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Graecia Capta

Author : Susan E. Alcock
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Tracing social and economic developments from 200 B.C. to A.D. 200, the particular emphasis of this study lies in the use of archaeological surface survey data, a form of evidence only recently available to examine the countryside and demographic change of the ancient world.

Landscapes in Greece

Author : Dimitris Philippidis
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The sea is one of the dominant elements of the Greek landscape. The nation's coastlines trace over fifteen thousand kilometres of inlets and bays, capes and peninsulas, while the waters beyond its shores belong to four major and five minor bodies of water which the Greeks divide into twelve distinct 'seas'. Scattered over the waves like die cast by giants, 1500 islands large and small in dozens of groups form patterns where they fell. The effect can be likened to a galaxy containing an infinitude of heavenly bodies which, unique in themselves, form part, too, of unique constellations. In this album, we have sought to convey a similar impact by juxtaposing images and focusing on the similarities between them which are so often invisible or hard to discern. The pairs of images function contrapuntally and harmonically to highlight the inexhaustible variety of the Greek sea.

Landscapes of Greece and Other Paintings

Author : Mayor Gallery (London)
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Landscapes of Greece

Author : Charlie Waite
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Space Place and Landscape in Ancient Greek Literature and Culture

Author : Kate Gilhuly
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This book brings together a collection of original essays that engage with cultural geography and landscape studies to produce new ways of understanding place, space, and landscape in Greek literature from the fifth and fourth centuries BCE. The authors draw on an eclectic collection of contemporary approaches to bring the study of ancient Greek literature into dialogue with the burgeoning discussion of spatial theory in the humanities. The essays in this volume treat a variety of textual spaces, from the intimate to the expansive: the bedroom, ritual space, the law courts, theatrical space, the poetics of the city, and the landscape of war. And yet, all of the contributions are united by an interest in recuperating some of the many ways in which the ancient Greeks in the archaic and classical periods invested places with meaning and in how the representation of place links texts to social practices.

Landscape and Land Use in Postglacial Greece

Author : Paul Halstead
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Collaboration between prehistorians and palaeoecologists is radically changing our understanding of the relationship between landscape, land use and human settlement in Greece. The chapters in this volume include case studies and broader syntheses, developments of both on-site and off-site field methodology, explorations of palaeoecological and archaeological evidence, and discussions of how the palaeoecological and archaeological records are formed. Contributions range geographically over the contrasting natural and cultural landscapes of northern and southern Greece and the lowlands and highlands, and chronologically over the whole postglacial period, including studies of plant and animal ecology and of palaeoecological formation processes in the present. The difficulty of disentangling climatic and anthropogenic causes of palaeoecological change is a recurrent theme.

Cave and Worship in Ancient Greece

Author : Stella Katsarou
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Cave and Worship in Ancient Greece brings together a series of stimulating chapters contributing to the archaeology and our modern understanding of the character and importance of cave sanctuaries in the fi rst millennium BCE Mediterranean. Written by emerging and established archaeologists and researchers, the book employs a fascinating and wide range of approaches and methodologies to investigate, and interpret material assemblages from cave shrines, many of which are introduced here for the fi rst time. An introductory section explores the emergence and growth of caves as centres of cult and religion. The chapters then probe some of the meanings attached to cave spaces and votive materials such as terracotta fi gurines, and ceramics, and those who created and used them. The authors use sensory and gender approaches, discuss the identity of the worshippers, and the contribution of statistical analysis to the role of votive materials. At the heart of the volume is the examination of cave materials excavated on the Cycladic islands and Crete, in Attika and Aitoloakarnania, on the Ionian islands and in southern Italy. This is a welcome volume for students of prehistoric and classical archaeology,enthusiasts of the history of caves, religion, ancient history, and anthropology.

Pictures of Classic Greek Landscape and Architecture

Author : John Fulleylove
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Landscapes of Greece and Other Paintings

Author :
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Landscapes of Modernisation

Author : Yannis Aesopos
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