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Lancaster Men

Author : Peter Rees
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The extraordinary story of the Aussie men of Bomber Command in the air and on the ground.

The Lancaster Men

Author : Janet Dailey
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Henry of Lancaster s Expedition to Aquitaine 1345 1346

Author : Nicholas A. Gribit
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First full-length study of the campaigns led by Henry of Lancaster in Aquitaine, including a detailed biographical study of the individuals involved.

Lancaster in the Great War

Author : John Fidler
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Although Lancaster was the ancient County town, it had a population of only 40,000 in 1914. Of these, it is thought that some 5,000 men saw war service between 1914-18, and over 1,000 did not return. In consequence, the recruiting drives, the tribunals to consider exemption from 1916, and the ever-growing casualty lists provide the main theme for this book.Some 3,000 men had volunteered by December 1914, to join those already serving. While the depot of the Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment was in the town, about eighty regiments had Lancaster men in their ranks, and both the casualty lists and the awards for gallantry reflect this.The town was out of range for shelling from the sea, or aerial bombardment, but did experience an explosion at its munitions factory in 1917. Apart from this, the mayor and council endeavoured to continue with their primary duties as far as possible in running the town.

The History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster

Author : Edward Baines
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Edward II the Man

Author : Stephen Spinks
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'Where he saw virtue, his contemporaries saw betrayal...What could he possibly have done to make a success of his reign? He was, it seems, doomed by his inheritance.' Historian Ian Mortimer's description of Edward II is the starting point of Stephen Spinks' new analysis of this ultimately tragic story of sex, revenge and savagery.

Remains Historical and Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester

Author :
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Lancaster Men

Author : Sara Lane Deutch
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The Autobiography of William Stout of Lancaster

Author : John D. Marshall
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The Autobiography of William Stout of Lancaster 1665 1752

Author : William Stout
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The History of the Parish of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster

Author : Henry Fishwick
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The Lancaster Law Review

Author : Henry Clay Brubaker
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Remains historical and literary connected with the Palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester published by the Chetham Society

Author : Chetham Society
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A Biographical History of Lancaster County

Author : Alexander Harris
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The Granite Monthly

Author : Henry Harrison Metcalf
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Contains articles on the White Mountains and a map.

The Men of Lancaster County 5 in 1

Author : Mindy Starns Clark
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Come for a visit to Pennsylvania Amish country and meet the Men of Lancaster County! In this exclusive ebook-only bundle, The Men of Lancaster County 5-in-1 explores the lives of five Amish men in a close-knit community, their beliefs and struggles, and the women who change their futures. Written by Mindy Starns Clark, Susan Meissner, and Virginia Smith, each well-crafted tale tells of a journey taken toward love and truth by a conflicted and earnest young man. Enjoy these four full-length novels plus an additional ebook-only short story: The Amish Groom The Amish Blacksmith Lilies on Daybreak Pond The Amish Clockmaker The Amish Widower These stories of second chances and redeeming love follow the lives of several Lancaster County men, including prior Englisch military brat Tyler Anderson, now a questioning Amish farmer; Jake Miller, the blacksmith with a knack for gentling skittish horses; father Joel Miller, mourning the loss of his daughter to the Englisch world; newlywed Matthew Zook, who uncovers a decades-old mystery surrounding an exiled clockmaker; and Seth Hostetler, a twice-widowed young man whose pottery lessons may lead to a remolding of the heart. Each of these men has experienced loss and heartache. Will they find the love, forgiveness, and truth they are seeking? Come join the community at Lancaster County to see love at work!

Family Man Family Leader

Author : Phillip Lancaster
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"What this country needs is a few good men-husbands and fathers who are willing to love and lead their households with manly resolve and godly vision. Frankly, the Church needs these men every bit as much as the rest of the country. For more than ten years, Philip Lancaster has been instilling hope, and calling fathers to their rightful duties as family prophets, priests, protectors, and providers. Through his magazine Patriarch, Phil has reached thousands with both the vision and the tools necessary for family revival. Now, in his first book, Phil lays-in simple, easy-to-understand concepts-the biblical foundation necessary for men to turn their hearts to home and change the world. Soundly reasoned and biblically supported, Family Man, Family Leader is appropriate for any man, old or young."

Liverpool and Transatlantic Slavery

Author : David Richardson
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As Britain’s dominant port for the slave trade in the eighteenth century, Liverpool is crucial to the study of slavery. And as the engine behind Liverpool’s rapid growth and prosperity, slavery left an indelible mark on the history of the city. This collection of essays, boasting an international roster of leading scholars in the field, sets Liverpool in the wider context of transatlantic slavery. The contributors tackle a range of issues, including African agency, slave merchants and their society, and the abolitionist movement, always with an emphasis on the human impact of slavery.

A Biographical History of Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Author : Alexander Harris
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This hefty volume contains hundreds of biographical sketches of men who had lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, at some time from its early settlement down to about 1870. The sketches vary in length from a few lines to a few pages, but most provide s

Thirty Three Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women

Author : Cassandra
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There exists in this world people who have no soul. Anyone who could inflict such endless cruelty on women and children is less than human. It's hard for me to find the precise words I can use to describe my feelings about this reading experience: deep sadness, blistering rage, and a need to take revenge. Intellectually, I know all this is counterproductive, and a punishment inflicted upon myself. However, Thirty-Three Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women: A Dissection of How Muslims Treat Women and Infidels is a wake-up call for any women who would let her heart rule her head in personal relationships, no matter what the cultural background or religion.