist between esotericism and music from Antiquity to the 20th century, investigating ways in which magic, astrology, alchemy, divination, and cabbala interact with music. Ce livre offre un panorama des relations entre l’ésotérisme et la musique de l’Antiquité au 20ème siècle et montre comment la magie, l’astrologie, l’alchimie, la divination et la cabale interagissent avec l’art et la science des sons.

Kaikhosru Sorabji s Letters to Philip Heseltine Peter Warlock

Author : Brian Inglis
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Two extraordinary personalities, and one remarkable friendship, are reflected in the unique corpus of letters from Anglo-Parsi composer-critic Kaikhosru Sorabji (1892-1988) to Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock) (1894-1930): a fascinating primary source for the period 1913-1922 available in a complete scholarly edition for the first time. The volume also provides a new contextual, critical and interpretative framework, incorporating a myriad of perspectives: identities, social geographies, style construction, and mutual interests and influences. Pertinent period documents, including evidence of Heseltine’s reactions, enhance the sense of narrative and expand on aesthetic discussions. Through the letters’ entertaining and perceptive lens, Sorabji’s early life and compositions are vividly illuminated and Heseltine’s own intriguing life and work recontextualised. What emerges takes us beyond tropes of otherness and eccentricity to reveal a persona and a narrative with great relevance to modern-day debates on canonicity and identity, especially the nexus of ethnicity, queer identities and Western art music. Scholars, performers and admirers of early twentieth-century music in Britain, and beyond, will find this a valuable addition to the literature. The book will appeal to those studying or interested in early musical modernism and its reception; cultural life in London around and after the First World War; music, nationality and race; Commonwealth studies; and music and sexuality.

The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin

Author : Aleksandr Nikolayevich Scriabin
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Russian composer Alexander Skryabin's life spanned the late romantic era and the early years of the twentieth century, but was cut short before the end of the first world war. In a predominantly conservative era in the Russian musical scene, he drew inspiration from poets, philosophers, and dramatists of the Silver Age, a period of radical artistic renewal in Russia. Possessed by an apocalyptic vision of transformation, aspects of which he shared with other Russian thinkers and artists of the period, Skryabin transformed his musical language from a ripe Romantic style into a far-reaching, radical instrument for the expression of his ideas. This collection of the composer's writings and letters shows Skryabin's worldview and personality. The book also dispells misconceptions about his life and reveals the philosophies that comprised his world of ideas, from Ancient Greek and German Idealist philosophy to the writings of Nietzsche, and Indian culture to the Theosophical writings of H. P.Blavatsky.

Gegliederte Zeit

Author : Marcus Aydintan
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Inhalt: Kaiser: Von der Sequenz zur Kadenz. Zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Interpunktion von Sonatenmusik Jeßulat: Urchoräle Bahr: Das Vorspiel zu den Meistersingern, 3. Akt, und Bachs Fuga in g, BWV 861 Chernova: Die fünfte Klaviersonate op. 53 (1907) - das letzte >tonale Werk Skrjabins? Schreiber: Contemporary composers and the repertoire of the Viennese classics Habryka: Der Einfluss von Kanonmodellen auf Grundtonfortschreitungen Hardt: Vivaldi und das Bausteinprinzip Sprick: Überlegungen zur Anfangswendung von Bachs Suite für Violoncello solo, BWV 1011 Reichel: Dramaturgische und harmonisch kontrapunktische Zeitgestaltung in Mozarts Bühnenwerken Venegas: The Bruckner Challenge: The Third Symphony's Slow Movement(s) Komatovic: Exemplarische Untersuchungen zu spättonalen Phänomenen im Werk César Francks Reutter: Alla napolitana oder Abschiedsgestus. Ein Satzmodell bei Strawinsky? Holm: Die Zeitgestaltung in der Interpretationskunst Wilhelm Furtwänglers ?uvela: Der Goldene Schnitt

Poem of Ecstasy

Author : Aleksandr Nikolayevich Scriabin
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Scriabin's last two orchestral works were the products of a virtual delirium of composing. Poem of Ecstasy and Prometheus: Poem of Fire demonstrate his original musical spirit and dazzling gifts as an orchestration, employing immense orchestral forces.

The Penguin Guide to the 1000 Finest Classical Recordings

Author : Edward Greenfield
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INDEPENDENT BOOKS OF THE YEAR This completely new edition of the Penguin Guide reviews the 1000 best classical albums issued and reissued over the past five decades, many of which dominate the catalogue because of their sheer excellence, irrespective of recording dates. More comprehensive than ever before, it indicates key recordings on CD, DVD and enhanced SACD, including those in surround sound. If you want the finest available version of any major classical album you will find it listed and assessed in these pages. Ranging from long-established albums to the newest releases, the latest edition represents the cream of the international repertoire and has all the information you need to select the finest classical music available.

Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

Author : Paul Rosenfeld
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The Alexander Scriabin Companion

Author : Lincoln Ballard
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This unique collaboration between a musicologist and two pianists – all experts in Russian music – takes a fresh look at the supercharged music and polarizing reception of the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. From his Chopin-inspired miniatures to his genre-bending symphonies and avant-garde late works, Scriabin left a unique mark on music history. Scriabin’s death centennial in 2015 brought wider exposure and renewed attention to this pioneering composer. Music lovers who are curious about Scriabin have been torn between specialized academic studies and popular sources that glamorize his interests and activities, often at the expense of historical accuracy. This book bridges the divide between these two branches of literature, and brings a modern perspective to his music and legacy. Drawing on archival materials, primary sources in Russian, and recently published books and articles, Part One details the reception and performance history of Scriabin’s solo piano and orchestral music. High quality recordings are recommended for each piece. Part Two explores four topics in Scriabin’s reception: the myths generated by Scriabin’s biographers, his claims to synaesthesia or “color-hearing,” his revival in 1960s America as a proto-Flower Child, and the charges of anti-Russianness leveled against his music. Part Three investigates stylistic context and performance practice in the piano music, and considers the domains of sound, rhythm, and harmony. It offers interpretive strategies for deciphering Scriabin’s challenging scores at the keyboard. Students, scholars, and music enthusiasts will benefit from the historical insights offered in this interdisciplinary book. Armed with this knowledge, readers will be able to better appreciate the stylistic innovations and colorful imagination of this extraordinary composer.

Two Centuries of British Symphonism

Author : Jürgen Schaarwächter
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Die britische Sinfonik ist erst in jüngster Zeit ins allgemeine Interesse gerückt. Ein Überblick über die sinfonische Entwicklung im Vereinigten Königreich seit den Anfängen im 18. Jahrhundert bis ins 20. Jahrhundert blieb aber bis heute ein Desideratum. Der hier vorgelegte Überblick zeigt, wie sich die Identität einer britischen Sinfonik über mehr als hundert Jahre entwickelte, geprägt durch Einflüsse vom europäischen Kontinent und von dem Bedürfnis, eigene Wege zu finden. Gegen Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts nahm das sinfonische Schaffen in Großbritannien stark zu, brachte jedoch erst mit Edward Elgar einen prominenten Vertreter von internationalem Rang hervor. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt dieser Publikation liegt auf jenen Werken, die zu einem gewissen Grade von anderen überschattet wurden, unveröffentlicht oder unaufgeführt blieben. Das Ergebnis ist das Bild einer vielgestaltigen sinfonischen Landschaft Großbritanniens, das die ästhetischen Perspektiven der einzelnen Komponisten wie auch ihre soziokulturellen Kontexte erhellt. Ein umfangreiches Verzeichnis aller bekannten Werke und eine ausführliche Bibliographie laden zu weiterer Erkundung des Sujets ein. Only in relatively recent times has any real attention been given to British symphonies. So a comprehensive survey, showing what exists and how the situation in the United Kingdom developed, from the beginnings in the 18th century until well into the 20th century, is long overdue. The preliminary survey presented here shows how a British symphonic identity gradually took shape over more than a century, through influences from abroad and, at home, enterprising attempts to find new ways of expression. By the end of the 19th century, British symphonists had produced an impressive body of work, yet only with the appearance of Elgar’s two symphonies in the following decade did this flourishing school find a champion of international renown. In this publication, light is shone on those works that have to some extent been overshadowed, as well as on those that have remained unpublished or unperformed. The result is a multi-faceted panorama of British symphonism, offering many insights into the composers’ thinking and their socio-cultural contexts. A comprehensive catalogue of all known works and an extensive bibliography invite readers to delve further into the subject.

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs 2000 2001

Author : Ivan March
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Evaluates and assesses British and American classical recordings currently available on compact disc.

Soviet and Post Soviet Identities

Author : Mark Bassin
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A fresh look at post-Soviet Russia and Eurasia and at the Soviet historical background that shaped the present.

Musical Portraits

Author : Paul Rosenfeld
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Reproduction of the original: Musical Portraits by Paul Rosenfeld

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

Author :
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Fanfares and Finesse

Author : Elisa Koehler
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Unlike the violin, which has flourished largely unchanged for close to four centuries, the trumpet has endured numerous changes in design and social status from the battlefield to the bandstand and ultimately to the concert hall. This colorful past is reflected in the arsenal of instruments a classical trumpeter employs during a performance, sometimes using no fewer than five in different keys and configurations to accurately reproduce music from the past. With the rise in historically inspired performances comes the necessity for trumpeters to know more about their instrument's heritage, its repertoire, and different performance practices for old music on new and period-specific instruments. More than just a history of the trumpet, this essential reference book is a comprehensive guide for musicians who bring that musical history to life.