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Land And Sea Mandala

Author : The Coloring House
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★ LAND & SEA MANDALA ★ Animal Mandala Coloring Book For Adults ✓✓ ♥ 100 unique images, Have fun with silly animals and relaxing patterns with this easy coloring book. A comfortable and convenient 8.5" x 11" size. Mandala coloring books for adults relieve stress, aid relaxation and let melt away as you give your artistic side the center stage. Ease your stress with each stroke of your colored pencil or pen. Coloring original Mandalas is among the most popular adult coloring books. Every sacred circle will help you clear your mind and sharpen your creativity. This is the best quality book to color for men and women. 100 coloring pages with animals. Fantastic and unique anti-stress coloring pages. High quality illustrations. Page size 8.5"x11" Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet with the back of pages black to minimize the bleed-through problem. Fantastic gift for anyone who loves to color.

Mandalas for Power Energy

Author : Marion Küstenmacher
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Think of this as a coloring book for the soul. As you fill each of these more than 90 hand-drawn mandalas with whatever colors strike your spirit, you’ll feel an increasing sense of calm and concentration, peace and power. These dynamically decorated symbols of life come from all religions and cultures. Many are thousands and thousands of years old. All come with illuminating, poetic quotations and historical explanations.

Animal Mandala Coloring Book Including Sea Creatures Other Geometric Designs

Author : Lee A Buchanan
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This wonderful Mandala Coloring Book features 200 of the World's most beautiful Land & Sea creatures plus unique geometric designs that were created for your enjoyment, relaxation and stress relief.

Lords of the Land Lords of the Sea

Author : Hans Hägerdal
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European traders and soldiers established a foothold on Timor in the course of the seventeenth century, motivated by the quest for the commercially vital sandalwood and the intense competition between the Dutch and the Portuguese. Lords of the Land, Lords of the Sea focuses on two centuries of contacts between the indigenous polities on Timor and the early colonials, and covers the period 1600-1800.

Japanese Mandalas

Author : Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis
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The first broad study of Japanese mandalas to appear in a Western language, this volume interprets mandalas as sanctified realms where identification between the human and the sacred occurs. The author investigates eighth- to seventeenth-century paintings from three traditions: Esoteric Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, and the kami-worshipping (Shinto) tradition. It is generally recognized that many of these mandalas are connected with texts and images from India and the Himalayas. A pioneering theme of this study is that, in addition to the South Asian connections, certain paradigmatic Japanese mandalas reflect pre-Buddhist Chinese concepts, including geographical concepts. In convincing and lucid prose, ten Grotenhuis chronicles an intermingling of visual, doctrinal, ritual, and literary elements in these mandalas that has come to be seen as characteristic of the Japanese religious tradition as a whole. This beautifully illustrated work begins in the first millennium B.C.E. in China with an introduction to the Book of Documents and ends in present-day Japan at the sacred site of Kumano. Ten Grotenhuis focuses on the Diamond and Womb World mandalas of Esoteric Buddhist tradition, on the Taima mandala and other related mandalas from the Pure Land Buddhist tradition, and on mandalas associated with the kami-worshipping sites of Kasuga and Kumano. She identifies specific sacred places in Japan with sacred places in India and with Buddhist cosmic diagrams. Through these identifications, the realm of the buddhas is identified with the realms of the kami and of human beings, and Japanese geographical areas are identified with Buddhist sacred geography. Explaining why certain fundamental Japanese mandalas look the way they do and how certain visual forms came to embody the sacred, ten Grotenhuis presents works that show a complex mixture of Indian Buddhist elements, pre-Buddhist Chinese elements, Chinese Buddhist elements, and indigenous Japanese elements.


Author : David Sparenberg
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Between Harmony and Discrimination Negotiating Religious Identities within Majority Minority Relationships in Bali and Lombok

Author : C. Philipp E. Nothaft
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Between Harmony and Discrimination articulates how religious practices have become the primary identity markers in Bali and Lombok. This movement has caused the historic interreligious relationships between majority and minority populations, primarily Hindus and Muslims, to be renegotiated and reconfigured.

Mandala Road

Author : Masako Bandō
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Two generations of the Nonezawa family – Asafumi and his wife Shizuka, and Asafumi's grandfather Rentaro and his Malayan lover Saya – are connected across the years by the mysterious Mandala Road, which simultaneously casts Asafumi and Rentaro from their respective ages into a haunting post-apocalyptic world. As becomes apparent, Asafumi, Rentaro, Saya, and Shizuka are all, in their own way, on a private journey to discover and reconcile themselves with their memories of violence, both seen and experienced, as they struggle to understand themselves, unearth the emotions they have repressed, and learn to live with a past that seems always to be too close behind them.

Deep Blue

Author : Sylvie Shaw
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Nature religions look to rivers, lakes and oceans for inspiration and spiritual transformation. 'Deep Blue' brings together the work of influential scholars in the field of nature religion, ranging across anthropology, mythology, sociology and psychology. The essays examine the interrelationship between spiritual practice, critical thinking, and environmental concern. Tracing the ancient history of humanity's close relationship with both salt and fresh water, the book calls for a sustainable relationship with water in contemporary western culture. 'Deep Blue' will be of interest to students of paganism and religion, environmental researchers and activists, and all those involved in the intersection between religion and ecology.

Engendering the Buddhist State

Author : Ashley Thompson
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Drawing from more than a decade of field and archival research, this monograph concerns Cambodian cultural history and historiography, with an ultimate aim of broadening and deepening bases for understanding the Cambodian Theravadin politico-cultural complex. The book takes the form of an interdisciplinary analysis of performative and representational strategies for constituting social collectivities, largely developed at Angkor. The analysis involves extended close readings of a wide range of cultural artefacts including epigraphic and manuscript texts, sculpture and ritual practices. The author proposes a critical re-evaluation of dominant paradigms of Cambodian historiography in view of engendering new histories, or hybrid histories, which make room for previously absent perspectives and voices, while developing new theoretical tools engaging with and partially derived from "indigenous" narrative practices in the broadest sense. In this history-making process the historical event is shown to never be entirely separable from its aesthetic representation. Particular attention is paid to the roles of sexual difference in such (re)constructions of history. The book presents a theory of power capable of accounting for the historical phenomena by which vernacular cultures appropriate, subvert and submit to cosmopolitan forces. It charts out a novel approach to the study of classical Southeast Asian materials, and is of interest to students and scholars of Asian Art, Religion and Philosophy, Buddhism and Southeast Asian History.

Ground Works

Author : Grant Kester
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If the Mandala Flower

Author : Harold Morland
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The Shaman s Mirror

Author : Hope MacLean
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Huichol Indian yarn paintings are one of the world's great indigenous arts, sold around the world and advertised as authentic records of dreams and visions of the shamans. Using glowing colored yarns, the Huichol Indians of Mexico paint the mystical symbols of their culture—the hallucinogenic peyote cactus, the blue deer-spirit who appears to the shamans as they croon their songs around the fire in all-night ceremonies deep in the Sierra Madre mountains, and the pilgrimages to sacred sites, high in the central Mexican desert of Wirikuta. Hope MacLean provides the first comprehensive study of Huichol yarn paintings, from their origins as sacred offerings to their transformation into commercial art. Drawing on twenty years of ethnographic fieldwork, she interviews Huichol artists who have innovated important themes and styles. She compares the artists' views with those of art dealers and government officials to show how yarn painters respond to market influences while still keeping their religious beliefs. Most innovative is her exploration of what it means to say a tourist art is based on dreams and visions of the shamans. She explains what visionary experience means in Huichol culture and discusses the influence of the hallucinogenic peyote cactus on the Huichol's remarkable use of color. She uncovers a deep structure of visionary experience, rooted in Huichol concepts of soul-energy, and shows how this remarkable conception may be linked to visionary experiences as described by other Uto-Aztecan and Meso-American cultures.

Rethinking South China Sea Disputes

Author : Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng
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The proposed book draws on the on-going South China Sea dispute, and the multifaceted challenges wrought by the South China Sea issue that requires an inter-disciplinary perspective. It employs legal-analytical methods, to emphasize the nuances of the role and interpretation of international law and treaties by China in different periods, while taking into account policy and strategic concerns, which generally cast great sways in decision-making. The re-introduction of interdisciplinary concerns straddling law and history illustrates that the historical dimension, which has long been neglected, is an emerging concern that poses looming dangers that may unexpectedly radicalize the friction. Contributing to debunking the mystique wrought by confrontations between a historical and a law-dominated perspective, these perspectives are supported by a more nuanced analytical framework, featuring theoretical concerns with a tinge of practicality. The South China Sea Dispute aims to unveil a nuanced evolution of the issue with a confluence of inter-temporal law, policy and maritime practices in the South China Sea.

World Monarchies and Dynasties

Author : John Middleton
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Throughout history, royal dynasties have dominated countries and empires around the world. Kings, queens, emperors, chiefs, pharaohs, czars - whatever title they ruled by, monarchs have shaped institutions, rituals, and cultures in every time period and every corner of the globe. The concept of monarchy originated in prehistoric times and evolved over centuries right up to the present. Efforts to overthrow monarchies or evade their rule - such as the American, French, Chinese, and Russian revolutions - are considered turning points in world history. Even today, many countries retain their monarchies, although in vastly reduced form with little political power. One cannot understand human history and government without understanding monarchs and monarchies. This fully-illustrated encyclopedia provides the first complete survey of all the major rulers and ruling families of the world, past and present. No other reference work approaches the topic with the same sense of magnitude or connection to historical context. Arranged in A-Z format for ease of access, World Monarchies and Dynasties includes information on major monarchs and dynasties from ancient time to the present. This set: includes overviews of reigns and successions, genealogical charts, and dynastic timelines; addresses concepts, problems, and theories of monarchy; provides background and information for further research; highlights important places, structures, symbols, events, and legends related to particular monarchs and dynasties; includes a master bibliography and multiple indexes.


Author : Wilfred L. Guerin, Earle Labor, Lee Morgan, John R. Willingham
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Reiki and the Healing Buddha

Author : Maureen J. Kelly
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Reiki and the Healing Buddha reconnects Reiki with its Buddhist antecedents and provides both the experienced practitioner and the interested lay person with new insights and viewpoints on Reiki.

State Prospects and Development of Rescue Physical Culture and Sports in the Xxi Century

Author : Zukow Walery
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Author : Peter Patrick Barreda
File Size : 64.27 MB
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In this fascinating collection of sacred art and inspirational writings, the mandala shines forth as the link that unites us to each other and to the mysteries of the Universe.

Another Kyoto

Author : Alex Kerr
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Another Kyoto is an insider's meditation on the hidden wonders of Japan's most enigmatic city. Drawing on decades living in Kyoto, and on lore gleaned from artists, Zen monks and Shinto priests, Alex Kerr illuminates the simplest things - a temple gate, a wall, a sliding door - in a new way. 'A rich book of intimate proportions ... In Kyoto, facts and meaning are often hidden in plain sight. Kerr's gift is to make us stop and cast our eyes upward to a temple plaque, or to squint into the gloom of an abbot's chamber' Japan Times 'Kerr and Sokol have performed a minor miracle by presenting that which is present in Kyoto as that which we have yet to see. I know that I will never pass a wall, or tread a floor, or sit on tatami the same way again' Kyoto Journal