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Knowledge as Value

Author : Ian Morley
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This book considers the place and value of knowledge in contemporary society. “Knowledge” is not a self-evident concept: both its denotations and connotations are historically situated. Since the Enlightenment, knowledge has been a matter of discovery through effort, and “knowledge for its own sake” a taken-for-granted ideal underwriting progressive education as a process which not only taught “for” and “about” something, but also ennobled the soul. While this ideal has not been explicitly rejected, in recent decades there has been a tacit move away from a strong emphasis on its centrality, even in Higher Education. The authors address the values that inform knowledge production in its present forms, and seek to identify social and cultural factors that support these values.Against the background of increasingly restrictive conditions of academic work, the first section of this volume offers incisive critiques of Higher Education, with examples drawn from Australia and New Zealand. The second group of chapters considers how academics have viewed, and have tried to adapt to, present circumstances. The third section comprises papers that consider epistemological issues in the generation and promulgation of knowledge. The chapters in this volume are indicative of the work that needs to be done so that we can come to comprehend – and perhaps try and improve – our relationship to learning and knowledge in the 21st Century.This timely book will be of particular interest to workers in higher education; it should also inform and challenge all those who have concerns for the future of the intellectual life of our civilization.

Knowledge Value and Belief

Author : Hugo Tristram Engelhardt
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Knowledge and Value

Author : Solveig Wikstrom
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This volume explores the workings of the modern corporation. The company is seen as a self-contained knowledge system, also capable of processing knowledge. New patterns for value creation are developed. Value is seen as an interactive pooling of the knowledge of the different stakeholders, including the customers. The company's relationship with its customers is reciprocal over time during which the two parties' value-creating processes become merged. Around this new pattern of value creation, companies organize partnership systems, with transparent or non-existant boundaries. Established categorizations of economic factors are abandoned in favour of new role descriptions, both within and between organizations. The discussion develops a new view of the corporation in which knowledge is created, manifested, transformed and effectively made available to the co-producing economic factors.

The Value of Emotions for Knowledge

Author : Laura Candiotto
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This innovative new volume analyses the role of emotions in knowledge acquisition. It focuses on the field of philosophy of emotions at the exciting intersection between epistemology and philosophy of mind and cognitive science to bring us an in-depth analysis of the epistemological value of emotions in reasoning. With twelve chapters by leading and up-and-coming academics, this edited collection shows that emotions do count for our epistemic enterprise. Against scepticism about the possible positive role emotions play in knowledge, the authors highlight the how and the why of this potential, lucidly exploring the key aspects of the functionality of emotions. This is explored in relation to: specific kinds of knowledge such as self-understanding, group-knowledge and wisdom; specific functions played by certain emotions in these cases, such as disorientation in enquiry and contempt in practical reason; the affective experience of the epistemic subjects and communities.

Knowledge and Value

Author : Elmer Sprague
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Knowledge Reality and Value

Author : Michael Huemer
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The world's best introduction to philosophy, Knowledge, Reality, and Value explains basic philosophical problems in epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics, such as: How can we know about the world outside our minds? Is there a God? Do we have free will? Are there objective values? What distinguishes morally right from morally wrong actions? The text succinctly explains the most important theories and arguments about these things, and it does so a lot less boringly than most books written by professors."My work is all a series of footnotes to Mike Huemer." -Plato"This book is way better than my lecture notes." -Aristotle"When I have a little money, I buy Mike Huemer's books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes." -ErasmusContentsPreface Part I: Preliminaries 1. What Is Philosophy? 2. Logic 3. Critical Thinking, 1: Intellectual Virtue 4. Critical Thinking, 2: Fallacies 5. Absolute Truth Part II: Epistemology 6. Skepticism About the External World 7. Global Skepticism vs. Foundationalism 8. Defining "Knowledge" Part III: Metaphysics 9. Arguments for Theism 10. Arguments for Atheism 11. Free Will 12. Personal Identity Part IV: Ethics 13. Metaethics 14. Ethical Theory, 1: Utilitarianism 15. Ethical Theory, 2: Deontology 16. Applied Ethics, 1: The Duty of Charity 17. Applied Ethics, 2: Animal Ethics 18. Concluding Thoughts Appendix: A Guide to Writing GlossaryMichael Huemer is a professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado, where he has taught since the dawn of time. He is the author of a nearly infinite number of articles in epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy, in addition to seven other amazing and brilliant books that you should immediately buy.

Chinese Philosophy as Knowledge and Value

Author : Zhongying Cheng
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Understanding Explanation and Scientific Knowledge

Author : Kareem Khalifa
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First comprehensive exploration of the nature and value of understanding, addressing burgeoning debates in epistemology and philosophy of science.

What is this thing called Knowledge

Author : Duncan Pritchard
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What is knowledge? Where does it come from? What kinds of knowledge are there? Can we know anything at all? This lucid and engaging introduction grapples with these central questions in the theory of knowledge, offering a clear, non-partisan view of the main themes of epistemology. Both traditional issues and contemporary ideas are discussed in sixteen easily digestible chapters, each of which conclude with a useful summary of the main ideas discussed, study questions, annotated further reading and a guide to internet resources. Each chapter also features text boxes providing bite-sized summaries of key concepts and major philosophers, and clear and interesting examples are used throughout. The book concludes with an annotated guide to general introductions to epistemology, a glossary of key terms, and a summary of the main examples used in epistemology, This an ideal first textbook in the theory of knowledge for undergraduates coming to philosophy for the first time. The third edition has been revised and updated throughout and features two new chapters, on religious knowledge and scientific knowledge, as part of a whole new section on what kinds of knowledge there are. In addition, the text as a whole has been refreshed to keep it up to date with current developments.

Knowledge Virtue and Action

Author : Tim Henning
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This volume brings together recent work by leading and up-and-coming philosophers on the topic of virtue epistemology. The prospects of virtue-theoretic analyses of knowledge depend crucially on our ability to give some independent account of what epistemic virtues are and what they are for. The contributions here ask how epistemic virtues matter apart from any narrow concern with defining knowledge; they show how epistemic virtues figure in accounts of various aspects of our lives, with a special emphasis on our practical lives. In essence, the essays here put epistemic virtues to work.

The Essentials of Knowledge Management

Author : John S. Edwards
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This book reviews the field of Knowledge Management, taking a holistic approach that includes both "soft" and "hard" aspects. It provides a broad perspective on the field, rather than one based on a single viewpoints from Computer Science or Organizational Learning, offering a comprehensive and integrated conception of Knowledge Management. The chapters represent the best Knowledge Management articles published in the 21st century in Knowledge Management Research & Practice and the European Journal of Information Systems, with contributors including Ikujiro Nonaka, Frada Burstein, and David Schwartz. Most of the chapters contribute significantly to practise as well as theory. The OR Essentials series presents a unique cross-section of high quality research work fundamental to understanding contemporary issues and research across a range of Operational Research topics. It brings together some of the best research papers from the highly respected journals of the Operational Research Society, also published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Knowledge Management

Author : Awad
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Knowledge Management is a subset of content taught in the Decision Support Systems course. Knowledge Management is about knowledge and how to capture it, transfer it, share it, and how to manage it. The authors take students through a process-oriented examination of the topic, striking a balance between the behavioral and technical aspects of knowledge management and use it.

Capitalizing on Knowledge

Author : David Skyrme
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Many organizations are embracing knowledge management as a source of strategic advantage. But already people are asking: "what comes next?" Likewise almost every large organization is heavily involved in e-commerce and turning their organizations into e-businesses. At the moment most e-commerce is focused on selling traditional products and services through the new medium of the Internet. However, the more an organization evolves into an e-business, the more they can exploit knowledge flows between themselves and their marketplace. This book draws together the two strands of knowledge and e-business into the emerging field that this book has called k-business. A k-business is one that turns an organization's knowledge assets into knowledge products and services and uses the Internet to market and deliver them online. Despite its newness, the Delphi Group have forecast that within 5 years person-to-person information e-commerce (a major aspect of k-business) will be a $5 billion business leveraging $50 billion in sales of other products and services. Capitalizing on Knowledge aims to give professionals and managers early insights into how to develop successful k-businesses. It takes a critical and balanced view of the building blocks of a k-business including knowledge productizing, e-commerce enablers and Internet marketing. It draws on lessons from successes and failures in the landscape and of the early pioneers of knowledge markets. The writing style engenders interest and readability supported by diagrams, screen images, check lists and frameworks. There are 'points to ponder' to stimulate thinking and decision-making. Five case studies and over 50 illustrative examples provide insights into the application of the book's concepts. No other book brings all the elements of a k-business together in one place to provide a thought provoking yet practical companion for those who want to capitalize on their knowledge.

Mega universities and Knowledge Media

Author : Daniel, John (Vice Chancellor, Open University)
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A discussion of how the knowledge media can contribute to the renewal of universities, particularly through the development of distance education. It looks at universities which have risen to the challenges of cost and accessibility using technology.

Knowledge as Value Generator

Author : Kristina Isoniemi
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Knowledge Automation

Author : Alan N. Fish
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A proven decision management methodology for increased profits and lowered risks Knowledge Automation: How to Implement Decision Management in Business Processes describes a simple but comprehensive methodology for decision management projects, which use business rules and predictive analytics to optimize and automate small, high-volume business decisions. It includes Decision Requirements Analysis (DRA), a new method for taking the crucial first step in any IT project to implement decision management: defining a set of business decisions and identifying all the information—business knowledge and data—required to make those decisions. Describes all the stages in automating business processes, from business process modeling down to the implementation of decision services Addresses how to use business rules and predictive analytics to optimize and automate small, high-volume business decisions Proposes a simple "top-down" method for defining decision requirements and representing them in a single diagram Shows how clear requirements can allow decision management projects to be run with reduced risk and increased profit Nontechnical and accessible, Knowledge Automation reveals how DRA is destined to become a standard technique in the business analysis and project management toolbox.

Personal Knowledge Capital

Author : Janette Young
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Intangible value leads to new insights and ideas, and higher levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Personal knowledge capital focuses on the knowledge worker, knowledge creation, and third generation knowledge management. A focus on the ‘inner and outer’ aspects of personal knowledge capital creates a balanced approach in order to produce creative solutions. As such this forms part of a synthesis of mind versus body thinking in relation to knowledge creation theory within knowledge management. This title is divided into two sections: the inner and outer path. The inner path focuses on tacit knowledge in knowledge creation, and highlights the importance of inner value, resulting in a model for personal knowledge awareness. The outer path explores how to effectively communicate and exploit knowledge in a modern business world, both online and offline. This section focuses on valuing intangibles including social capital, relationships and trust, exploring community, conversation, infrastructure and ecologies for a web world. You can manage your own assets through your communities and networks, exploiting the latest technologies around you. Examines know-how, tacit knowledge, and emotional and cognitive knowledge Links social capital to web technologies to create innovative frameworks, tools and models Puts forward tools and mechanisms supported by research, which can be used for the design of a knowledge infrastructure

Catholics Schools and Faith education

Author : Jerome Vallabaraj
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Competing with Knowledge

Author : Angela Abell
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Knowledge management (KM) is probably the first major management trend to identify information and its management as a crucial element in the success of an organization. In order for information professionals to participate fully in KM initiatives, or to be able to take advantage of the concept to improve the effective application of their skills, both the professionals and management need a good understanding of the KM approach and the information related roles within that framework. This book focuses on the potential role of the information professional in the KM environment and, using plenty of case studies, considers: the knowledge context - creating knowledge based environments in a range of sectors powering information: the role of information skills in KM. Readership: This book will make topical reading not only for those seeking career development through KM but for all information professionals wondering exactly what it is and how it will affect their work. LIS graduates and postgraduates will also be potential readers. Published in association with TFPL Ltd TFPL Ltd have been researching KM since 1996 and have monitored developments in Europe and the USA. They have recently completed an international research project looking at the skills required for the successful implementation of knowledge management.

The Knowledge Landscapes of Cyberspace

Author : David Hakken
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How is knowledge produced and used in cyberspace? David Hakken - a key figure in the anthropology of science and technology studies - approaches the study of cyberculture through the venue of knowledge production, drawing on critical theory from anthropology, philosophy and informatics (computer science) to examine how the character and social functions of knowledge change profoundly in computer-saturated environments. He looks at what informational technologies offer, how they are being employed, and how they are tied to various agendas and forms of power. Knowledge Landscapes will be essential for both social scientists and cultural studies scholars doing research on cyberculture.