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Knowledge Based Systems

Author : Rajendra Akerkar
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Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) are systems that use artificial intelligence techniques in the problem solving process. This text is designed to develop an appreciation of KBS and their architecture and to help users understand a broad variety of knowledge based techniques for decision support and planning. It assumes basic computer science skills and a math background that includes set theory, relations, elementary probability, and introductory concepts of artificial intelligence. Each of the 12 chapters are designed to be modular providing instructors with the flexibility to model the book to their own course needs. Exercises are incorporated throughout the text to highlight certain aspects of the material being presented and to stimulate thought and discussion.


Author : Guus Schreiber
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KADS is a structured methodology for the development of knowledge based systems which has been adopted throughout the world by academic and industrial professionals alike. KADS approaches development as a modeling activity. Two key characteristics of KADS are the use of multiple models to cope with the complexity of knowledge engineering and the use of knowledge-level descriptions as an immediate model between system design and expertise data. The result is that KADS enables effective KBS construction by building a computational model of desired behavior for a particular problem domain. KADS contains three section: the Theoretical Basis of KADS, Languages and Tools, and Applications. Together they form a comprehensive sourcebook of the how and why of the KADS methodology. KADS will be required reading for all academic and industrial professionals concerned with building knowledge-based systems. It will also be a valuable source for students of knowledge acquisition and KBS. * SPECIAL FEATURES: * KADS is the most widely used commercial structured methodology for KBS development in Europe and is becoming one of the few significant AI exports to the US. * Describes KADS from its Theoretical Basis, through Language and Tool Developments, to real Applications.

Knowledge Based Systems

Author : S. G. Tzafestas
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The field of knowledge-based systems (KBS) has expanded enormously during the last years, and many important techniques and tools are currently available. Applications of KBS range from medicine to engineering and aerospace.This book provides a selected set of state-of-the-art contributions that present advanced techniques, tools and applications. These contributions have been prepared by a group of eminent researchers and professionals in the field.The theoretical topics covered include: knowledge acquisition, machine learning, genetic algorithms, knowledge management and processing under uncertainty, conflict detection and resolution, structured knowledge architectures, and natural language-based man-machine communication.The Applications include: Real-time decision support, system fault diagnosis, quality assessment, manufacturing production, robotic assembly, and robotic welding.The reader can save considerable time in searching the scattered literature in the field, and can find here a powerful set of how-to-do issues and results.

Knowledge based Systems in Manufacturing

Author : Andrew Kusiak
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Fifteen papers represent recent advances by workers in America, Europe and Japan. They cover: symbolic reasoning techniques, knowledge representation schemes, application of machine learning, techniques, off-line configuration design and process planning and control, scheduling, storage and retriev

Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems

Author : W. J. Black
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Knowledge Based Systems and Legal Applications

Author : T.J.M. Bench-Capon
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This book compiles the experience of the largest project in knowledge-based systems and the law yet undertaken. It provides an in-depth introduction to representation of law in computer programs, as well as more advanced discussion and description of large knowledge-based systems building, legal representation, cooperative work, and interface design in the context of the project. Describes the world's largest KBS and law project Contains an authoritative survey of approaches to legal knowledge representation Outlines several prototype systems Discusses the integration of KBS and law issues with HCI and social implications

Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems

Author : Cornelius T. Leondes
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This five-volume set clearly manifests the great significance of these key technologies for the new economies of the new millennium. The discussions provide a wealth of practical ideas intended to foster innovation in thought and, consequently, in the further development of technology. Together, they comprise a significant and uniquely comprehensive reference source for research workers, practitioners, computer scientists, academics, students, and others on the international scene for years to come.

Designing Knowledge based Systems

Author : T. R. Addis
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Concerned with a design practice for knowledge-based systems, this book describes a method for managing the design of large-scale database systems. These can be used for problems which may involve techniques derived from artificial intelligence.

Proceedings of the 5th Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge based Systems Workshop

Author :
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Intelligent knowledge based systems in electrical power engineering

Author : J.R. McDonald
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Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems in Electrical Power Engineering details how intelligent applications can be used in the power industry. The book gives a general and historical overview of intelligent knowledge based systems (IKBS) and artificial intelligence (AI) and a broad analysis of the application of these techniques in the electrical power industry. It includes chapters on forecasting and planning in power systems, design of electrical plant and systems, IKBS in condition monitoring, alarm processing, event and fault diagnosis and an analysis of future trends in IKBS for power engineering. No previous knowledge of IKBS is assumed, but an appreciation of electrical transmission and distribution systems would be useful.

Concepts and Characteristics of Knowledge based Systems

Author : Mario Tokoro
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A variety of research projects are being conducted at various research institutions throughout the international computer science community concerning the development of Knowledge-Based Systems. Research on such systems originated in association with AI, cognitive science and software sciences. Many of the research projects have involved investigations of computer architectures based on suitable execution models and programming methodologies. This book aims to encourage understanding of what knowledge-based systems are, and of how to design and implement these systems, by bringing together the work of researchers in AI, cognitive science, software sciences and computer architecture.

Knowledge based Systems in Artificial Intelligence

Author : Randall Davis
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AM: discovery in mathematics as heuristic search. Example: discovering prime numbers. Agenda. Heuristics. Concepts. Results. Evaluating AM. Appendixes. Concepts. Heuristics. Trace. Bibliography. Teiresias: applications of meta-level knowledge. Explanation. Knowledge acquisition. Strategies. Conclusions. References.

Knowledge Based Systems in Astronomy

Author : Andre HECK
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This book gives a synthesis of the state of the art in artificial intelligence in astronomy and astrophysics, presents its current applications and points out directions of future work. The individual chapters report on the application of artificial intelligence techniques for large astronomical surveys, for processing cosmic ray data, for facilitating data reduction using image processing systems, for telescope scheduling, for observatory ground support operations, for observation proposal preparation assistance, and for scientific applications such as stellar spectral and galaxy morphology classification. The new field of connectionism (neural networks) is also surveyed. The book is designed to be self-contained: a glossary of terms used in this area is provided and an index of terms, acronyms and proper names completes the book.

Knowledge based Systems Optimization

Author : Cornelius T. Leondes
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The Engineering of Knowledge based Systems

Author : Avelino J. González
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This volume provides comprehensive single-volume coverage of both the theory and the applications of knowledge-based systems.

Legal Knowledge Based Systems

Author : D. Kracht
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Intelligent Knowledge based Systems Neural networks fuzzy theory and genetic algorithms

Author : Cornelius T. Leondes
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For most of our history the wealth of a nation was limited by the size and stamina of the work force. Today, national wealth is measured in intellectual capital. Nations possessing skillful people in such diverse areas as science, medicine, business, and engineering produce innovations that drive the nation to a higher quality of life. To better utilize these valuable resources, intelligent, knowledge-based systems technology has evolved at a rapid and significantly expanding rate. Reflecting the most fascinating AI-based research and its broad practical applications, intelligent, knowledge-based systems technology is being utilized by nations to improve their medical care, advance their engineering technology, and increase their manufacturing productivity, as well as play a significant role in a very wide variety of other areas of activity of substantive significance. Today, in the beginning of the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine the development of the modern world without extensive use of the AI information technology that is rapidly transforming the global, knowledge- based economy as well as entire societies. The breadth of the major application areas of intelligent, knowledge-based systems technology is very impressive. These include, among other areas: Agriculture, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Systems, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Environment, Geology, Image Processing, Information Management, Law, Manufacturing, Mathematics, Medicine, Meteorology, Military, Mining, Power Systems, Science, Space Technology, and Transportation. The great breadth and expanding significance of this field on the international scene require a multi-volume, majorreference work for an adequately substantive treatment of the subject, "Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems: Business and Technology in The New Millennium." This work consists of the following distinctly titled and well integrated volumes. Volume I. Knowledge-Based Systems; Volume II. Information Technology; Volume III.Expert and Agent Systems; Volume IV.Intelligent Systems; Volume V.Neural Networks. This five-volume set clearly manifests the great significance of these key technologies for the new economies of the new millennium. The Volumes: Volume 1, Knowledge-Based Systems, addresses the basic question of how accumulated data and staff expertise from business operations can be abstracted into useful knowledge, and how such knowledge can be applied to ongoing operations. The wide range of areas represented includes product innovation and design, intelligent database exploitation, and business model analysis. (Eleven chapters) Volume 2, Information Technology, addresses the important question of how data should be stored and used to maximize its overall value. Case studies examine a wide variety of application areas including product development, manufacturing, product management, and product pricing. (Ten chapters) Volume 3, Expert and Agent Systems, considers such application areas as image databases, business process monitoring, e-commerce, and production planning and scheduling, offering a wide range of perspectives and business-function concentrations to stimulate readers' innovative thought. (Ten chapters) Volume 4, Intelligent Systems, discusses applications in such areas as mission-critical functions, business forecasting, medical patient care, and product design anddevelopment. (Nine chapters) Volume 5, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Theory, and Genetic Algorithm Techniques, explores applications in such areas as bioinformatics, product life-cycle cost estimating, product development, computer-aided design, product assembly, and facility location. (Ten chapters) The discussions in these volumes provide a wealth of practical ideas intended to foster innovation in thought and, consequently, in the further development of technology. Together, they comprise a significant and uniquely comprehensive reference source for research workers, practitioners, computer scientists, academics, students, and others on the international scene for years to come.

Applications of Knowledge based Systems to Engineering Analysis and Design

Author : American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Winter Meeting
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Current Trends on Knowledge Based Systems

Author : Giner Alor-Hernández
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This book presents innovative and high-quality research on the implementation of conceptual frameworks, strategies, techniques, methodologies, informatics platforms and models for developing advanced knowledge-based systems and their application in different fields, including Agriculture, Education, Automotive, Electrical Industry, Business Services, Food Manufacturing, Energy Services, Medicine and others. Knowledge-based technologies employ artificial intelligence methods to heuristically address problems that cannot be solved by means of formal techniques. These technologies draw on standard and novel approaches from various disciplines within Computer Science, including Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Software Engineering, etc. As a combination of different fields of Artificial Intelligence, the area of Knowledge-Based Systems applies knowledge representation, case-based reasoning, neural networks, Semantic Web and TICs used in different domains. The book offers a valuable resource for PhD students, Master’s and undergraduate students of Information Technology (IT)-related degrees such as Computer Science, Information Systems and Electronic Engineering.

Knowledge based Systems for Industrial Control

Author : J. McGhee
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Background for knowledge-based control: Holistic approaches in knowledge-based process control; introduction to knowledge-based systems for process control; basic theory and algorithms for fuzzy sets and logic; knowledge engineering and process control. Artificial intelligence issues: Cognitive models from subcognitive skills; a review of the approaches to the qualitative modelling of complex systems; solving process engineering problems using artificial neural networks; parallel processing architecture for real-time control.