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The World Will Burn

Author : Renato Cardoso
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Science asserts that our planet is on the path to imminent collapse... How much time do we have left? What will happen to our souls when the end comes, as the Bible foretells? All of us wonder at some time in our lives what the future holds for each one of us. To clarify our many uncertainties about the fate of humanity, Renato Cardoso relates the answers contained in the Book of Revelation in a simple and straightforward narrative. Based on the events foreseen in the last book of the Bible, and backed up by scientific data, this book details in-depth revelations about the end of times and the final destiny of humanity, as described by the apostle John. The book is also illustrated with graphics from the Brazilian miniseries Apocalypse.

Butterflies Will Burn

Author : Federico Garza Carvajal
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As Spain consolidated its Empire in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, discourses about the perfect Spanish man or "Vir" went hand-in-hand with discourses about another kind of man, one who engaged in the "abominable crime and sin against nature"—sodomy. In both Spain and Mexico, sodomy came to rank second only to heresy as a cause for prosecution, and hundreds of sodomites were tortured, garroted, or burned alive for violating Spanish ideals of manliness. Yet in reality, as Federico Garza Carvajal argues in this groundbreaking book, the prosecution of sodomites had little to do with issues of gender and was much more a concomitant of empire building and the need to justify political and economic domination of subject peoples. Drawing on previously unpublished records of some three hundred sodomy trials conducted in Spain and Mexico between 1561 and 1699, Garza Carvajal examines the sodomy discourses that emerged in Andalucía, seat of Spain's colonial apparatus, and in the viceroyalty of New Spain (Mexico), its first and largest American colony. From these discourses, he convincingly demonstrates that the concept of sodomy (more than the actual practice) was crucial to the Iberian colonizing program. Because sodomy opposed the ideal of "Vir" and the Spanish nationhood with which it was intimately associated, the prosecution of sodomy justified Spain's domination of foreigners (many of whom were represented as sodomites) in the peninsula and of "Indios" in Mexico, a totally subject people depicted as effeminate and prone to sodomitical acts, cannibalism, and inebriation.

The Warrior s Stone

Author : Matthew Duncan
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The year is 2319. Lt. Comm Roy O'Hara leads his squadron against the enemy's latest Super Destroyer and is shot down over an unexplored planet. The planet holds secrets to a long lost alien weapon and the key to Roy's own destiny. Near death Roy is found by Katreena, a beautiful and mysterious woman. When she finds Roy, he's broken and battered, and saves his life with the Boto Stone. Yet she is unaware that by doing so she will create a deep bond and awaken an affect not seen for hundreds of years; the ability to communicate to each other in dreams. An unguarded moment leads to a forbidden night of intimacy; an act of betrayal to the crown, an act that will put both their lives in jeopardy. Katreena flees to save them both. Danger increases as their secret may be discovered and war erupts on their planet.

God s Kingdom on Earth

Author : Charles Anderson Godby, Jr.
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This book provides a roadmap within which one may find a deeper understanding of God''s grand plan for mankind. It describes His creation schemes, and the majesty of man - reflecting on his direction, history, and responsibilities. It defines in an understanding way the selection and plan for the family God chose to represent Him here on earth, delineatiing their sojourn history, their development, accomplishments, perils, downfall, and resurection to current day status, . It describes the chosen family''s decision process within which their sinful ways and activities led to varying degrees of punishment. But yet, it gives them renewed hope for achieving God''s plan for mankind through the reiterating process of God''s word. It gives a description of the Holy land, its boundaries, and tribal allocations, describing what it was in Joshua''s time and what it is yet to be. Delineating that parcel of land which is yet to be totally set aside and allocated for the sole purpose and use by The Lord God in support of the holy city of Jerusalem (The Lord Is There) and Holy Temple where He will reign here on earth for 1,000 years. It speaks of the first resurrection and the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ, His reign on earth, the second resurrection after the 1,000 year reign of The Lord, and final judgment of mankind by Him. A Chronology of events relating to Israel''s wellbeing is provided, and a Time Table delineating dates of specific events is also attached. It is with prayer and hope that all readers will find this book of special value, educational, and of profound benifit for all.

Studies in the Scriptures Thy kingdom come 1913

Author : Charles Taze Russell
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The Great Epoch Predicted by the Prophets Or the Approaching Conflicts and Revolutions in Church and State Throughout the World Preparatory to the Reign of the Saints for a Thousand Years By the Author of The Great Year Predicted by Daniel and St John i e Henry Folbigg Etc

Author :
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Prophetic outlines the four kingdoms as foreshadowed to Daniel and saint John

Author : John Rees- Mogg
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The Kingdom of God is Within You What is Art

Author : Лев Tolstoy
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Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom

Author : Royal Society of Literature (Great Britain)
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The Burning Ones

Author : Jerame Nelson
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Burning Ones is a call to action. Christians will be encouraged and motivated to consider seriously stepping in the role of “burning ones” and “dread champions” to spread the Kingdom of God in the earth. Vivid and detailed descriptions of these champions are given throughout the book, supported with biblical examples and modern-day personal experiences, including real-life healings worldwide. Each of the seven chapters concludes with “Burning Questions” designed to stimulate thought and action, followed by a space for the reader to record “Your Response.” A “Prayer to Get You There” connects the reader with the Lord in a genuine way that caps the vital issues covered in the chapter.