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Handbook of Language Ethnic Identity

Author : Joshua A. Fishman
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Arguing that language, ethnicity & identity are defined by the circumstances under which they are created, this collection views language & ethnic identity through the lenses of sociolinguistics, psychology, anthropology, politics & economics.

Language and Ethnicity

Author : Carmen Fought
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What is ethnicity? Is there a 'white' way of speaking? Why do people sometimes borrow features of another ethnic group's language? This lively overview reveals the fascinating relationship between language ethnic identity, exploring the crucial role it plays in both revealing a speaker's ethnicity and helping to construct it.

Speaking of Diversity

Author : Philip Gleason
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This collection of eleven essays sharpens our historical understanding of the evolution of language used to define diversity in twentieth-century America.

Language Ethnicity and the State Volume 2

Author : C. O'Reilly
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The political and social upheavals following 1989 have had a significant impact on the minority languages of Eastern Europe. There have been attempts at enlightened treatment of minority linguistic groups in some of the new states but in others such groups have been openly oppressed. This volume draws on sociologically and ethnographically oriented work from a number of disciplines to allow the reader to compare developments in the different states, and to examine the interplay of language issues, ethnic nationalism, and processes of state formation and restructuring in the various political and historical contexts of Central and Eastern Europe. A companion volume (0-333-92925-X) examines the status of minority languages in the European Union.

Language in Ethnicity

Author : Harald Haarmann
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CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE SOCIOLOGY OF LANGUAGE brings to students, researchers and practitioners in all of the social and language-related sciences carefully selected book-length publications dealing with sociolinguistic theory, methods, findings and applications. It approaches the study of language in society in its broadest sense, as a truly international and interdisciplinary field in which various approaches, theoretical and empirical, supplement and complement each other. The series invites the attention of linguists, language teachers of all interests, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, historians etc. to the development of the sociology of language.

The Language Ethnicity and Race Reader

Author : Roxy Harris
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This Reader collects in one volume the key readings on language, ethnicity and race. Using linguistic and cultural analysis, it explores changing ideas of race and the ways in which these ideas shape human communication.

Acts of Identity

Author : Robert Brock Le Page
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Examining how the complex role of language affects the Creole-speaking Caribbean and the West Indian communities in London.

Language and Minority Rights

Author : Stephen May
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The second edition addresses new theoretical and empirical developments since its initial publication, including the burgeoning influence of globalization and the relentless rise of English as the current world language. May’s broad position, however, remains largely unchanged. He argues that the causes of many of the language-based conflicts in the world today still lie with the nation-state and its preoccupation with establishing a 'common' language and culture via mass education. The solution, he suggests, is to rethink nation-states in more culturally and linguistically plural ways while avoiding, at the same time, essentializing the language-identity link. This edition, like the first, adopts a wide interdisciplinary framework, drawing on sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, sociology, political theory, education and law. It also includes new discussions of cosmopolitanism, globalization, the role of English, and language and mobility, highlighting the ongoing difficulties faced by minority language speakers in the world today.

Language Ethnicity and the State Volume 1

Author : C. O'Reilly
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Developments in the European Union over the last decade have been largely positive from the perspective of stateless and minority ethnic groups and the survival and prosperity of minority languages. This selection of sociologically and ethnographically oriented work enables the reader to compare developments in different ethno-linguistic revival movements within the European Union. The contributions also explore the impact of EU policy and discourse on the individual movements and the orientation of Western Europe as a whole towards linguistic heterogeneity and cultural diversity. A companion volume (0-333-92924-1) examines the status of minority languages in post-1989 Eastern Europe.

Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity

Author : Emeritus at Yeshiva University Joshua A. Fishman Distinguished University Research Professor of Social Sciences
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This volume presents a comprehensive introduction to the connection between language and ethnicity. Since the "ethnic revival" of the last twenty years, there has been a substantial and interdisciplinary change in our understanding of the connection between these fundamental aspects of our identity. The distinguished sociolinguist Joshua Fishman has commissioned over 25 previously unpublished papers on every facet of the subject. The volume is divided into two sections, the first examining disciplinary perspectives on the subject; the second uses the prism of geography, looking at the subject in the context of Africa, Scandinavia, Germany and the rest of Western Europe, North America and elsewhere. The volume is truly interdisciplinary and the contributors are all distinguished figures in their fields. Each chapter is followed by thought provoking questions and essential bibliography, and Fishman pulls together the various views that have been expressed and shows how they differ and how they are alike.The volume is useful as a scholarly reference, a resource for the lay reader, and can also be used as a text in ethnicity courses.