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Author : Masha Tupitsyn
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In today's surplus world of communication overload and cultural clutter, writer and cultural critic Masha Tupitsyn turns to the media matrix of Twitter to explore the changing ways that we construct and consume narrative.

Love Dog

Author : Masha Tupitsyn
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Multimedia print version of a one-year blog project on love; the text is interspersed with film stills, URLs for movie clips and music videos, and more.--

First Reformed

Author : Paul Schrader
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Called “an ecstatic, arc-bright wonder and terror” by The New Yorker, this major work of art now receives a first printing, featuring a brilliant introductory essay by Masha Tupitsyn. This Academy Award-nominated screenplay is one of the greatest and most urgent in Paul Schrader’s long and decorated career. Called a “portrait of a soul in torment, all the more powerful for being so rigorously conceived and meticulously executed” in the New York Times, First Reformed follows the Rev. Ernst Toller as his crisis of faith coincides with a recognition of looming environmental catastrophe. It is an uncompromising work that seamlessly synthesizes a tribute to Bresson with a profound, existential meditation on the everexpanding devastation that humanity is spreading over the natural world. The crowning late period achievement for an undisputed legend of screenwriting, this is both a master class in concision, depth and emotional range, and a continually relevant work of activist import.

Time Tells Time

Author : Masha Tupitsyn
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Zodiac, Felicity, the Beastie Boys and Call Me By Your Name - with touchstones like these Tupitsyn makes big, innovative critical thinking accessible to anyone interested in America today. Time Tells: Time is the first installment in Masha Tupitsyn's grand, engaging cultural study of performance, time, masculinity and falsehood. Vertigo, Joan Didion, Ted Bundy, David Fincher and Jean Luc-Godard are touched on with the lightness of an enthusiast and the incisiveness of an expert. Tupitsyn takes the rarified world of critical theory and uses language and subjects that anyone can understand and enjoy. Her crisp, engaging prose draws connections between the arts and male pathology that can't be unseen, and the lively journey through pop culture will have you reaching for your remote. MORE ABOUT THE TIME TELLS TRILOGY: Archway Editions is proud to be publishing the Time Tells trilogy - a unique blend of history, memoir and philosophy - and this first volume is sure to draw in readers of any background. In 2022 the sequels Time Tells: Comedy and Time Tells: Acting will complete this epic cycle, one of the defining critical texts of the 21st century so far. Weaving feminism, chronopolitics, prose, and cultural memoir, Time Tells meditates on the loss of presence, ethics, and attention in the post-internet age. Structured into three main inquiries and phenomenologies—Time, Comedy, Acting—Time Tells focuses on the internet to talk about the ethics of attention, comedy to talk about timing and the language of critique, and lying masculinity, the male double, and acting to talk about presence, performance, and the power of falsehood. All three phenomenologies intersect to examine our inability to experience coherence and integration in the post-truth era. Forming a multiform mosaic of serial essays that are intimate and diagnostic, elegiac and theoretical, Time Tells spans a wide variety of popular media--film, peak TV, comedy specials, and social media--resulting in a hybrid work of text and image.

Picture Cycle

Author : Masha Tupitsyn
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A multigenre investigation of the personal and cultural annals of memory, identity, and spectatorship, both on and off the screen. In exchange for studying what each fraudulent cell looks like under a merciless commercial and commodified lens, viewers enable late-capitalism to run more smoothly by calling in with their votes, as is the case with Reality TV. From the inside, secrecy appears eradicated, as though secrets or coded transparencies comprise the totality of injustice, rather than just one part. Justice is reduced to a vantage point. We see and we see and we see ad infinitum. —from Picture Cycle With her debut collection Beauty Talk & Monsters (2007), Masha Tupitsyn established a new genre of hybrid writing that melded film criticism, philosophy, and autobiography. Picture Cycle continues Tupitsyn's multigenre investigation of the personal and cultural annals of memory, identity, and spectatorship, both on and off the screen. Composed over a ten-year period, Picture Cycle is a pioneering collection whose sharp and knowing vignette-like essays form a critical autobiography of the daily images in our lives. Deftly covering a range of theoretical and cinematic frameworks, Tupitsyn traces here the quickly vanishing line between onscreen and offscreen, predigital and postdigital. The result is a unique intellectual study of the uncanny formation of our life's biographies through images.

Beauty Talk Monsters

Author : Masha Tupitsyn
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A collection of stories told through the movies that revisits the lower Manhattan art world and the Atlantic haven of Provincetown in the 1980s. Masha Tupitsyn's Beauty Talk & Monsters is a debut collection of stories told through the movies. Equally influenced by Brian De Palma and Kathy Acker, Tupitsyn revisits the ruins of a childhood and youth nurtured on the fringe of the glittering lower Manhattan art world and the Atlantic haven of Provincetown in the 1980s. Moving fluidly through space, time, and a range of cinematic frameworks, Tupitsyn cuts through the cynical glamour and illusion of Hollywood to a soft, secret heart.Her narrator, a female loner and traveler, is caught in the maelstrom of films and images, where life is experienced through the eye of a camera lens and seen through the light on the screen. In a precise and elegant style, Beauty Talk & Monsters embraces and confronts a lineage of familiar myths and on- and off-screen cinematic excess in order to challenge the silver screen's century of power over our dreams and ideals. Intimate and intellectual, Tupitsyn's stories play with the cinema's most popular icons and images.

Life As We Show It

Author : Brian Pera
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Writings about the influence of film on the cultural and individual imagination

gypten und Levante

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