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La Pocha Nostra

Author : Guillermo Gómez-Peña
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La Pocha Nostra: A Handbook for the Rebel Artist in a Post-Democratic Society marks a transformation from its sister book, Exercises for Rebel Artists, into a pedagogical matrix suited for use as a performance handbook and conceptual tool for artists, activists, theorists, pedagogues and trans-disciplinary border crossers of all stripes. Featuring a newly reworked outline of La Pocha Nostra's overall pedagogy, and how it has evolved in the time of Trump, cartel violence and the politics of social media, this new handbook presents deeper explanations of the interdisciplinary pedagogical practices developed by the group that has been labelled "the most influential Latino/a performance troupe of the past ten years." Co-written by Guillermo Gómez-Peña in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra's artistic co-director Saul Garcia-Lopez, this highly anticipated follow-up volume raises crucial questions in the new neo-nationalist era. Based on field experience from ten years of touring, the authors blend original methods with updated and revised exercises, providing new material for teachers, universities, radical artists, curators, producers and students.

La Pocha Nostra Manifesto for a Post democratic Era

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"The Spanglish neologism Pocha Nostra translates as either 'our impurities' or 'the cartel of cultural bastards or traitors.' We love this poetic ambiguity. It reveals an attitude towards art and society: cross-racial, cross-trans-or-post-national, polygendered, post-ultra-retro-experimental, neoindio, or a remix of the same or none, ¿y qué? ¿Cuál es el pedo? After all, nation-States are dysfunctional and dated."--Back cover.

Exercises for Rebel Artists

Author : Guillermo Gómez Peña
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In Exercises for Rebel Artists, Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes use their extensive teaching and performance experience with La Pocha Nostra to help students and practitioners to create ‘border art’. Designed to take readers right into the heart of radical performance, the authors use a series of crucial practical exercises, honed in workshops worldwide, to help create challenging theatre which transcends the boundaries of nation, gender, and racial identity. The book features: Detailed exercises for using Pocha Nostra methods in workshops Inspirational approaches for anyone creating, producing or teaching radical performance A step-by-step guide for large-scale group performance New, unpublished photos of the Pocha Nostra method in practice Exercises for Rebel Artists advocates teaching as an important form of activism and as an extension of the performance aesthetic. It is an essential text for anyone who wants to learn how use performance to both challenge and change.

Tricksters of the Spectatorial

Author : Marina Barsy Janer
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Ethno Techno

Author : Guillermo Gómez-Peña
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Guillermo Gómez-Peña has spent many years developing his unique style of performance-activism; his theatricalizations of postcolonial theory. In Ethno-Techno: Writings on Performance, Activism and Pedagogy, he pushes the boundaries still further, exploring what's left for artists to do in a post-9/11 repressive culture of what he calls 'the mainstream bizarre'. Over forty-five photos document his artistic experiments and the text not only explores and confronts his political and philosophical parameters; it offers groundbreaking insights into his, and his company's, methods of production, development and teaching. The result is an extraordinary and inspiring glimpse into the life and work of one of the most daring, innovative and challenging performance artists of our age.

Latino a Literature in the Classroom

Author : Frederick Luis Aldama
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In one of the most rapidly growing areas of literary study, this volume provides the first comprehensive guide to teaching Latino/a literature in all variety of learning environments. Essays by internationally renowned scholars offer an array of approaches and methods to the teaching of the novel, short story, plays, poetry, autobiography, testimonial, comic book, children and young adult literature, film, performance art, and multi-media digital texts, among others. The essays provide conceptual vocabularies and tools to help teachers design courses that pay attention to: Issues of form across a range of storytelling media Issues of content such as theme and character Issues of historical periods, linguistic communities, and regions Issues of institutional classroom settings The volume innovatively adds to and complicates the broader humanities curriculum by offering new possibilities for pedagogical practice.

Portable Borders

Author : Ila N. Sheren
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After World War II, the concept of borders became unsettled, especially after the rise of subaltern and multicultural studies in the 1980s. Art at the U.S.-Mexico border came to a turning point at the beginning of that decade with the election of U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Beginning with a political history of the border, with an emphasis on the Chicano movement and its art production, Ila Sheren explores the forces behind the shift in thinking about the border in the late twentieth century. Particularly in the world of visual art, borders have come to represent a space of performance rather than a geographical boundary, a cultural terrain meant to be negotiated rather than a physical line. From 1980 forward, Sheren argues, the border became portable through performance and conceptual work. This dematerialization of the physical border after the 1980s worked in two opposite directions—the movement of border thinking to the rest of the world, as well as the importation of ideas to the border itself. Beginning with site-specific conceptual artwork of the 1980s, particularly the performances of the Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo, Sheren shows how these works reconfigured the border as an active site. Sheren moves on to examine artists such as Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Coco Fusco, and Marcos Ramirez "ERRE." Although Sheren places emphasis on the Chicano movement and its art production, this groundbreaking book suggests possibilities for the expansion of the concept of portability to contemporary art projects beyond the region.

Art and Social Justice Education

Author : Therese M. Quinn
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Art and Social Justice Education offers inspiration and tools for educators to craft critical, meaningful, and transformative arts education curriculum and arts integration projects. The images, descriptive texts, essays, and resources are grounded within a clear social justice framework and linked to ideas about culture as commons. Essays and a section written by and for teachers who have already incorporated contemporary artists and ideas into their curriculums help readers to imagine ways to use the content in their own settings. This book is enhanced by a Companion Website ( featuring artists and artworks, project examples, and dialogue threads for educators. Proposing that art can contribute in a wide range of ways to the work of envisioning and making a more just world, this imaginative, practical, and engaging sourcebook of contemporary artists’ works and education resources advances the field of arts education, locally, nationally, and internationally, by moving beyond models of discipline-based or expressive art education. It will be welcomed by all educators seeking to include the arts and social justice in their curricula.

Making American Art

Author : Pam Meecham
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Educating American artists -- Art into reproduction -- Touring America -- Landscape -- Accommodating American art -- Writing about American art -- End notes

Teaching Multiwriting

Author : Robert L. Davis
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This innovative volume proposes a reinvention of composition and rhetoric training with multiwriting, an alternative, open approach to composing that spans genres, media, disciplines, and cultures.

Barbarism and Its Discontents

Author : Maria Boletsi
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Barbarism and civilization form one of the oldest and most rigid oppositions in Western history. According to this dichotomy, barbarism functions as the negative standard through which "civilization" fosters its self-definition and superiority by labeling others "barbarians." Since the 1990s, and especially since 9/11, these terms have become increasingly popular in Western political and cultural rhetoric—a rhetoric that divides the world into forces of good and evil. This study intervenes in this recent trend and interrogates contemporary and historical uses of barbarism, arguing that barbarism also has a disruptive, insurgent potential. Boletsi recasts barbarism as a productive concept, finding that it is a common thread in works of literature, art, and theory. By dislodging barbarism from its conventional contexts, this book reclaims barbarism's edge and proposes it as a useful theoretical tool.

The Unacceptable

Author : J. Potts
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Confronting the issue of the unacceptable as a social category, this collection of international essays provides distinctive perspectives on the theme of what is deemed socially acceptable. The book reveals the ways category of the unacceptable reflects sexual, racial and political fault-lines of a society.

The Breath of Theatre

Author : Caridad Svich
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"This volume gathers ten years of interviews with leading theatre and performance practitioners and critical reflections on plays and theatre-works in performance ... The collections features, among others, conversations with distinguished artists ... and reviews of work by Alan Bennett, Nilo Cruz, Will Eno, Sarah Kane, Bryony Lavery, Eduardo Machado, Suzan-Lori Parks and more."--Page [4] of cover.


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Port City

Author : Tom Trevor
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Traditionally ports have been seen as gateways to a wider world, representing a point of contact and exchange with different countries and cultures, facilitating the movement of people as well as goods and ideas. However in an era of globalisation, port cities have become simply trading points on a worldwide network, increasingly separated off from everyday life. Several artworks in the exhibition draw attention to the experience of migration, in particular between North Africa and the so-called 1Fortress Europe2. Ursula Biemann2s video installation Sahara Chronicle presents a riveting look at migration routes across the Sahara desert, filmed over three years in Niger, Mauritania and Morocco. Yto Barrada2s photographic series Sleepers presents images from her home town of Tangiers, where would-be m̌igrš await their moment of passage. Other highlights of the exhibition include a vast model of an imaginary global cityscape made from sugar by Meschac Gaba, featuring some of the world2s most iconic buildings. Sweetness will also include specially commissioned Southampton landmarks including the historic Bargate, as voted for by residents of the city. Melanie Jackson2s intricate paper installation The Undesirables, responds to the narratives of dock workers that she interviewed and to media representations of the wreck of the MSC Napoli that foundered off Branscombe, in Devon, last year.

Voices of Mexico

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News, commentary, and documents on current events in Mexico and Latin America.

Drama Review

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Turning Ten

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Embodiment and Disembodiment in Live Art

Author : Ke Shi
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Liveness is a pivotal issue for performance theorists and artists. As live art covers both embodiment and disembodiment, many scholars have emphasized the former and interpreted the latter as the opposite side of liveness. In this book, the author demonstrates that disembodiment is also an inextricable part of liveness and presence in performance from both practical and theoretical perspectives. By applying phenomenological theory to live performance, the author investigates the possible realisation of aesthetic dynamics in live art via re-engagement with the notions of embodiment, especially in the sense provided by philosophers such as Gabriel Marcel and Morris Merleau-Ponty. Creative practices from leading performance artists such as Franko B, Ron Athey, Manuel Vason and others, as well as experimental ensembles such as Goat Island, La Pocha Nostra, Forced Entertainment and the New Youth are discussed, offering a new perspective to re-frame human-human relationships such as the one between actor and spectator and collaborations in live genres In addition, the author presents a new interpretation model for the human-material in live genres, helping to bridge the aesthetic gaps between performance art and experimental theatre and providing an ecological paradigm for performance art, experimental theatre and live art.

Touring Artists Directory Performing Arts Touring and Presenting Program

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