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Koren Sacks Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Mahzor Boxed Set 2 Vol Standard Na Edition Ashkenaz

Author : Koren Publishers
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Author : Jonathan Sacks
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The Koren Sacks Yom Kippur Mahzor is a companion to the Koren Sacks Rosh Hashana Mahzor, and one volume among a growing body of work produced by the celebrated Koren-Sacks partnership. The Koren Sacks Yom Kippur Mahzor marries the sophisticated graphic approach for which Koren Publishers Jerusalem is renowned with the insight and eloquence of Rabbi Sacks, one of today's leading Jewish thinkers. The Koren Sacks Yom Kippur Mahzor brings out the inner meaning of the Yom Kippur prayers by aligning the Hebrew and English texts, highlighting key words, distinguishing poetry from prose, and using beautiful fonts designed by master typographer Eliyahu Koren. Rabbi Sacks translation brings readers closer than ever before to the authentic meaning of the Hebrew text, while his introduction and commentary provide new ways of understanding and experiencing the Yom Kippur service. Includes additional Piyutim and Selihot as well as the full text of the Mishna Yoma with commentary.

Staying Human

Author : Harris Bor
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Futurists speculate that we are heading towards a 'singularity,' where AI will outsmart human beings, and humanity will coalesce into a single, ever-expanding mind for which data is everything. The idea mirrors conceptions of God as everything, singular, and all-knowing. But is this idea of the singularity, or God, good for humanity? Oneness has its attractions. But what space does it leave for individuality and difference? In this book, British-Jewish theologian, Harris Bor, explores these questions by applying approaches to oneness and difference found in the thought of philosophers, Benedict Spinoza (1632-1677) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), to the challenges of religious belief and practice in the era of AI. What emerges is a dynamic religion of the everyday capable of balancing all aspects of being, while holding tight to a God who is both singular and wholly other, and which urges us, above all, to stay human.

All the World

Author : Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD
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Why be Jewish? A fascinating dialogue across denominations of the High Holy Days and their message of Jewish purpose beyond mere survival. Almost forty contributors from three continents—men and women, scholars and poets, rabbis and theologians, representing all Jewish denominations and perspectives—examine the tension between Israel as a particular People called by God, and that very calling as intended for a universalist end, furthering God’s vision for all the world, not just for Jews alone. This balance of views arises naturally out of the prayers in the High Holy Day liturgy, coupled with insights from philosophy, literature, theology and ethics. This fifth volume in the Prayers of Awe series provides the relevant traditional prayers in the original Hebrew, alongside a new and annotated translation. It explores the question “Why be Jewish?” in a time when universalist commitment to our planet and its people has only grown in importance, even as particularist questions of Jewish continuity have become ever more urgent.

Reflections on the Major Holy Days of Judaism

Author : Dr. Martin Sicker
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It should come as no surprise that Judaism, which has existed as the religion and culture of the children of Israel since the days of Moses, more than three millennia ago, has had occasion to institute markers reflective of its development and history from then to the present day. The present work, ‘Reflections on the Major Holy Days of Judaism,’ is intentionally limited in scope to those occasions earmarked as ‘holy convocations’ in the primary sourcebooks of Judaism, The Five Books of Moses, known in Jewish lore as the Torah, and in many translations as the Pentateuch. It is these ‘holy convocations’ that dominate Judaism’s annual religious and liturgical calendar, yet the biblical texts that ordain them are in many instances less than clear with regard to their observance. As a result, over the millennia since their original promulgation, scholars and others have struggled with the problem of defining in acceptable and actionable terms the purported intent of the sacred texts, a process that continues to the present day. This study recalls the notable reflections of scholars since the first century C.E., as well as their disagreements, on the evolution of the Major Holy Days of Judaism, their significance, traditions, and distinctive customs.

Journey of a Rabbi

Author : Jack Shechter
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This two-volume Journey of a Rabbi consists of essays describing ventures undertaken, events experienced, and ideas articulated that reflect the life work of a rabbi and Jewish educator. What threads its way throughout these writings is a persistent search for ways and means to revitalize Jewish life in our time.

Einblicke in die British Jewish Studies

Author : Rebekka Denz
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The Shofar

Author : Jeremy Montagu
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In The Shofar, Jeremy Montagu offers a detailed study of the ram’s horn of the Bible, describing its history and use—both ritual and secular—from biblical times to the present. Because the same person normally blows the shofar each year during the Jewish High Holy Days, few are aware of the wide differences among communities around the world: the varying points in the Jewish liturgical service when the shofar is blown, what sound combinations exist, and the many varieties of the instrument. This is the first work of its kind to detail the full range of historical, musical, antiquarian, and religious issues surrounding the ancient instrument with all relevant citations from the Bible, the Talmud, and key post-Talmudic sources. Jeremy Montagu carefully examines horn types, sound characteristics, liturgical uses, and community functions to illustrate how the shofar has reflected local custom, regional needs, and religious practice. Chapters provide difficult-to-find information on how shofars are made; advice on how to choose, prepare, and maintain shofars; and instructions for aspiring blowers on a variety of traditions. With more than sixty photographs from the author’s personal collection, this is an ideal work for Jews and Christians, religious scholars and musicologists, and even practicing musicians seeking to understand the crucial role of this instrument in the life of a people.

The Principles of Judaism

Author : Samuel Lebens
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Samuel Lebens takes the three principles of Jewish faith, as proposed by Rabbi Joseph Albo (1380-1444), in order to scrutinize and refine them with the toolkit of contemporary analytic philosophy. What could it mean for a perfect being to create a world from nothing? Could our world be anything more than a figment of God's imagination? What is the Torah? What does Judaism expect from a Messiah, and what would it mean for a world to be redeemed? These questions are explored in conversation with a wide array of Jewish sources and with an eye towards diverse fields of contemporary research, such as cosmology, philosophical logic, the ontology of literature, and the metaphysics of time. The Principles of Judaism articulates the most fundamental axioms of Orthodox Judaism in the vernacular of contemporary philosophy.