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Kung Fu Animal Power Fu Book Dragon

Author : Scott Jensen
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Kung Fu Animal Power uses 18 different Animals to teach classic virtues, build strong athletic bodies with good posture and body mechanics, and learn self defense. This Fu Book (or Lucky Fun Book) is an activity book for students in the Kung Fu Animal Power program who are learning the Dragon. In this book, you will learn all the lessons of the Dragon, including: Dragon Virtue: Wisdom: Think Before You Speak or Act! Thinking before you speak, or act, is one of the secrets of wisdom. Thinking before you speak, or act, can help you live in harmony with your family, friends, and community and avoid problems. Thinking carefully before you speak or, act is a secret to success. Dragon Body Mechanic Lesson: Coil Your Body Like A Spring To prepare for any movement, coil your body. Coiling means using inward, twisting spirals, and bending, to gather strength before movement. By coiling your whole body, you can leash the power of your whole body, all at once. Dragon Drills: Dragon Stance, Steps, and Leaps Learn how to do the Dragon Stance, Dragon Steps and Dragon Leaps! The Dragon teaches you how to coil your body to generate power and move in any direction. The Dragon Drills look cool and are fun to practice. Dragon Moves: Dragon Kicks The Dragon's low, medium, and high kicks are fun, different and practical. This Fu Book has photos of all the Dragon Moves and Drills. You'll also find: Fun Facts About Real Dragon Virtue Discussion Questions Great Games Awesome Pictures to Admire Drawings to Color Learn how to write "Dragon" in Chinese Learn how to write "Wisdom" in Chinese Stories and Chinese Idioms

Unleash the Dragon Within

Author : Steven Macramalla, Ph.D.
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Discover your Animal archetype to transform your martial arts practice and improve your physical, emotional, and sexual health A cognitive psychologist and respected martial art instructor brings to life the Animals of Ch'ien-lung, and how to live the martial art philosophy--on and off the mat! This martial art belongs to everyone, not just for self-defense but as a force for healing. Keen on detail, big in scope, Unleash the Dragon Within shows how to tap into the Cat and Snake aspects of your mind and body. When you combine the movement, breath and meditation of a Cat with a Snake you create the Dragon, bringing all you are to your athletic performance, spiritual practices and even your sexual relationships.

The Book of Six Strings

Author : Philip Toshio Sudo
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Philip Toshio Sudo, founder of the Zen Guitar movement, and guitarist and educator Tobias Hurwitz present this follow-up to the best-selling book Zen Guitar. Inside are musical examples that help bring the Zen philosophy to life on anyone's guitar. Learning these ancient ideas can help guitarists become more "in the moment" in their musical approach. The Book of Six Strings helps guitarists break out of a creative rut and take playing to the next level. This book's centerpiece is "One Sound One Song," composed by Philip Toshio Sudo as a musical launching pad for Zen Guitar exploration. Included are inspirational quotes, philosophical concepts and historical facts mixed in with the musical examples. Also included is a CD demonstrating all of the examples in the book. This book is the ideal choice for those looking to be inspired and to deepen their spirituality and musical understanding.

The 12 Chinese Animals

Author : Zhongxian Wu
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* Silver Medal Winner in the 2010 BOTYA Awards Body, Mind and Spirit Category * The Chinese horoscope holds the key to a better understanding of self and others, and to living a life of harmony. Not just the year of birth, but also the month, day and hour have significance in true Chinese astrology. Master Zhongxian Wu explains how to find your power animal symbols, and how to learn from their wisdom. By fully understanding what each animal signifies, and how they relate to the major hexagrams of the Yijing, he shows that they can help you to find inner peace and live in harmony with family, friends, the wider community, and with nature. Using the wisdom of the twelve animal symbols as a guide, you will learn how to better understand your personality, and make choices that profoundly influence your health, relationships, career, and finances, allowing you to live up to your greatest potential. Making the wisdom of the twelve Chinese animals accessible to the Western reader for the first time in its relationship with the Yijing, this book will be an illuminating read for anyone interested in understanding themselves and their life patterns better, Chinese astrology, and the Yijing.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Novelization

Author : Tracey West
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Po the Dragon Warrior is back for an all-new adventure! First, the fun-loving panda is shocked when his panda dad lands on his doorstep and wants to take Po back to the secret Panda Village where he was born. Then as Po gets to know his newfound panda family and learn what it really means to be a panda, a terrible force arrives at the village. Kai, an evil spirit who has been stealing the life force of all the kung fun masters in China, is after the greatest kung fu master left--Po. Fans won't want to miss this action-packed retelling of the epic movie!

Dim Mak

Author : Ron Collins
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VideoHound s DVD Guide

Author : Mike Mayo
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Fatal Flute and Stick Forms

Author : Poi Chan
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The kung fu masters of old China knew that the flute, a simple musical instrument was one of the most deadly weapons of all time. The same held true for the staff. In the hands of a master these simple weapons could destroy an enemy. In this book renowned master Chan Poi teaches the techniques, forms, and principles of combat that meet the demands of today's self-defense.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Author : Donna E. Norton
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CD-ROM contains a database of children's literature.

Attack of the Dragon King

Author : M. M.Chan
File Size : 45.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Heart of a tiger, strength of a dragon, body of a ... schoolboy? A thrilling new action-adventure series with the magical power of the Chinese Zodiac. When Jack's grandpa leaves him a magical twelve-sided jade coin, Jack finds himself caught in an ancient battle between good and evil. For he is the new Tiger Warrior, and it's up to him to save the world! Luckily, Jack has the spirits of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac to help him. Tiger can harness the power of fire, Dragon can control water, Monkey has lightening speed and the rest, well they're just happy to be out of the jade coin for a bit! But other ancient spirits want the power of the Chinese Zodiac for themselves... With a brilliant cast of troublesome animal zodiac creatures, deadly demons and spine-tingling spirits, this series is for fans of Adam Blade and Percy Jackson.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Author :
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The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom

Author : Herbie J. Pilato
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The 1970s cult TV show Kung Fu introduced an entire generation of Americans to the ways of eastern philosophy. Its central appeal rested with the lead character, Kwai Chang Caine, whose graceful ways and respect for all life, attracted viewers of all ages, creeds, and colors.The over four hundred quotes of The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom are gathered from the words of Caine and Master Po and Master Kan, the Shaolin monks who were Caine's teachers. Arranged by notable topics that the show addressed: courage, discipline, freedom, and harmony--to name a few--this book offers clear insights of eastern wisdom.

The China Review Or Notes and Queries on the Far East

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Books Kids Will Sit Still for 3

Author : Judy Freeman
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Keep children on the edge of their seats with this guide to captivating read-alouds for grades K through 6. Tips on presentation and references to related titles help you plan effective programs and instill a love of books and reading.

Hollywood East

Author : Stefan Hammond
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The visually striking, lightning-fast action movies of Hong Kong used to be a favorite only of cult film enthusiasts -- these days, however, stars such as Sammo Hung, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan are household names. This book offers an inside look at the explosive Hong Kong film industry, its skyrocketing popularity, and its sometimes controversial relationship with Hollywood.

Popular Mechanics

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Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books

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Psychic Power

Author : Ted Andrews
File Size : 40.56 MB
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Welcome to the Young Person's School of Magic and Mystery, where you can learn what every magician, priest, priestess, shaman, witch and wise one through history had to learn. You will start to understand the power of imagination and belief. You can begin to develop your psychic abilities, if you wish. As you work the exercises in this second volume in the series, you will come to realize that you truly are more magical and more wonderful than you ever dreamed!

The Popular Science Monthly

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El Hi Textbooks Serials in Print 2000

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