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Language Assimilation and Crosslinguistic Influence

Author : Stuart Ferguson
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Language awareness

Author : Willis J. Edmondson
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Karl B hler s Theory of Language

Author : Achim Eschbach
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This volume contains selected proceedings of the conferences held at Kirchberg, August 26, 1984 and Essen, November 21–24, 1984 devoted to Karl Bühler's Theory of Language. Both conferences took place exactly fifty years after the publication of Bühler's masterpiece. However, it was felt necessary to bring renewed attention to Bühler's work in order to highlight its importance. The contributions in this volume, all in the original German language, focus on a wide range of perspectives: biographical, psychological, sociological, semiotic and linguistic.

The German Language in the Digital Age

Author : Georg Rehm
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This white paper is part of a series that promotes knowledge about language technology and its potential. It addresses educators, journalists, politicians, language communities and others. The availability and use of language technology in Europe varies between languages. Consequently, the actions that are required to further support research and development of language technologies also differ for each language. The required actions depend on many factors, such as the complexity of a given language and the size of its community. META-NET, a Network of Excellence funded by the European Commission, has conducted an analysis of current language resources and technologies. This analysis focused on the 23 official European languages as well as other important national and regional languages in Europe. The results of this analysis suggest that there are many significant research gaps for each language. A more detailed expert analysis and assessment of the current situation will help maximise the impact of additional research and minimize any risks. META-NET consists of 54 research centres from 33 countries that are working with stakeholders from commercial businesses, government agencies, industry, research organisations, software companies, technology providers and European universities. Together, they are creating a common technology vision while developing a strategic research agenda that shows how language technology applications can address any research gaps by 2020.

Analy men 2 Philosophy of language metaphysics

Author : Andreas Mundt
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Psycholinguistic and pedagogical aspects of foreign language learning

Author : Oddleif Leirbukt
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Language and Earth

Author : Bernd Naumann
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In former times, the study of language was rarely pursued in isolation, and many of the other intellectual concerns that used to be intertwined with language study have long been on the record of historians of linguistics. The present volume is the first to probe into an association of linguistics that has so far been neglected: that with the study of the earth. The relations between linguistics and geology were intimate and manifold as both sciences were emerging in the 18th and 19th century. Highlighted in the contributions to this volume are biographical and institutional contacts, the joint interest in origins and very early developments and in the proper methods of acquiring knowledge about these, common structural and evolutionary concepts, and analogous problems in the classification of domains as fuzzy as languages and rocks.

Language and thought

Author : Alex Burri
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Uni Wissen Introduction to English Language Teaching

Author : Andreas Müller-Hartmann
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Introduction to English Language Teaching offers a general view of all the major subjects in the teaching of foreign languages starting from linguistic abilities to questions of performance, learning and bilingual teaching as well as to a discussion of the initial work on forms. Introduction to English Language Teaching gibt einen Überblick über alle wesentlichen Themen des Fremdsprachenunterrichts - angefangen von den sprachlichen Fertigkeiten oder Fragen zur Leistungsbewertung, über biliguales Lehren und Lernen bis hin zur Diskussion grundschulspezifischer Arbeitsweisen.

Dictonary of the Galla language

Author : Karl Tutschek
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Author : Leonard Bloomfield
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Perhaps the single most influential work of general linguistics published in this century, Leonard Bloomfield's Language is both a masterpiece of textbook writing and a classic of scholarship. Intended as an introduction to the field of linguistics, it revolutionized the field when it appeared in 1933 and became the major text of the American descriptivist school.

A concise grammar of the German Language on the principles adopted in the schools of Germany

Author : Georg Heinrich Christoph Egestorff
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German Language A series of progressive lessons with a free and literal translation from the foreign language into the English language No I

Author : E. YEHRING
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Practical method for the study of the German Language

Author : W. PEIPERS
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Author : Michael Leroch
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An easy introduction to the German language

Author : Charles Eulenstein
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A New Method of learning the German Language First course

Author : Franz AHN
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A theoretical and practical grammar of the German language

Author : G I. Bertinchamp
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The Poison of the Medici Language Course Italian Level A1

Author : Alessandra Barabaschi
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The story in short: On Christmas Eve Annika receives a phone call from her friend Corinna, who works as tourist guide at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Corinna is in trouble and Annika decides to travel to Florence, to help her out. The famous Florentine museum is getting ready for a sensational exhibition on the powerful Medici family. The artworks exhibited in the museum are marvellous, but a real drama is in store for Annika in the capital of the Renaissance. The book also contains several entertaining exercises, which will help you learn faster: "Read & Learn", Focus on Grammar, Solutions, Dossiers 1 + 2

Language to Language

Author : Christopher Taylor
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A practical and theoretical guide for Italian/English translators.