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Literatur und Lebenskunst

Author : Eva Oppermann
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King of shadows

Author : Susan Cooper
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Shakespeare in Children s Literature

Author : Erica Hateley
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Shakespeare in Children's Literature looks at the genre of Shakespeare-for-children, considering both adaptations of his plays and children's novels in which he appears as a character. Drawing on feminist theory and sociology, Hateley demonstrates how Shakespeare for children utilizes the ongoing cultural capital of "Shakespeare," and the pedagogical aspects of children's literature, to perpetuate anachronistic forms of identity and authority.

Dirty Scandal

Author : Amelia Wilde
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The world thinks I’m a call girl. Now I have no choice but to be his fake fiancée. I’m not going to law school to become some rich man’s arm candy. Hell, no. I intend to be a high-powered lawyer or nothing. That all goes to hell when I’m photographed with the president’s playboy brother. How can I get a job at a respectable firm if everyone thinks he pays me for a good time? Now that the president is involved, it’s clear: I’m trapped being Graham Blackpool’s fake fiancée. The ring on my finger is all politics. But it’s starting to feel so, so real…


Author : Daniela Sacerdoti
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The breathtaking conclusion to the Sarah Midnight trilogy... Sarah Midnight has never been a normal teenager. She is a member of the demon-hunting Secret Families, caught up in a deadly war with the King of Shadows. Now she and her friends must travel to the ancient forests of Poland to find the portal between their world and the Shadow World, to destroy the King of Shadow's rule. But are all members of Sarah's group really loyal to their cause? And will Sarah and Sean finally find a way to come together? Or will Elodie's vision of the death of Sarah Midnight be realised? An ultimate sacrifice may be necessary to free humanity. It is time to face the Enemy. It is time for the final battle.

King of Shadows

Author : Susan Cooper
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Only in the world of the theater can Nat Field find an escape from the tragedies that have shadowed his young life. So he is thrilled when he is chosen to join an American drama troupe traveling to London to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream in a new replica of the famous Globe theater. Shortly after arriving in England, Nat goes to bed ill and awakens transported back in time four hundred years -- to another London, and another production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Amid the bustle and excitement of an Elizabethan theatrical production, Nat finds the warm, nurturing father figure missing from his life -- in none other than William Shakespeare himself. Does Nat have to remain trapped in the past forever, or give up the friendship he's so longed for in his own time?

Lord of the Milky Way

Author : Ke NiJiangXing
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From the beginning of human birth, after millions of years of development, mankind finally strutted into the universe. In order to steal resources and continue civilization, he had no choice but to compete with the other races and delve into the mysteries of the universe! Furthermore, an unprecedented honorary system was established to stimulate everyone's greatest dedication to society. The honorary point was the only standard to judge a citizen's status! The protagonist's rise to fame in the city, due to the unexpected change in the fate of life, in the gap between the rise, gradually towards the peak of honor. What kind of changes would his appearance bring to this universe where fish and dragons were mixed together? In the vast universe, what kind of powerful race existed, and what kind of shocking secret did it contain? All the wonderful things are in this book.

The Skin of Meaning

Author : Aaron Shurin
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A volume in the Poets on Poetry series, which collects critical works by contemporary poets, gathering together the articles, interviews, and book reviews by which they have articulated the poetics of a new generation. In The Skin of Meaning, Aaron Shurin has collected thirty years’ worth of his provocative essays. Fueled by gender and queer studies and combined with radical traditions in poetry, Shurin’s essays combine a highly personal and lyrical vision with a trenchant social analysis of poetry’s possibilities. Whether he’s examining innovations in poetic form, analyzing the gestures of drag queens, or dissecting the language of AIDS, Shurin’s writing is evocative, his investigations rigorous, and his point of view unabashed. Shurin’s poetic practice braids together many strands in contemporary, innovative writing, from the San Francisco Renaissance to Language Poetry and New Narrative Writing. His mentorships with Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov; his studies at New College of California, where he was the first graduate of the epochal Poetics Program; and his years of teaching writing provide a rich background for these essays. San Francisco provides the color and context for formulations of “prosody now,” propositions of textual collage, and theories of radical narrativity, while the heart of the book searches through the dire years of the AIDS epidemic to uncover poetic meaning, and “make the heroes heroes.”

The King S a Beggar

Author : David Young
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Shakespeare enjoys an enduring curiosity. While epilogues are rare in his work, the ones we have can bring us the authors perspective in a more direct fashion than is the case with the plays they conclude. Since we are naturally curious about Shakespeares thoughts and attitudes as a working actor and playwright, might not these moments of stepping out from the story to address the audience directly give us some direct insight into what he was thinking and what he was like as a person? In The Kings a Beggar: A Study of Shakespeares Epilogues, author, poet, and actor David Young explores the liminal, in-between space of the epilogue in Shakespeares plays. Inspired in part by his performance with Patrick Stewart in a production of The Tempest, Young offers a chronological survey of the nine plays with epilogues and draws a conjectural portrait of Shakespeare as a working dramatist. Written both for experts and for the general reader, The Kings a Beggar is succinct, lively, and informative, and it is the first and only study of Shakespeares epilogues as a group. Though the point is not that Shakespeare himself spoke these epilogues (though in some cases he might have), the epilogue in Shakespeares plays represents those times when he felt the necessity of direct address to the audience and broke his usual habit of ending his plays inside the story. Exploring this liminal space between play, actor, and audience can reveal fascinating insights into Shakespeares mind and art.

Dictionary of American Young Adult Fiction 1997 2001

Author : Alethea Helbig
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Looks at 290 award-winning books for young adults, using 750 alphabetical entries on individual works, authors, characters, and settings to provide plot summaries, critical assessments, and biographical information.