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Law Policy and the Internet

Author : Lilian Edwards
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This comprehensive textbook by the editor of Law and the Internet seeks to provide students, practitioners and businesses with an up-to-date and accessible account of the key issues in internet law and policy from a European and UK perspective. The internet has advanced in the last 20 years from an esoteric interest to a vital and unavoidable part of modern work, rest and play. As such, an account of how the internet and its users are regulated is vital for everyone concerned with the modern information society. This book also addresses the fact that internet regulation is not just a matter of law but increasingly intermixed with technology, economics and politics. Policy developments are closely analysed as an intrinsic part of modern governance. Law, Policy and the Internet focuses on two key areas: e-commerce, including the role and responsibilities of online intermediaries such as Google, Facebook and Uber; and privacy, data protection and online crime. In particular there is detailed up-to-date coverage of the crucially important General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in May 2018.

Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age

Author : Doreen Weisenhaus
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The Internet brings opportunity and peril for media freedom and freedom of expression. It enables new forms of publication and extends the reach of traditional publishers, but its power increases the potential damage of harmful speech and invites state regulation and censorship as well as manipulation by private and commercial interests. In jurisdictions around the world, courts, lawmakers and regulators grapple with these contradictions and challenges in different ways with different goals in mind. The media law reforms they are adopting or considering contain crucial lessons for those forming their own responses or who seek to understand how technology is driving such rapid change in how information and opinion are distributed or restricted. In this book, many of the world's leading authorities examine the emerging landscape of reform in nations with variable political and legal contexts. They analyse developments particularly through the prisms of defamation and media regulation, but also explore the impact of technology on privacy law and national security. Whether as jurists, lawmakers, legal practitioners or scholars, they are at the front lines of a story of epic change in how and why the Internet is changing the nature and raising the stakes of 21st century communication and expression.

Internet Law and Regulation

Author : Graham J. H. Smith
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This guide explains the law and regulation in the UK as it applies to the Internet. The text is designed to help practitioners not only to identify the practical legal questions likely to arise, but also how to deal with them effectively.

Law and the Internet

Author : Lilian Edwards
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This is the third edition of a successful book which offers students and practitioners an up-to-date overview of developments in Internet law and practice. The editors have once again assembled a team of specialist authors to write about those aspects of Internet law which are of special importance in the global regulation of the Internet and focussed around three principal themes- e-commerce, intellectual property, and privacy, data protection and cyber-crime with, in addition a major contribution on Internet Governance. This edition incorporates for the first time areas such as data protection, privacy and electronic surveillance, cyber crime and cyber security, jurisdiction and dispute resolution online. The sectionon IP contains clear and comprehensive analysis of the many and varied ways in which IP and the internet intersect including open source licenses and the IP problems around search engines. The new edition also takes account of all current cases and legislation, including the draft revised EC Telecoms Package and the Audio Visual Media Services Directive. This book will be essential reading for students, teachers and practitioners interested in Internet law and practice as well as technologists and social scientists. 'The book is easy to read, and...has been well edited...and flows smoothly through the various topics. ...the book provides a worthwhile overview of this developing area of law throughout the world.' Peter Walsh, International Trade Law Annual 'a thorough and stimulating survey. ...a good introduction for lawyers and students approaching Internet and e-commerce law for the first time, and a useful course text.' Brian Hutchinson, The Irish Jurist

Internet Law Policy

Author : Janine Hiller
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Resource added for the Paralegal program 101101.

Research Handbook on EU Internet Law

Author : Andrej Savin
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This innovative book provides an overview of the latest developments and controversies in European Internet law. It is grouped in sections that correspond to the most disputed areas, looking consecutively at policy and governance, copyright, private in

Digital Crossroads

Author : Jonathan E. Nuechterlein
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In Digital Crossroads, two experts on telecommunications policy offer a comprehensive and accessible analysis of the regulation of competition in the U.S. telecommunications industry. The first edition of Digital Crossroads (MIT Press, 2005) became an essential and uniquely readable guide for policymakers, lawyers, scholars, and students in a fast-moving and complex policy field. In this second edition, the authors have revised every section of every chapter to reflect the evolution in industry structure, technology, and regulatory strategy since 2005. The book features entirely new discussions of such topics as the explosive development of the mobile broadband ecosystem; incentive auctions and other recent spectrum policy initiatives; the FCC's net neutrality rules; the National Broadband Plan; the declining relevance of the traditional public switched telephone network; and the policy response to online video services and their potential to transform the way Americans watch television. Like its predecessor, this new edition of Digital Crossroads not only helps nonspecialists climb this field's formidable learning curve, but also makes substantive contributions to ongoing policy debates.

The Internet Law and Society

Author : Yaman Akdeniz
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On cyberspace controversies and the law

Internet Law and Policy

Author : Rodney D. Ryder
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A detailed and authorative survey of the existing and developing law relating to the internet, which is an indispensable tool, as well as, a vehicle for commerce, industry and trade today. This book covers both civil and criminal aspects of the law.

The Internet and the Law

Author : Kathleen Conn
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A handbook for educators offers advice to guide public school policies governing the use of the Web, e-mail, and other computer technologies.

Internet and E commerce Law

Author : Brian F. Fitzgerald
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The focus of this book is the regulatory framework of the internet and e-commerce. It considers how the law has developed in the context of rapid technological change and analyses how it is being applied to define rights and obligations in relation to the online infrastructure, content and practices.

Rethinking Cyber Law

Author : Jacqueline D. Lipton
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'As one of the long-time leading scholars in the field, Professor Lipton has written a timely reconceptualization of cyberlaw as few others could do. In this comprehensive overview, Professor Lipton presents the nuances of the subject in an accessible manner that will be of interest not only to legal scholars or practitioners specializing in cyberlaw, but to anyone who has reflected on the unique nature of cyberspace and its regulation.'- Marshall Allin Leaffer, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, USThe rapid increase in Internet usage over the past several decades has led to the development of new and essential areas of legislation and legal study. Jacqueline Lipton takes on the thorny question of how to define the field that has come to be known variously as cyberlaw, cyberspace law or Internet law. Unlike much of the existing literature, this book tackles the question with the benefit of hindsight and draws on several decades of legal developments in the United States and abroad that help illustrate the scope of the field.

The Internet of Things

Author : Cynthia H. Cwik
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The Internet of Things (IoT): Legal Issues, Policy, and Practical Strategies features chapters on IoT legal and policy issues by some of the leading authorities and thinkers from government, academia, and private practice

EU Internet Law in the Digital Era

Author : Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou
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The book provides a detailed overview and analysis of important EU Internet regulatory challenges currently found in various key fields of law directly linked to the Internet such as information technology, consumer protection, personal data, e-commerce and copyright law. In addition, it aims to shed light on the content and importance of various pending legislative proposals in these fields, and of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s recent case law in connection with solving the different problems encountered. The book focuses on challenging legal questions that have not been sufficiently analyzed, while also presenting original thinking in connection with the regulation of emerging legal questions. As such, it offers an excellent reference tool for researchers, policymakers, judges, practitioners and law students with a special interest in EU Internet law and regulation.

Regulating Industrial Internet Through IPR Data Protection and Competition Law

Author : Rosa Maria Ballardini
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The digitization of industrial processes has suddenly taken a great leap forward, with burgeoning applications in manufacturing, transportation and numerous other areas. Many stakeholders, however, are uncertain about the opportunities and risks associated with it and what it really means for businesses and national economies. Clarity of legal rules is now a pressing necessity. This book, the first to deal with legal questions related to Industrial Internet, follows a multidisciplinary approach that is instructed by law concerning intellectual property, data protection, competition, contracts and licensing, focusing on business, technology and policy-driven issues. Experts in various relevant fields of science and industry measure the legal tensions created by Industrial Internet in our global economy and propose solutions that are both theoretically valuable and concretely practical, identifying workable business models and practices based on both technical and legal knowledge. Perspectives include the following: regulating Industrial Internet via intellectual property rights (IPR); data ownership versus control over data; artificial intelligence and IPR infringement; patent owning in Industrial Internet; abuse of dominance in Industrial Internet platforms; data collaboration, pooling and hoarding; legal implications of granular versioning technologies; and misuse of information for anticompetitive purposes. The book represents a record of a major collaborative project, held between 2016 and 2019 in Finland, involving a number of universities, technology firms and law firms. As Industrial Internet technologies are already being used in several businesses, it is of paramount importance for the global economy that legal, business and policy-related challenges are promptly analyzed and discussed. This crucially important book not only reveals the legal and policy-related issues that we soon will have to deal with but also facilitates the creation of legislation and policies that promote Industrial-Internet-related technologies and new business opportunities. It will be warmly welcomed by practitioners, patent and other IPR attorneys, innovation economists and companies operating in the Industrial Internet ecosystem, as well as by competition authorities and other policymakers.

Antitrust Law Policy and Practice

Author : C. Paul Rogers III
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This book explores in detail those legal issues that arise in counseling, planning, and litigating under the antitrust laws. It is designed to integrate theory and policy issues with doctrine and practice so that students will emerge with a fundamental grasp of antitrust doctrine, at least an introduction to the vagaries of antitrust practice, and a sensitivity to policy issues undergirding the application and enforcement of the antitrust laws. The Fourth Edition of Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice provides close coverage of the application of antitrust doctrine to cutting-edge technologies, the Internet, and to rapidly shifting markets. Antitrust Law: Policy and Practiceis unique in a number of ways: • The materials are designed to keep the business context of the problems in the forefront in order to give theory and doctrine a more solid footing in practical affairs. • The lawyer's role as counselor and planner is emphasized throughout. • The business context emphasis is paralleled by another practical emphasis on enforcement and procedure. • Several notes, questions, and problems touch on important ethical issues. • The authors include a wide variety of problems, designed to satisfy a wide range of teaching objectives and styles, and a wide range of student interests. Some are short and intended to be addressed in passing or by brief explanation. Some are longer, intended to occupy a full class hour or more. Some are in serial form, with the reader getting additional data as more doctrine is assimilated. And some are review problems that students may find useful to discuss among themselves. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Internet and E commerce Law

Author : Brian F. Fitzgerald
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The last ten years have seen the internet and e-commerce emerge as central features of our commercial, social and cultural life. Developments such as Web 2.0, the semantic web, e-government strategies, user generated content, virtual worlds and online social networks have re-shaped the way we communicate, interact and transact. The focus of this book is the regulatory framework of the internet and e-commerce. It considers how the law has developed in the context of rapid technological change and analyses how it is being applied to define rights and obligations in relation to the online infrastructure, content and practices. It offers an extensive, detailed and current analysis of several key areas of internet and e-commerce law which have undergone significant change in recent years: copyright in digital content, patents for software and e-business methods, domain names and trade marks, electronic contracting, privacy, cybercrime, taxation of internet businesses, liability of internet intermediaries and regulation of online content. This new text is essential for business and law students studying Internet and E-Commerce law as well as information technology students and practitioners.


Author : Brian Craig
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Featuring the most current exploration of cyberlaw, CYBERLAW helps students understand the legal and policy issues associated with the Internet. Tackling a full range of legal topics, it includes discussion of jurisdiction, intellectual property, contracts, taxation, torts, computer crimes, online speech, defamation and privacy. Chapters include recent, relevant cases, discussion questions and exercises at the end of each chapter. Using a consistent voice and clear explanations, the author covers the latest developments in cyberlaw–from cases to legislation to regulations.

Law and Internet Cultures

Author : Kathy Bowrey
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This book raises the profile of socio-political questions about the global technology and information market. It is a close study of communication flows, networks, nodes, biopolitics and the fragmentations of power. It brings to life the role played by personalities, corporate interactions, industry compromises and the regulatory incompetencies, affecting the technological world we all live in. US technology powers the internet and disseminates American culture on an unprecedented scale. Assessing this power requires an analysis of the diffuse ways that US practice, policy and law dominates, and a consideration of how influence is negotiated and resisted locally. This involves a discussion about how ideas about trade and innovation circulate; of the social power of engineers that establish conventions and protocols; of the reach of Leviathan corporations; and questions about global marketing and consumer tastes. For readers interested in intellectual property law, information technology, cultural studies, globalisation and mass communications.

Annual Institute on Computer Internet Law

Author :
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