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Larissa Dare Gets a New Look

Author : Eileen Grossman Klinge
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Larissa Dare is an elementary school student who is smart, witty, and very imaginative. But she has just received news that upsets her greatly: she needs glasses and knows the other kids will tease her, because she too, has been guilty of such behavior. Join Larissa as she lets you in on her numerous sassy thoughts and weirdly funny nightmares. Will she learn how to deal with this sudden change in her life? Will Larissa’s life ever be the same now that she’s “different?” Will Larissa have a happy ending to her story? Of course she will! Well, sort of...

Harper s Bazaar

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New Times International

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All My Love Alec Brock

Author : Larissa Lopes
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“I’d never met Alec Brock, but nothing felt more real in my sixteen years of existence than the insane, breathtaking, overwhelming feeling of loving him—of being loved by him. If only he knew who I was…” Linda González has given up small-town life with her mom to pursue a better education while living with her dad in Los Angeles. At least, that’s what she let her family believe. The truth is that she’s in love...with an 18-year-old pop star! Alec Brock has been her cyber boyfriend for over a year now, and Linda has finally closed the gap in their long-distance relationship. But when she surprises Alec in LA, he has no idea who she is. In this terrifying turn of events, Linda has nobody to rely on but the real Alec himself. Now she’s torn between chasing the truth about the guy she fell in love with, and trying to win the heart of the guy he was supposed to be. Content warning: The Alec Brock Series was intended for readers aged 13 and up, and contains mild profanity, some underage drinking, and sexual situations (no nudity). It also presents the realities of living and coping with a mental health condition (such as anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, depression, suicide risk, and PTSD). REVIEW “This book was so good that I literally read it in less than a day. Everyone wants to fall in love with the rockstar, but this is a fresh take on it that really explores the complexities of falling for a persona online.” — Shelly X. Leonn, YA Horror and Thriller Author “The book is equal parts romance and mystery. With a catfish lurking around the corner, waiting for Linda and Alec to make their first moves is just as suspenseful as trying to figure out who is the Impostor.” — Ashley Jean, Romance Author “There is no shortage of swoony moments in this book, and you'll find yourself quickly falling in love with Alec Brock right alongside Linda. The chemistry between the two main characters is palpable, and you will root for Linda and her happily ever after. I know I am!” — Haleigh Wenger, YA Contemporary Author

The Plumber and her Billionaire

Author : Larissa Vine
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Two people from very different worlds trying for the almost impossible—a future together. Tegan McCall hasn't got time for men. She's too busy trying to save the failing plumbing company that she inherited from her dad. But when she meets Blake Stone, she's thrown. Not only is he off-the-radar hot, but he actually listens when she tells him about her design concepts. It's a shame he can't save her company. Billionaire Blake Stone is blown away by Tegan. This she-warrior is so different from the glossy, vacant women who usually drift through his life. He offers her a job fitting bathrooms in his high-end hotel in Canada's premium ski resort. Sure, the deadlines are tight and Tegan's company has limited resources, but he's still being business-minded. And there's no way that Tegan will ever find out that he owns the hotel or has awarded her the contract, right? Tegan moves to Whistler to work on the hotel, but things aren't what they appear. She doesn't get to meet the hotel's mysterious owner, and the guy whom she deals with is unfriendly, even hostile. Her suspicions are aroused and soon she's investigating...and uncovering things people would rather stayed buried. Blake and Tegan are two people from very different worlds. If they want any chance of a future together, they'll have to navigate not just sabotage and deceit—but lust and love.


Author : Larissa Steel
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Dating in the 21st century. Strap YOU to baby, it's getting hot! What exactly does a woman want, a real woman ...?

A Family to Share

Author : Arlene James
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A NECESSARY PROPOSAL All mortgage broker Kendal Oakes wanted was a stable, loving home for his daughter, Larissa. He was widowed, and his motherless little girl was prone to uncontrollable tantrums. But then single mom Connie Wheeler walked into the church day-care center…and their lives. Connie had a way with Larissa—the child's only calm moments came when Connie was nearby. So she agreed to babysit with her own son in tow. The two children and adults got along perfectly. It was almost as if they could be a family. But when Kendal popped the question Connie longed to hear, did he want the true marriage she'd prayed for, or simply a union of convenience?

Hell Yeah Outlaw Cowboy

Author : Carolyn Brown
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Two ebooks for the price of one! Old flames reunite for a second chance at love in this $4.99 ebook duo from beloved, bestselling author Carolyn Brown and rising star Nicole Helm. Includes an excerpt from Nicole Helm's new holiday romance, True-Blue Cowboy Christmas. Hell, Yeah: Cathy O'Dell has been all over the country, but she never felt at home until she moved into the tiny apartment at the back of the Honky Tonk beer joint. Now she figures she's here to stay, loving every minute of the rowdy crowd, down-home juke box music, and constant pool tournaments. She's a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes and enough sass to make a grown man beg for mercy. Then gorgeous, rich, oil man Travis Henry gets it into his fool head that Cathy deserves a better life—with him, of course—and the sparks start to fly so bad they're like to set fire to the beer joint, if they don't go up in flames themselves first! Outlaw Cowboy: Ever since his father's accident, Caleb promised his older sister that he'd fix his terrible reputation. But when Delia Rogers, the town's baddest of the bad girls, needs his help hiding from the cops, Caleb is torn between his squeaky new image and his outlaw roots. Delia's out of options, so asking her reformed ex for help is her only choice. When a helping hand and seriously close quarters turn into more, Delia can't help but fall all over again...but she has a secret that will ruin everything, unless they're both willing to leave their reputations behind for something much more lasting. Praise for Carolyn Brown: "The most difficult thing about reading a Brown book is putting it down." —Fresh Fiction "Carolyn Brown is a master storyteller who never fails to entertain." —Night Owl Reviews Praise for Nicole Helm: "Helm delves into the depths of her characters' emotions, revealing their foibles and making them incredibly human." —Publishers Weekly "A beautifully crafted romance." —USA Today HEA for Rebel Cowboy

Love Rehab

Author : Theresa Scott
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A woman scorned, Larissa Worth wants only to stay away from Rex Delacroix, the man who broke her heart ten lonely years ago. But when her beloved adopted daughter teeters on the brink of death, it is Rex who steps in and saves the girl. Now Larissa is forced to face the past she’d thought she’d buried. When Rex walked out of Larissa’s life ten years ago, he’d had troubles of his own. Serious troubles. In the intervening years, he’d learned to face his past, to heal, and to build a new life for himself. But when he meets Larissa again, he realizes not only that he still loves her, but that he must make amends for the damage he’d caused. Together, Larissa and Rex begin the delicate walk that will either lead to healing their lives and hearts, or separate them forever.

The International Handbook on Innovation

Author : Larisa V. Shavinina
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"Most comprehensive and authoritative account available of what innovation is, how it is measured, how it is developed, how it is managed, and how it affects individuals, corporations, societies and the world as a whole." - cover.

Sin Undone

Author : Larissa Ione
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From the New York Times bestselling author who Gena Showalter calls "decadently sinful" comes a forbidden romance in the beloved Demonica series. As the only female Seminus demon ever born, master assassin Sinead Donnelly is used to being treated like an outcast. She spent decades enslaved, and now vows she'll die before she'll relinquish her freedom again. Then Sin's innate ability to kill her enemies goes awry: She creates a lethal new werewolf virus that sparks a firestorm of panic and violence. Half-werewolf, half-vampire Conall Dearghul is charged with bringing in Sin to face punishment for the plague. And she's no stranger: He's bound to her by blood, and the one sexual encounter they shared has left him hungering for her raw sensuality. Worse, Sin is the underworld's most wanted and Con soon learns he's the only one who can help her . . . and that saving her life might mean sacrificing his own.

Harlequin Romance January 2014 Bundle

Author : Rebecca Winters
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Harlequin Romance brings you four new titles for one great price, available now! Experience the rush of falling in love! This Harlequin Romance bundle includes The Greek's Tiny Miracle by Rebecca Winters, The Man Behind the Mask by Barbara Wallace, English Girl in New York by Scarlet Wilson and The Final Falcon Says I Do by Lucy Gordon. Look for 4 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin Romance!

My List of Sins 1 Lust

Author : Marisa Davila
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It felt like I was part of a freak show, starring me as the witch, werewolf girl. Everybody looked at you, but they really don’t see your pain or frustration. They don’t really see my longing to be a part of them . . . the humans . . . the normal, and while all of that is going on I’m sitting in my little cage, hoping someone could come and save me, wishing that I can somehow break free from my pain and frustration and no longer have the longing to be one of them.


Author : Nadeemy Chen
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The melding of twenty-six stimuli into an unanalysed and sometimes unanalysable impression.

Wrong Groom Right Bride

Author : Patricia Kay
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Chloe Patterson was one day away from becoming part of the most affluent family in Riverton…until her fiancé married another woman! Pregnant with a Hopewell heir, Chloe realized the only way to protect her baby from the powerful family was to keep her pregnancy a secret. Simon Hopewell was used to cleaning up his brother's messes, but he never thought he'd take such an interest in his latest fiasco—or rather, his latest fiancée. It was clear Chloe was hiding something, but then again, as Simon's feelings for Chloe rapidly changed from responsibility to love, he knew he had a secret of his own….

1001 Dark Nights Bundle Five

Author : Julie Kenner
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The Grave Diggers

Author : Cole Figene
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The Grave Diggers: A DNA wonder drug is created in order to make people wiser, more attractive and successful. The drug is invented by Jim Below at Berkeley CA during 1993. 25 years green at the time of the discovery. He begs his Physics Department to publish his findings of a revolutionary drug. He calls it Figene (Future Infusion of Genetic Evolution). Jim aims to capture the lives of famous people through grave digging. Then combine their bone matter into a new wonder drug. Yet as soon as he publishes his idea, the FBI, and the Russian Mafia are after his discovery. At the same time in Russia, Larissa Puskin comes up with the idea of DNA re-composition. She too is chased by the F.S.B. and Alexus Murgosky. He heads the Mafia family who race to steal Figene. The Feds investigate, and Jim cuts a deal; they receive a cut of the profits without FDA approval. On the other side of World, Larissa Puskin presents the same idea. She provides a paper to the University of Moscow. Her problem is, the Physics and Genetics Department will not release her findings to the public. Their enemy Alexus Murgosky, a Russian Mafia Boss, sets to put their drug "Figene" on the Black Market to keep the prices high. What follows next is Jim's and Larissa's journey into deciding whether they want money or peace of mind. Both fall into an emotional quicksand. During their grave robberies both realize they will either bank on the Love of each other or betray the other. Will she and Jim dig up famous people to re-incarnate Napoleon Bonaparte, Claude Monet's, Ludwig Von Beethoven or Julius Caesar? Or will they set each other to keep Figene? As time races on, and the Russian Mafia closes in, humor, tragedy, hope and love are themes prevalent. Yet unknown to the customers of this drug, their lives will be changed forever. Set in 2016 Paris, with trips to many parts of the World, a race of money, murder, and suspense set the characters towards tough choices and ends.

The Literary Gazette

Author :
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1001 Dark Nights Bundle Ten

Author : Tessa Bailey
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Z A Demonica Underworld Novella

Author : Larissa Ione
File Size : 68.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Zhubaal, fallen angel assistant to the Grim Reaper, has spent decades searching for the angel he loved and lost nearly a century ago. Not even her death can keep him from trying to find her, not when he knows she’s been given a second chance at life in a new body. But as time passes, he’s losing hope, and he wonders how much longer he can hold to the oath he swore to her so long ago… As an emim, the wingless offspring of two fallen angels, Vex has always felt like a second-class citizen. But if she manages to secure a deal with the Grim Reaper — by any means necessary — she will have earned her place in the world. The only obstacle in the way of her plan is a sexy hardass called Z, who seems determined to thwart her at every turn. Soon it becomes clear that they have a powerful connection rooted in the past…but can any vow stand the test of time?