King of the City


Author: Michael Moorcock

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473213282

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Moorcock's second great London novel - and thematic sequel to MOTHER LONDON - returns to print in a newly revised edition. The death of Princess Di heralded a spring clean of the soul. And the dirt we wanted off our coffee tables was the kind of salacious exposure tabloid paparazzo photographer Denny Dover had made a fortune out of. Now he's out of work and moving to the godforsaken wastes of Skerring on the South coast to lick his wounds. A former rock star, this East End lad-made-good lived it up with the best of them. But his childhood friend, hugely wealthy magnate Sir John Barbican-Begg (deceased, allegedly) is resurrecting events from a past littered with dysfunction and greed, sex, rock and roll and a ton of drugs. Denny's life encapsulates the fevered underground of a London teeming with contradiction and ambivalence, subversion and rage. Moorcock's hugely entertaining follow-up to his masterpiece MOTHER LONDON captured the spirit of our age as we staggered into the new millennium.

The King of the City


Author: Keith Laumer

Publisher: Jovian Press

ISBN: 1537809687

Category: Fiction

Page: 41

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He was a sort of taxi-driver, delivering a commuter to the city. The tank traps and armored cars were the hazards of the trade! A fantastic science fiction tale, woven out of the threads of future thinking, by a master of the genre, Keith Laumer!

The Real King of the City


Author: Lady Jay

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781530991174

Category: Deceit

Page: 148

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lani "Lala" King was living the American Hood Dream, being married to the most popular man in the city, Christopher "King" King had its perks! He made sure Lala lived and received nothing but the best and in return she gave her heart. Life was perfect, or at least so she thought! "We're just trying to figure out why our kids weren't invited to their Daddy's and Step-Mommy's anniversary dinner!" 1 of the 5 baby mother's spoke. Lala felt betrayed, hurt, and most of all broken. Where did these women come from? Their life seem to came tumbling down after that. No love, loyalty, or trust was given in gratitude from her husband, what was a woman to do? A blast from the past, Amir Carter swooped in and helped her after her nasty fall. Like a knight in shining armor he came in and saved her! If any of you know like I know, no man is going to let another man come and sweep his woman off their feet, no matter the circumstances! Her love life was a battlefield and only one man could come out on top! Who is "The Real King of The City"?

The King of the Golden City


Author: Mother Mary Loyola

Publisher: Colchis Books


Category: Religion

Page: 90

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A fascinating tale which breathes into the heart of the child, a deep understanding of Holy Communion and an intimate affection for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

King of the City

Even Gangstas Fall in Love


Author: Kia Jones

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781717482143


Page: 222

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How to love a gangsta? Rule number don't. Brooklyn native, King Gibbs is the son of a ruthless ex-kingpin and proves to be just as deadly. With his good looks and slick tongue comes much deeply rooted pain. At a young age, he found himself raising his junkie mother when she was supposed to be the one providing love and care to him. But no matter how much of a screw up she was, he understood that this life only gives you one mother. After her death and a domino effect of other unfortunate situations, he packs up and moves to Texas with his step-mother and sister. There he finds more chaos but still manages until circumstances forces his hand, and he's forced to finish what his father started over twenty-one years ago. Roxanne has everything that she needs in life but not everything that she wants. Until she meets King. Every rule that she had, he broke. Each wall she built, he tore down. Clearly, he's no good for her but it's something about him that keeps her intertwined in his world. Roxanne's only wish is to turn his cold heart warm. Unbeknown to her, Kings only wish is the total opposite.

The Royal Charters of the City of Lincoln

Henry II to William III


Author: Walter de Gray Birch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108010741

Category: History

Page: 374

View: 9691

A transcript and translation of the royal charters issued to the city of Lincoln between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries.

Zion, the City of the Great King

A Theological Symbol of the Jerusalem Cult


Author: Ben C. Ollenburger

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567311414

Category: Religion

Page: 271

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While previous research has illuminated the origins and development of the Zion tradition, this book is the first to make a thorough study of Zion as a theological symbol within the larger Jerusalem cult tradition. Drawing primarily on the Psalms and Isaiah of Jerusalem, Ollenburger shows that Zion serves pre-eminently to symbolize the kingship of Yahweh on Zion as creator and defender of world order. As such, Zion serves also to symbolize security and refuge, particularly for the poor. This study constitutes a powerful argument against the tendency of Old Testament theologians to devalue the cosmic Zion symbolism in favour of the historical theology of the exodus, especially when assessing the contemporary import of Old Testament theology. Zion symbolism is anything but an ideological tool legitimating a self-sufficient and self-serving monarchy. Instead it serves as the basis for a radical critique of the projects and pretensions of Judah's royal court.

The history of the renowned Prince Arthur, King of Britain;

with his life and death, and all his glorious battles. Likewise, the noble acts and heroic deeds of his valiant knights of the round table. In two volumes


Author: Sir Thomas Malory

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

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