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Lady Death

Author : Martin Pegler
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The wartime memoir of Lyudmila Pavlichenko is a remarkable document: the publication of an English language edition is a significant coup. Pavlichenko was World War II's best scoring sniper and had a varied wartime career that included trips to England and America. In June 1941, when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, she left her university studies, ignored the offer of a position as a nurse, to become one of Soviet Russia's 2000 female snipers. Less than a year later she had 309 recorded kills, including 29 enemy sniper kills. She was withdrawn from active duty after being injured. She was also regarded as a key heroic figure for the war effort. She spoke at rallies in Canada and the US and the folk singer Woody Guthrie wrote a song, 'Killed By A Gun' about her exploits. Her US trip included a tour of the White House with FDR. In November 1942 she visited Coventry and accepted donations of £4,516 from Coventry workers to pay for three X-ray units for the Red Army. She also visited a Birmingham factory as part of her fundraising tour. She never returned to combat but trained other snipers. After the war, she finished her education at Kiev University and began a career as a historian. She died on October 10, 1974 at age 58, and was buried in Moscow's Novodevichy Cemetery.

Lady Death Deathsworn Arc Book 0

Author : Martyn Stanley
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Vashni is doing guild work in Cormaroth, when a mysterious new mark is offered to her. The intended victim is said to hold a secret, so sensitive - the church has offered a small fortune to see the holder silenced. Can Vashni resist the temptation of a forbidden truth? Or will her whimsical desire for gold keep her on task?

Crossgen Titles

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 25. Chapters: Lady Death, Crux, The Crossovers, Negation, Sojourn, Ruse, Way of the Rat, The First, Sigil, Abadazad, Mystic, Brath, Meridian, Mark of Charon, The Path, Solus, Chimera, Route 666, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Scion, Negation War, El Cazador, Trial by Fire, CrossGen Chronicles, Saurians: Unnatural Selection, CrossGenesis. Excerpt: Lady Death is a fictional character, a comic book goddess created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes. Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 by Eternity Comics in December 1991. Lady Death then reappeared in the Evil Ernie: The Resurrection mini-series published by Pulido under his now defunct company Chaos! Comics in 1993. After a 3 year hiatus, Avatar Press announced that it would create a separate company called Boundless to publish the character beginning in late 2010. The character was also the subject of a full-length animated feature film released in July 2004 by ADV Films. Incarnations of the character have been illustrated by such comic book artists as Steven Hughes, Mike Deodato, Jr., Romano Molenaar and Ivan Reis. Brian Pulido still owns the intellectual property rights to his characters; having optioned publishing licensing through various independent companies, such as Avatar Press. In addition, Lady Death has been depicted in artworks by a number of well-known fantasy artists such as Dorian Cleavenger, Gerald Brom, Boris Vallejo, Joe Jusko and Julie Bell. Brian Pulido with Lady Death at SDCC 2010.Lady Death was originally published by Chaos Comics and remains one of the best examples of the bad girl titles that took the American comic book industry by storm during the late 1990s. The earliest issues of Lady Death were written by Brian Pulido and illustrated by the late Steven Hughes. Lady Death was originally conceived as a violent anti-hero, but subsequent iterations have toned...

Lady Death and the Art of Mourning

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"How can a classically trained vocalist and modern Celtic folksinger musically interpret the ancient Celtic lament for a modern audience?" Lady Death and The Art of Mourning: Re-envisioning the Celtic Lament answers this question by presenting a lecture-song recital and synthesizing the author's/artist's research, performance practice methods, and performance results within the following essay. This thesis-project includes as its production component a professional recording of an audio CD in six tracks: Judith Weikle Six Celtic Laments. This CD, along with the written thesis, is on file on ProQuest and at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona."--leaf 3.

Slocum and Lady Death

Author : Jake Logan
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More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Death of All Things

Author : Faith Hunter
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Lie. Cheat. Bargain. Fight. Accept. Bribe. Conquer. Evade. No matter what humanity tries, Death always wins. Or does it? Discover the answer in The Death of All Things, where twenty-one writers take their shot at the Grim Reaper with explorations of the mythical, fantastical, and futuristic bonds between life and death. Learn the cost of mortality, the perils—and joys—of the afterlife, and the potential pitfalls of immortality... Featuring stories from: K. M. Laney, Andrea Mullen, Faith Hunter, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Jason M. Hough, Julie Pitzel, Shaun Avery, Christie Golden, Leah Cutter, Aliette de Bodard, Andrew Dunlop, A. Merc Rustad, Ville Meriläinen, Amanda Kespohl, Mack Moyer, Fran Wilde, Kathryn McBride, Andrija Popovic, Jim C. Hines, Stephen Blackmoore, and Kiya Nicoll.

Lady Death

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Woman Ruler

Author : Elin Sand
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Witchblade Lady Death

Author : David Wohl
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Lady Margery s Intrigue

Author : M.C. Beaton
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At age twenty-three, the petite Lady Margery has already graced the rows of wallflowers for many a season. With the one exception of Charles, the Marquess of Edgecombe, the only man who ever dances with her, Lady Margery will have nothing to do with men; what's more, she does not even particularly like Charles. Bored beyond words, she firmly decides this to be the end of it all and returns to the comfort of her only love, her home at Chelmswood. But she does not find comfort, not even there. It seems her middle-aged father has taken for himself a dim-witted brat of nineteen to be his bride. Forced into bankruptcy by his child-bride's lust for luxury, Margery's father determines to sell Chelmswood. But Margery will not hear of it and launches an all-out, military-like campaign to ensnare herself a wealthy husband and save her ancestral family home. Everything seems to be going according to plan until the unforeseen intervention of Charles sabotages Margery's plan, giving them both a run for their money.