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Agricultural Program Audit

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Women in Sport Leadership

Author : Laura J. Burton
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Although women and girls participate in sport in greater numbers than ever before, research shows there has been no significant increase in women leading sport organizations. This book takes an international, evidence-based perspective in examining women in sport leadership and offers future directions for improving gender equity. With contributions from leading international sport scholars and practitioners, it explores the opportunities and challenges women face while exercising leadership in sport organizations and evaluates leadership development practices. While positional leadership is crucial, this book argues that some women may choose to exercise leadership in non-positional ways, challenging readers to consider their personal values and passions. The chapters not only discuss key topics such as gender bias, intersectionality, quotas, networking, mentoring and sponsoring, but also present a variety of strategies to develop and support the next generation of women leaders in sport. A new model of how to achieve gender equity in sport leadership is also introduced. Women in Sport Leadership: Research and Practice for Change is important reading for all students, scholars, leaders, administrators, and coaches with an interest in sport business, policy and management, as well as women’s sport and gender studies.

Redefining Geek

Author : Cassidy Puckett
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A surprising and deeply researched look at how everyone can develop tech fluency by focusing on five easily developed learning habits. Picture a typical computer geek. Likely white, male, and someone you’d say has a “natural instinct” for technology. Yet, after six years teaching technology classes to first-generation, low-income middle school students in Oakland, California, Cassidy Puckett has seen firsthand that being good with technology is not something people are born with—it’s something they learn. In Redefining Geek, she overturns the stereotypes around the digitally savvy and identifies the habits that can help everyone cultivate their inner geek. Drawing on observations and interviews with a diverse group of students around the country, Puckett zeroes in on five technology learning habits that enable tech-savvy teens to learn new technologies: a willingness to try and fail, management of frustration and boredom, use of models, and the abilities to use design logic and identify efficiencies. In Redefining Geek, she shows how to measure and build these habits, and she demonstrates how many teens historically marginalized in STEM are already using these habits and would benefit from recognition for their talent, access to further learning opportunities, and support in career pathways. She argues that if we can develop, recognize, and reward these technological learning habits in all kids—especially girls and historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups—we can address many educational inequities and disparities in STEM. Revealing how being good with technology is not about natural ability but habit and persistence, Redefining Geek speaks to the ongoing conversation on equity in technology education and argues for a more inclusive technology learning experience for all students.

Encyclopedia of Leadership

Author : George R. Goethals
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The Encyclopedia of Leadership brings together for the first time everything that is known and truly matters about leadership as part of the human experience. Developed by the award-winning editorial team at Berkshire Publishing Group, the Encyclopedia includes hundreds of articles, written by 280 leading scholars and experts from 17 countries, exploring leadership theories and leadership practice. Entries and sidebars show leadership in action - in corporations and state houses, schools, churches, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Federal Register

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Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens

Author : Mariam G. MacGregor
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Every teen can be a leader. That’s because leadership is not just about taking the lead in big ways, but in everyday small things, too. The 21 sessions in this youth leadership curriculum guide teens to explore ethical decision-making, team-building, what it means to be a leader, how to work with others, risk-taking, communication, creative thinking, and more. Choose the sessions that seem best for your class or group, or explore leadership skills through an entire school year. The revised and updated 2nd edition includes the Everyday Leadership Skills & Attitudes (ELSA) inventory, a leadership measurement tool, as well as reproducible handouts, evaluation tools, and exams. Access to digital content includes the reproducible handouts from the book, the student inventory of leadership skills and evaluation tools, and lots of bonus material. Requires use of the student book, Everyday Leadership.

Youth Employment Programs in Ghana

Author : World Bank
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Unemployment and underemployment are global development challenges. The situation in Ghana is no different. In 2016, it was projected that, given the growing youth population, 300,000 new jobs would need to be created each year to absorb the increasing numbers of unemployed young people. Yet the structure of the Ghanaian economy in terms of employment has not changed much from several decades ago. Most jobs are low skill, requiring limited cognitive or technology know-how, reflected by low earnings and less decent work. An additional challenge for Ghana is the need to create access to an adequate number of high-quality, productive jobs. This report seeks to increase knowledge about Ghana's job landscape and youth employment programs to assist policy makers and key stakeholders to identify ways to improve the programming and effectiveness of youth employment programs and to strengthen coordination among major stakeholders. Focused, strategic, short-to-medium and long-term responses are required to address the current unemployment and underemployment challenges. Effective coordination and synergies among youth employment programs are needed to avoid duplication of efforts while transformation of the country's economic structure is improved. Effective private sector participation in skills development and employment programs is suggested. The report posits interventions in five priority areas, which are not new but could potentially be impactful through scaling up. These areas include: (1) agriculture and agribusiness promotion; (2) apprenticeship (skills training); (3) entrepreneurship promotion; (4) high-yielding areas (renewable energy-solar, construction, tourism, sports, and green jobs); and (5) pre-employment support services Finally, with the fast-changing nature of work due to technology and artificial intelligence, Ghana needs to develop an education and training system that is versatile and helps young people to adapt and thrive in the 21st century world of work.

Encyclopedia of Women in Today s World

Author : Mary Zeiss Stange
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This work includes 1000 entries covering the spectrum of defining women in the contemporary world.

If Eve Only Knew

Author : Kendra Weddle Irons
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"She is a godly woman." "True love waits." Are these phrases and many others about gender truly based in scripture, or based on dusty, outdated stereotypes? And how do these perceptions repress people, especially women, from fully expressing their faith? If Eve Only Knew offers a fresh perspective on gender and the Bible, destroying trumped-up, captive-creating messages with the freeing proclamation grounded in Jesus' ministry and found everywhere in scripture: that we are all created in God's image, and by relying on our gifts and skills--rather than on gender-designed roles--we become all God means for us to be.

Totally Tweens and Teens

Author : Diane P. Tuccillo
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The library programs featured in this unique collection are those that have been suggested, created, and led by youth with the help and guidance of the supportive adults at their library. Many times, librarians bring ideas to teens in hopes of getting them to buy in and perhaps help them to run programs. In this book, you’ll primarily find a role reversal! Tweens and teens lead the way with whatever adult information, support, and supervision they need to see their proposals through. To accomplish this, the youth are encouraged to create new ideas, are empowered to make decisions, and are given control. Plus, the ideas they bring to life are not just peer-focused. The programs, activities, and events they create and lead can be for children, adults, or even for all ages or mixed audiences, as well as for fellow tweens and teens. In addition to finding a wide array of proven ideas, recommendations, and testimonials from real tweens and teenagers, you will discover helpful advice on using the philosophies behind allowing youth to not only have a say but to take action; testimonials from adults who have worked directly with youth having this level of empowerment; suggestions on getting approval and providing funding and other support for youth ideas; ways to evaluate such youth-led programs; and sample forms, flyers, and other materials that can be adapted.