Land of Fish and Rice

Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China


Author: Fuchsia Dunlop

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408802511

Category: Cooking

Page: 368

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'Fuchsia Dunlop, our great writer and expert on Chinese gastronomy, has fallen in love with this region and its cuisine - and her book makes us fall in love too' Claudia Roden'Fuchsia Dunlop's erudite writing infuses each page and her delicious recipes will inspire any serious cook to take up their wok' Ken HomThe Lower Yangtze region or Jiangnan, with its modern capital Shanghai, has been known since ancient times as a 'Land of Fish and Rice'. For centuries, local cooks have been using the plentiful produce of its lakes, rivers, fields and mountains, combined with delicious seasonings and flavours such as rice vinegar, rich soy sauce, spring onion and ginger, to create a cuisine that is renowned in China for its delicacy and beauty.Drawing on years of study and exploration, Fuchsia Dunlop explains basic cooking techniques, typical cooking methods and the principal ingredients of the Jiangnan larder. Her recipes are a mixture of simple rustic cooking and rich delicacies - some are famous, some unsung. You'll be inspired to try classic dishes such as Beggar's chicken and sumptuous Dongpo pork.Most of the recipes contain readily available ingredients and with Fuchsia's clear guidance, you will soon see how simple it is to create some of the most beautiful and delicious dishes you'll ever taste. With evocative writing and mouth-watering photography, this is an important new work about one of China's most fascinating culinary regions.

All Across China


Author: Ellen Weisberg

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd

ISBN: 1849911029


Page: 122

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""All Across China"" is one of the first children's books that Chipmunkapublishing has published and is proud to call its own. This book was the result of the input of several knowledgeable people, including two Asian Americans and one Asian family member of the authors' who currently lives in Guangxi Province. In addition, the book is presently being translated into Chinese for distribution in China by an Asian professor at Beijing University, who is in assocation with Five College Center for East Asia Studies.""Feedback from Libraries, schools, adoption agencies and adoptive families: I have to tell you - I LOVED that book!! I added it to the library, but it took everything in me!! I SO wanted to keep a copy for our daughters! What a wonderful treasure - I plan to blog on it this week! We received your beautiful books today...Thank you so much. Our staff and children will really enjoy them!Thank you for the copies of your fun and educational books. I found them to be informative, colorful, and an exciting way to learn about the countries of China and Canada. Thank you immensely for the complimentary copy of ""All Across China"" and ""All Across Canada."" We are quite pleased to put them into circulation.Thank you for the books - they arrived in the post today. All across China is very informative and simply presented which will appeal to quite a large age range. The format in all the books is nice and easy for children and parents to use. Well done! Thank you so very much for the wonderful books! I am happy to report that the State of Virginia is going to be changing the social studies curriculum for 5th grade within a year or so to include a concentration on geography, which is a wonderful addition to the curriculum. Therefore, these books on China and Canada will be great resources not only for the China unit that 2nd graders do, but also for any student researching other countries or geography! Thank you again for your generosity, on behalf of our students and teachers! I am an FCC mom. Your book looks great! I am trying to decide when to bring L back to China -- at 6 or 7. Your book will help get ready! Thank you for the books you sent. It was interesting to read about our daughter's birth place, Kunming (Yunnan Province). We hope to visit the Stone Forest when we travel back there for a heritage tour. After thumbing through the ""all Across Canada"" book and finding a few interesting details that I didn't know, I plan on reading that one to my son and daughter too.

Coping with Calamity

Environmental Change and Peasant Response in Central China, 1736-1949


Author: Jiayan Zhang

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 0774825979

Category: Nature

Page: 292

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The Jianghan Plain in central China has been shaped by its relationship with water. Once a prolific rice-growing region that drew immigrants to its fertile paddy fields, it has, since the eighteenth century, become prone to devastating flooding and waterlogging. Over time, population pressures and dike building left more and more people in the region vulnerable to frequent water calamities. The first environmental and socioeconomic history of the region, Coping with Calamity considers the Jianghan Plain's volatile environment, the constant challenges it presented to peasants, and their often ingenious and sophisticated responses during the Qing and Republican periods.

From Rice to Riches


Author: Jane Hutcheon

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Aus.

ISBN: 174353633X

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

View: 5064

Jane Hutcheon's connection to China goes back more than one hundred and fifty years, when her great-great-grand-uncle Phineas, a Scottish tea merchant, was drawn to its shores. When Jane became the ABC's China correspondent in 1995, she began her own journey through an ancient and intriguing culture that is undergoing rapid change. Like learning to eat a dish of slippery braised pig's face, Jane had to learn the etiquette of reporting in China-a country where people often give interviews in lowered voices, or with a glance over their shoulders to see who might be listening. Though China has transformed itself into a heady capitalist republic, the country's new facade covers up a multitude of the same old problems. And in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the clash between new and old is more pronounced than ever. By talking with ordinary people-a glamorous Amway couple, a traffic cop, a rubbish collector and members of the Falun Gong, among others-Jane provides intimate insights into China's radical transformation. In the process, she discovers that the real China is intense, humorous, cynical and, quite often, bizarre. Travelling with a television crew, coping with a serious bout of 'banquet intolerance' and dealing with the frustration caused by Chinese bureaucracy, Jane takes us on a bumpy ride across a country the world is fascinated with, and that everyone is dying to get their chopsticks into.

China Mineral and Mining Sector Investment and Business Guide


Author: Usa Ibp

Publisher: Int'l Business Publications

ISBN: 0739791281

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 350

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Strategic and practical information for conducting business. Mineral resources, regulations, investment & business opportunities, contacts

Fish in the Lakes, Wild Rice, and Game in Abundance

Testimony on Behalf of Mille Lacs Ojibwe Hunting and Fishing Rights


Author: James M. McClurken

Publisher: MSU Press

ISBN: 1609171551

Category: Law

Page: 572

View: 2587

On 13 August 1990 members of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe filed a lawsuit against the State of Minnesota for interfering with the hunting, fishing, and gathering rights that had been guaranteed to them in an 1837 treaty with the United States. In order to interpret the treaty the courts had to consider historical circumstances, the intentions of the parties, and the treaty's implementation. The Mille Lacs Band faced a mammoth challenge. How does one argue the Native side of the case when all historical documentation was written by non- Natives? The Mille Lacs selected six scholars to testify for them. Published here for the first time, Charles Cleland, James McClurken, Helen Tanner, John Nichols, Thomas Lund, and Bruce White discuss the circumstances under which the treaty was written, the personalities involved in the negotiations and the legal rhetoric of the times, as well as analyze related legal conflicts between Natives and non- Natives. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor delivered the 1999 Opinion of the [United States Supreme] Court.

Authentic Recipes from China


Author: Kenneth Law,Lee Cheng Meng

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 146290534X

Category: Cooking

Page: 112

View: 6181

The cuisine of China is widely regarded as one of the finest and most popular in the world. Authentic Recipes from China is a collection of 80 recipes gathered from the top kitchens across this vast country and presents an exciting range of regional dishes. Included are spicy Sichuan favorites, refined dishes fit for an emperor's table, robust Mongolian fare, and creative Cantonese cuisine. An extensive array of popular foods including appetizers, dips, soups, noodles, and rice dishes will let you participate in China's fascinating history and fast-paced modern era through the delicious vehicle of its food. Recipes include: Lettuce Cups with Mushrooms and Tofu Yunnan Ham Pastries Hot and Sour Soup Winter Melon Soup Stir-fried Rice Vermicelli Longevity Noodles Crunchy and Tangy Fresh Lotus Root Salad Braised Chicken Wings in Plum Orange Sauce Steamed Buns Mongolian Lamb Hotpot Wok-seared Sesame Scallops Salt and Pepper Squid Banana Fritters Sweet Rice Dumplings

Early Medieval China

A Sourcebook


Author: Wendy Swartz,Robert Ford Campany,Yang Lu,Jessey Choo

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231531001

Category: History

Page: 832

View: 3598

This innovative sourcebook builds a dynamic understanding of China's early medieval period (220–589) through an original selection and arrangement of literary, historical, religious, and critical texts. A tumultuous and formative era, these centuries saw the longest stretch of political fragmentation in China's imperial history, resulting in new ethnic configurations, the rise of powerful clans, and a pervasive divide between north and south. Deploying thematic categories, the editors sketch the period in a novel way for students and, by featuring many texts translated into English for the first time, recast the era for specialists. Thematic topics include regional definitions and tensions, governing mechanisms and social reality, ideas of self and other, relations with the unseen world, everyday life, and cultural concepts. Within each section, the editors and translators introduce the selected texts and provide critical commentary on their historical significance, along with suggestions for further reading and research.