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King of the Road

Author : Paul Hemphill
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A novel that lovingly evokes the dusty wonder of life on the road the the irrepressible characters who consider the highway their home.

King of the Road

Author : R. S. Belcher
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They are the Brotherhood of the Wheel: a secret society of truckers, bikers, nomads, and others who defend America’s roads and rails from unnatural threats lying in wait for unwary travelers. Now a missing-person case leads to a string of roadside murders and mutilations that stretches back decades—and to a cult of murderous clowns who are far more than mere urban legends. Greasepaint and lunatic grins are the last things their victims ever see. And as if that’s not trouble enough, trucker Jimmy Aussapile and his allies must also cope with a violent civil war within an outlaw biker gang long associated with the Brotherhood, as well as run-ins with a rival gang led by a fierce werewolf biker chick who fights tooth and claw to protect her pack. From Depression-era hobo camps to a modern-day trailer park hiding unearthly secrets, fear lurks just beyond the headlights for the Kings of the Road. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

King Of The Road

Author : Willie Mae McLaurine
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As Big Wheeler, one of the largest trucks on the road, rolls down the road with two other trucks, he declares, "I am king of the road." Ambulance and Fire Engine proclaims at the same time, "Who made you king?" Fire Engines reminds all of them, "A king is a can doer. All of us can do something." "Everything on earth is created to do something special," Ambulance decides. They are concerned about Big Wheeler's bragging. He only believes he is king because he is larger than most trucks. Bigger does not mean better. Everyone is here on earth for God's own purpose. He is not interested in the reasons they all exist. He sees that when he roars his motor, everything and everyone moves out of his way. Ambulance says, "Everyone is placed on earth to help others. I take sick people to and from the hospital. Big Wheeler hauls lots of things for people to use. Fire Engine puts out fires and rescues people. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made for a special purpose."

The Road to the Throne

Author : Hing Ming Hung
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The stories of the Chinese great emperors reflect the ancient Chinese philosophy, ideology, their wisdom and their ways of administration. Liu Bang is an outstanding example. Rising from a peasant background to become Emperor, he founded the Han Dynasty which lasted for about four hundred years and essentially laid the foundations of China as we know it. Liu Bang (256 BC?195 BC), posthumously called Emperor Gaozu, was a low-ranking functionary in an obscure corner of the realm when he caught the wave of the great uprisings against the Qin Dynasty. First as leader of a local contingent and then as general of larger and larger armies, he eventually overthrew the despotic Qin emperor. Today, the Han are the majority ethnic identity in China. This is the story of the rise of Emperor Gaozu, his alliances and his rivalries, and the priceless partnership provided by his chief military strategist Zhang Liang, who planned victorious campaigns from a distance of 1000 miles; Xiao He, who stabilized the state, pacified the people, and assured the food supply to the army; and General Han Xin, who commanded the Han army in its conquest of the State of Wei, the State of Zhao, the State of Yan and the State of Qi and played a great role in the defeat of Xiang Yu.

King of the Queen City

Author : Jon Hartley Fox
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King of the Queen City is the first comprehensive history of King Records, one of the most influential independent record companies in the history of American music. Founded by businessman Sydney Nathan in the mid-1940s, this small outsider record company in Cincinnati, Ohio, attracted a diverse roster of artists, including James Brown, the Stanley Brothers, Grandpa Jones, Redd Foxx, Earl Bostic, Bill Doggett, Ike Turner, Roy Brown, Freddie King, Eddie Vinson, and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. While other record companies concentrated on one style of music, King was active in virtually all genres of vernacular American music, from blues and R & B to rockabilly, bluegrass, western swing, and country. A progressive company in a reactionary time, King was led by an interracial creative and executive staff that redefined the face and voice of American music as well as the way it was recorded and sold. Drawing on personal interviews, research in newspapers and periodicals, and deep access to the King archives, Jon Hartley Fox weaves together the elements of King's success, focusing on the dynamic personalities of the artists, producers, and key executives such as Syd Nathan, Henry Glover, and Ralph Bass. The book also includes a foreword by legendary guitarist, singer, and songwriter Dave Alvin.

The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel

Author : David A. Dorsey
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Drawing on literary and archaeological evidence, David A. Dorsey examines the road system in Israel during the Iron Age (ca. 1200-586 B.C.). He offers a comprehensive investigation of the nature and physical characteristics of roads in ancient Israel and reconstructs Israel’s road network as it existed during the Old Testament period.

The King of Beaver and Beaver Lights

Author : Mary Hartwell Catherwood
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Reproduction of the original: The King of Beaver, and Beaver Lights by Mary Hartwell Catherwood

The Life of Frederic the Second King of Prussia

Author : George Agar Ellis Baron Dover
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The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

Author : Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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