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Landmark Cases in Criminal Law

Author : Philip Handler
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Criminal cases raise difficult normative and legal questions, and are often a consequence of compelling human drama. In this collection, expert authors place leading cases in criminal law in their historical and legal contexts, highlighting their significance both in the past and for the present. The cases in this volume range from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century. Many of them are well known to modern criminal lawyers and students; others are overlooked landmarks that deserve reconsideration. The essays, often based on extensive and original archival research, range over a wide spectrum of criminal law, covering procedure and doctrine, statute and common law, individual offences and general principles. Together, the essays explore common themes, including the scope of criminal law and criminalisation, the role of the jury, and the causes of change in criminal law.

Landmark Cases in Public International Law

Author : Eirik Bjorge
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The past two hundred years have seen the transformation of public international law from a rule-based extrusion of diplomacy into a fully-fledged legal system. Landmark Cases in Public International Law examines decisions that have contributed to the development of international law into an integrated whole, whilst also creating specialised sub-systems that stand alone as units of analysis. The significance of these decisions is not taken for granted, with contributors critically interrogating the cases to determine if their reputation as 'landmarks' is deserved. Emphasis is also placed on seeing each case as a diplomatic artefact, highlighting that international law, while unquestionably a legal system, remains reliant on the practice and consent of states as the prime movers of development. The cases selected cover a broad range of subject areas including state immunity, human rights, the environment, trade and investment, international organisations, international courts and tribunals, the laws of war, international crimes, and the interface between international and municipal legal systems. A wide array of international and domestic courts are also considered, from the International Court of Justice to the European Court of Human Rights, World Trade Organization Appellate Body, US Supreme Court and other adjudicative bodies. The result is a three-dimensional picture of international law: what it was, what it is, and what it might yet become.

Trials of Truth

Author : Pinky Anand
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A close look at criminal cases that shocked the country Drawing on her vast experience as a senior advocate and Additional Solicitor General at the Supreme Court, Pinky Anand examines criminal cases that have captured public interest. Breaking down each aspect of cases such as the Nirbhaya rape, the Nanavati murder, the Nithari killings and others, she gives us an inside look and lawyer's perspective into the manner of legal proceedings, strategies employed by legal counsel on both sides and the rigour with which courts come to verdicts. Even years after they have been tried in court, these instances are cemented in people's memories on account of either their brutality, the trials or the landmark judgments they resulted in. Anand's insights not only delve into the finer details but also provide context to the cases that have had a lasting impact on society as well as legal institutions.

Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases

Author : Fletcher, George P.
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This engaging and accessible book focuses on high-profile criminal trials and examines the strategy of the lawyers, the reasons for conviction or acquittal, as well as the social importance of these famous cases.

Landmark Cases in Intellectual Property Law

Author : Jose Bellido
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This volume explores the nature of intellectual property law by looking at particular disputes. All the cases gathered here aim to show the versatile and unstable character of a discipline still searching for landmarks. Each contribution offers an opportunity to raise questions about the narratives that have shaped the discipline throughout its short but profound history. The volume begins by revisiting patent litigation to consider the impact of the Statute of Monopolies (1624). It continues looking at different controversies to describe how the existence of an author's right in literary property was a plausible basis for legal argument, even though no statute expressly mentioned authors' rights before the Statute of Anne (1710). The collection also explores different moments of historical significance for intellectual property law: the first trade mark injunctions; the difficulties the law faced when protecting maps; and the origins of originality in copyright law. Similarly, it considers the different ways of interpreting patent claims in the late nineteenth and twentieth century; the impact of seminal cases on passing off and the law of confidentiality; and more generally, the construction of intellectual property law and its branches in their interaction with new technologies and marketing developments. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of intellectual property law.

The Thomas Lubanga Dyilo Case

Author :
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This series by the International Courts Association presents landmark cases in international criminal law. Each volume contains the legal materials related to the presented case, as well as background information on the Tribunal/Court itself. Extensive bibliographic information is also included. This first volume in the series examines the court case of Thomas Lubanga.

Revisiting Landmark Cases in Medical Law

Author : Shaun D. Pattinson
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Is it lawful for a doctor to give a patient life-shortening pain relief? Can treatment be lawfully provided to a child under 16 on the basis of her consent alone? Is it lawful to remove food and water provided by tube to a patient in a vegetative state? Is a woman’s refusal of a caesarean section recommended for the benefit of the fetus legally decisive? These questions were central to the four focal cases revisited in this book. This book revisits nine landmark cases. For each, a new leading judgment is attributed to an imagined judge, Athena, who operates within the constraints of the legal system of England and Wales. Her judgments accord with an innovative legal theory, referred to as ‘modified law as integrity’, and are linked as a line of precedent. The result is a re-spinning of extant judicial threads into a web of legal principles with a greater claim to coherence and defensibility than those in the original cases. The book will be of great interest to scholars and students of medical law, criminal law, bioethics, legal theory and moral philosophy.

The Milo evi Trial

Author : P. A. van Laar
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This series by the International Courts Association presents landmark cases in international criminal law. Each volume contains the legal materials related to the presented case, as well as background information on the Tribunal/Court itself. Extensive bibliographic information is also included. This second volume in the series examines the court case of Slobodan Milosevic.

It s Easy To Cry

Author : Subhas Anandan
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Subhas Anandan passed away on 7 January 2015 at the age of 68. He was Singapore’s the best-known criminal lawyer, having led several landmark cases that shaped the face of criminal law in Singapore. The first volume of his autobiography The Best I Could was published in 2009 and covered many sensational cases to his views on the mandatory death sentence and ‘police entrapment’. In this second volume It’s Easy to Cry, this foremost champion of pro bono work moves away from depicting gruesome murders and delves instead into the emotions behind the crimes. He writes about cases where deep and complex emotions are displayed, like the mother who lied and pleaded guilty to save her son. He also shares his thoughts on the many people who have affected him in one way of the other and the legal system in Singapore

Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice

Author : Tina M. Fielding Fryling
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Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice provides readers with a detailed view of how the Constitution guides the actions of law enforcement officials, including police officers, judges, attorneys, and other court-related personnel. The text covers all amendments related to criminal procedure, with an emphasis on search and seizure rules and how courts interpret those rules. The text gives the history of each amendment, how the Supreme Court has interpreted each amendment, and how professionals in the criminal justice system execute the provisions of the amendments. “You Be the Judge” scenarios encourage students’ assessment of the many ways given facts relate to the Constitution. New to the Second Edition: Expanded section on methods of interpreting the Constitution New cases cover: vehicle searches (Riley v. California) blood and breath tests (Birchfield v. North Dakota) monitoring technology (Grady v. North Carolina) Updated cases in the areas of gun control and first amendment issues Professors and students will benefit from: “You be the Judge” feature encourages students to consider all sides of an issue and broaden their understanding of the complexities of constitutional law in the criminal justice context. Brief summaries of landmark Supreme Court cases provide essential information and insight. The relevant constitutional amendments are covered in terms of both their historical basis and their interpretation and application today. Clear writing speaks to a wide range of readers’ interest, perspective, and preparation; the text is accessible to both majors and nonmajors in courses at all levels. Written by a practicing attorney who has litigated the issues, the text is authentic, current, approachable, and practical. Comprehensive information on the complexities of constitutional law relates to daily practice by courts, law enforcement, and other criminal justice professionals The text is further enhanced by: A logical structure and conceptual focus Learning Objectives and key term lists in each chapter Stimulating questions in each chapter to test and assess student understanding