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Knife s Edge

Author : Timothy Zahn
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Alaric Moebius and Basil Fox are two lovable scoundrels looking to make a quick fortune. Basil is a former SAS trooper turned Queen’s Guard by day and thief by night. Moebius is an Oxford-educated charmer with a knack for getting into trouble. Together they chase adventure under the patronage of “The Collector,” a mysterious billionaire with a taste for rare and valuable supernatural objects of the occult. Created by award-winning director RYAN SCHIFRIN, this third original short story sends the unlikely duo to India, where Basil learns that an old friend and Special Forces comrade he thought long dead is actually in the hands of a local warlord hellbent on retrieving the sacred blade Basil now carries as a momento. What secrets does this precious Kuhkri blade hide, and are they connected in supernatural ways to The Collector's current interest: the lovely and mysterious Sita Kaur...? Written by fan-favorite sci-fi author TIMOTHY ZAHN ("Star Wars: Heir to the Empire" "The Thrawn Trilogy" and more), this paranormal rescue tale expands on the series of prose and graphic novel adventures available from Magnetic Press.

On a Knife s Edge

Author : Prit Buttar
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The battle of Stalingrad was the turning point of World War II. The German capture of the city, their encirclement by Soviet forces shortly afterwards, and the hard-fought but futile attempts to relieve them, saw bitter attritional fighting and extremes of human misery inflicted on both sides. The surrender of General Friedrich von Paulus's army left Germany's eastern armies severely weakened, but the Red Army had suffered enormous losses as it overreached itself in trying to exploit its great victory. The war was not over. Germany would continue the fight, and the battles that took place in the winter of 1942/43 would show the tactical and operational skill of Erich von Manstein and the Wehrmacht as they attempted to avert total disaster. In this title, Prit Buttar, a renowned expert on warfare on the Eastern Front, reveals the often-overlooked German counteroffensive post-Stalingrad, and how it prevented the whole Axis front line from collapsing. Drawing on first-hand accounts, On a Knife's Edge is a story of brilliant generalship, lost opportunities and survival in the harshest theatre of war.

Pakistan at Knife s Edge

Author : M.B. Naqvi
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Pakitan at the Knife's Edge is veteran journalist M.B.Naqvi's understanding of contemporary Pakistan and the directions the country could take or ought to. From the sacking of the Chief justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, by General Pervez Musharraf, to the return of Benazir Bhutto and her assasination on 27 December 2007, the book traces the lawyer's agitation to the general elections in 2008, and also the rise of more vocal civil society. M.B.Naqvi focuses on the lawyer's movement for judicial autonomy and reinstatement of democracy and derives great hope from it, the movement has become a locus for a more braod-based demand for democracy raised by civil society. So Pakistan is poised at knife's edge: whihc way will it go? A human rights activist and fervent supporter of liberal democratic dispensation, Naqvi presents a compelling blueprint for the future of the country.

Specifications for the Manufacture and Installation of Two section Knife edge Railroad Track Scales

Author : United States. Bureau of Standards
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Life on a Knife s Edge

Author : Rahul Jandial
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'It's a brilliant book... There are lessons in every paragraph... Get it now.' Chris Evans 'Wonderous and wild. I loved this book' James Nestor, bestselling author of Breath 'Moving, raw and unflinching' Julia Samuel, bestselling author of This Too Shall Pass 'Incredible storytelling' Dr Rangan Chatterjee, bestselling author of Feel Better in 5 ____________________________________________________________________________ How do you carry on when things go deadly wrong? When Dr Rahul Jandial operated on Karina, an eleven-year-old girl whose spinal cord was splitting in two, he had to make an impossible decision. He followed his head over his gut and Karina was left permanently paralysed, altering both patient and surgeon's lives for ever. This decision would haunt Rahul for decades, a constant reminder of the fine line between saving and damaging a life. As one of the world's leading brain surgeons, Rahul is the last hope for patients with extreme forms of cancer. In treating them, he has observed humanity at its most raw and most robust. He has journeyed to unimaginable extremes with them, guiding them through the darkest moments of their lives. Life on a Knife's Edge is Rahul's beautifully written account of the resilience, courage and belief he has witnessed in his patients, and the lessons about human nature he has learned from them. It is about the impossible choices he has to make, and the fateful consequences he is forced to live with. From challenging the ethics of surgical practices, to helping a patient with locked-in syndrome communicate her dying wish to her family, Rahul shares his extraordinary experiences, revealing the depths of a surgeon's psyche that is continuously pushed to its limits.

Grind a Blade the R J Martin Way Knife Sharpening Techniques Tips

Author : Joe Kertzman
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Author R.J. Martin, whose knives are some of the most popular and sought-after in the industry, instructs on flat- and double-hollow-grinding knife blades. Martin been featured in BLADE® Magazine with increasing frequency, and here’s your chance to learn his methods for blade grinding. You won’t be disappointed.

Knife and Axe Skills for Wilderness Survival

Author : Bob Holtzman
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Originally published as Wilderness survival skills A2012 by Quid Publishing.

A New System of Weighing Machinery

Author : Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company
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Descriptive catalogue of weighing and measuring equipment, manufactured by its Emery Scale Div.

Account of the Operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India

Author : Survey of India. Trigonometrical Branch
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Radio Engineering and Electronic Physics

Author :
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