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To Purge This Land with Blood

Author : Stephen B. Oates
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The Definitive Biography of John Brown “John Brown’s life was filled with drama, and Oates tells his story in a manner so engrossing that the book reads like a novel, despite the fact that it is extensively documented and researched.” —Eric Foner, The New York Times Book Review Professor Oates “has given us the most objective and absorbing biography of John Brown ever written. The subtitle perfectly captures Brown’s own conception of his role in the antislavery crusade. Oates describes with subtlety and detail John Brown’s early career, his struggles with poverty, illness and death, the desperate straits the man was put to in support of his large family of twenty children. He tells us that Brown came to the armed phase of his abolitionist career at the end of many business ventures and as many failures, unsuccessful speculations, lawsuits, and bankruptcies, even misappropriation of funds.” —Willie Lee Rose, New York Review of Books In October 1859, abolitionist John Brown led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry. His goal was to secure weapons and start a slave rebellion. The raid was a failure, but it galvanized the nation and sparked the Civil War. Still one of the most controversial figures in American history, John Brown’s actions raise interesting questions about unsanctioned violence that can be justified for a greater good. For more than a hundred years after Brown’s hanging, biographies of him tended to be highly politicized—then came historian Stephen B. Oates’ biography of Brown. Since its publication, Professor Oates’ work has come to be recognized as the definitive biography of Brown, a balanced assessment that captures the man in all his complexity.

Blood and Land

Author : Harvey Beach
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In a world where everyone has gone to war, not choosing sides is not an option. Lord Simon Montcalm goes to war in 1066 not just because he must be true to his oath to his overlord Duke William of Normandy upon threat of destitution or death for refusal, but because there is great profit to be had. Huge lands and properties in England - the richest kingdom in Christendom. But great profit means great risk in the gaining it and the forces of England are terrible. Being the only male of his noble line, with no male heir himself, Lord Montcalm must win through the politics of his own side and the hazard of bloody battle to earn the promised glory for his name and riches for his family - or die, leaving not just him dead but his whole noble line extinct.

Blood Land and Sex

Author : Lyda Favali
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In Eritrea, state, traditional, and religious laws equally prevail, but any of these legal systems may be put into play depending upon the individual or individuals involved in a legal dispute. Because of conflicting laws, it has been difficult for Eritreans to come to a consensus on what constitutes their legal system. In Blood, Land, and Sex, Lyda Favali and Roy Pateman examine the roles of the state, ethnic groups, religious groups, and the international community in several key areas of Eritrean law -- blood feud or murder, land tenure, gender relations (marriage, prostitution, rape), and female genital surgery. Favali and Pateman explore the intersections of the various laws and discuss how change can be brought to communities where legal ambiguity prevails, often to the grave harm of women and other powerless individuals. This significant book focuses on how Eritrea and other newly emerging democracies might build pluralist legal systems that will be acceptable to an ethnically and religiously diverse population.

Holy Land Blood Brothers

Author :
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Blood Land and Power

Author : Manuel Perez-Garcia
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OPEN ACCESS The analysis of land management, lineage and family through the case study of early modern Spanish nobility from sixteenth to early nineteenth century is a major issue in recent historiography. It aims to shed light on how upper social classes arranged strategies to maintain their political and economic status. Rivalry and disputes between old factions and families were attached to the control and exercise of power. Blood, land management and honour were the main elements in these disputes. Honour, service to the Crown, participation in the conquest and ‘pure’ blood (Catholic affiliation) were the main features of Spanish nobility. This book analyses the origins of the entailed-estate (mayorazgo) from medieval times to early modern period, as the main element that enables us to understand the socio-economic behaviour of these families over generations. This longue durée chronology within the Braudelian methodology of the research aims to show how strategies and family networks changed over time, demonstrating a micro-history study of daily life.

Blood in the Promised Land

Author : Eliot Sefrin
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It is 1943, and World War II rages on battlefields across the globe. But in America, another bloody, divisive battle rages as stepped-up wartime production lures legions of poor blacks from the rural South to defense jobs in the North—to a so-called “promised land” of opportunity. The wartime migration has a profound impact, transforming America’s cities into both “arsenals for democracy” and cauldrons of racial conflict. Set against this conflicted backdrop, two men embark on separate journeys to begin a new chapter in their lives. Roosevelt Turner is a poor black migrant who flees the Jim Crow South to work in Pittsburgh’s bustling steel mills. Jacob Perlman is a Jewish physician forced to escape Nazi-occupied Europe. As each seeks to escape his harrowing past and rebuild his life in a country struggling to fulfill its own promise, their paths unwittingly cross during a violent racial conflict. In an instant, their destinies are reshaped forever. As Roosevelt and Jacob are thrust into the crucible of the civil rights movement, they courageously join forces in an effort to crush a terrorist hate group and exorcise the ghosts from their pasts.

The Land Shall be Deluged in Blood

Author : Patrick H. Breen
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Signs -- The first blood -- To Jerusalem -- Where are the facts? -- The coolest and most judicious among us -- Long and elaborate arguments -- Willing to suffer the fate that awaits me -- Communion

Feminists Theorize the Political

Author : Judith Butler
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A collection of work by leading feminist scholars, engaging with the question of the political status of poststructuralism within feminism, and affirming the contemporary debate over theory as politically rich and consequential.


Author : Joshua Seidl
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Three cultures, Native American, Euro-American and Metis come together in this 1934-2010 historical fiction. Setting: Great Lakes region, a pristine wilderness community. Dynamic interplay in love and conflicts, the story features Baby boomers in thier formative years. Thisn is the follow up companion to the book, Hawk Dancer. The Elder prtagonists, Jacob Hawk Dancer (Ojibwe/Norwegian), and Job (Potawatomi)promote conciliation among races and classes of people. They mentor the youth of the 1960s through the Great American Civil Rights movement, American Indian Movement, and the Vietnam war era. The first ever Native American Franciscan Order is established, the Congregation of St. James. The kids come of age in the 70s and continue the work of inculturation, promotion of Indigenous cultures in the Churches and society. Eventualy, they are the elders. They see the passage of the American Indian Freedom of Religion Law, Aug. 11, 1978. Endearing but not soft and cuddly. Exciting, dramatic.

80 Old Testament Characters of World History Chronological Historical and Archaeological Evidence

Author : Gerard Gertoux
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Despite the fact that the name of many characters mentioned in the Old Testament, like David, King of Israel, have been recently confirmed by archaeology as well as their epoch and the events in which they were involved, most archaeologists continue to deny the historicity of the Bible they view as pious fiction or a mythical account. They argue that the major events in the Bible such as the victory of Abraham against Chedorlaomer, an unknown king of Elam around 2000 BCE, the victory of Moses against an unknown Pharaoh around 1500 BCE or the victory of Esther, an unknown Persian Queen, against an unknown vizier of Xerxes, never existed because they left absolutely no evidence. They also explain that according to what we know today, these events could not have occurred. These logical arguments are impressive but a precise chronological analysis based on absolute dates, coupled with a rigorous historical investigation, shows that all those major events really took place at the dates and places indicated.