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Proust Pastiche and the Postmodern or Why Style Matters

Author : James F. Austin
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Proust, Pastiche, and the Postmodern, or Why Style Matters argues against the traditional view that Marcel Proust wrote pastiches, that is, texts that imitate the style of another author, to master his literary predecessors while sharpening his writerly quill. On the contrary, James F. Austin demonstrates that Proust’s oeuvre, and In Search of Lost Time in particular, deploy pastiche to other ends: Proust’s pastiches, in fact, “do things with words” to create powerful real-world effects. His works are indeed performative acts that forge social relationships, redefine our ideas of literature, and even work against oppressive political and economic discourses. Building on the “speech-act” theory of J.L. Austin, Jacques Derrida, and J. Hillis Miller, and on the postmodern theory of Fredric Jameson, this book not only elucidates the performative nature of pastiche, but also shows that the famous “Goncourt” pastiche from In Search of Lost Time has attracted so much attention because it already attained the postmodern; that is, it eliminated temporal depth and experience, transforming time itself into a nostalgic style of an era, and into the sort of aestheticized surface that came to define postmodernism decades later. To reflect this transformation of pastiche, this work rearticulates its history in France around Proust. Reconfiguring a scholastic, classically-inspired pedagogical tradition based on imitation, and breaking with the dominant satirical practice, Proust’s work opened up possibilities in the twentieth century for a new kind of pastiche: playful and performative in the literary field, and postmodern in a French cinema that, as with the Goncourt pastiche, represents time as the visual style of an era, whether unreflexively in “heritage” films such as Régis Wargnier’s Indochine, or discerningly in Eric Rohmer’s Lady and the Duke, which uses period pictorial and painterly conventions to illustrate how the representation of history onscreen typically flattens time into style.

ICONS 2020

Author : Arif Zainudin
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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, Education and Society Development (ICONS) 2020, 30 November 2020, Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia. ICONS is an International Conference hosted by Universitas Pancasakti Tegal. This Conference is arranged to become an annual conference making room for scholars and practitioners in the area of economic, socio-cultural, legal, educational, environmental aspects as well as a combination of all these aspects.

Mais Oui

Author : Chantal Thompson
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MAIS OUI!'s success was founded on its unique guided approach that engages students in the discovery of the French language and Francophone cultures. Through its proven methodology that entails thinking then observing and inferring and finally confirming, the program skillfully encourages students to discover for themselves how the language works. Students move rapidly through the material, developing these essential critical-thinking skills and uncovering the multiple layers of meaning. What they acquire in this manner is stored in long-term memory, facilitating a faster development of proficiency. The fifth edition offers seven new high-interest readings based on careful consideration of reviewer feedback. A new Culture Portfolio section, Bloguez! is integrated into every culture section of the textbook. The online Culture Portfolio is hosted via the iLrn Heinle Learning center through the Share It! feature and allows students to interact with their classmates, post pictures, videos, and make cross-cultural comparisons. By the use of familiar online or offline tools, students are encouraged to communicate between each others, leveraging the technical and cultural inputs they acquire through each chapter. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Bridges to Understanding

Author : Linda Pavonetti
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This annotated bibliography, with descriptions of nearly 700 books representing more than 70 countries, provides stories that will help children understand our differences while simultaneously demonstrating our common humanity.

French News

Author :
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Teaching Literature in Modern Foreign Languages

Author : Fotini Diamantidaki
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From plays to poetry, Le Petit Nicolas to the Association for Language Learning (ALL) Literature wiki, this book shows trainee teachers of MFL, teachers in schools, teacher educators, how literature can be an essential tool for developing students' cultural awareness as well as language skills. With contributions from Ruth Heilbronn, Jane Jones and other leading scholars, it covers a wide range of approaches including looking at how to support students to develop the skills they need to read and discuss texts, and how to use stories as a pedagogic tool, rather than just a way to develop reading skills. Examples of teaching French, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish are used throughout, but the book draws together resources and strategies for use in teaching all modern foreign languages. Supporting students to develop into creative, reflective teachers, this book offers support for readers to develop their own tasks for their pupils and questions throughout to keep them engaged and encouraging them to critically engage with the content. Seemingly daunting articles are made much more approachable for readers with windows on research which provide a summary of relevant research papers, with full reference details for follow up.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

Die Neueren Sprachen

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Vols. 1-5 include a separately paged section "Phonetische Studien. Beiblatt."

French books in print anglais

Author : Electre
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The Whole Story

Author : John E. Simkin
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This work is the only comprehensive guide to sequels in English, with over 84,000 works by 12,500 authors in 17,000 sequences.