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Egil s Saga

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King Harald s Saga

Author : Snorri Sturluson
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This compelling Icelandic history describes the life of King Harald Hardradi, from his battles across Europe and Russia to his final assault on England in 1066, less than three weeks before the invasion of William the Conqueror. It was a battle that led to his death and marked the end of an era in which Europe had been dominated by the threat of Scandinavian forces. Despite England's triumph, it also played a crucial part in fatally weakening the English army immediately prior to the Norman Conquest, changing the course of history. Taken from the Heimskringla - Snorri Sturluson's complete account of Norway from prehistoric times to 1177 - this is a brilliantly human depiction of the turbulent life and savage death of the last great Norse warrior-king.

The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth Century Opera

Author : Mervyn Cooke
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This Companion celebrates the extraordinary riches of the twentieth-century operatic repertoire in a collection of specially commissioned essays written by a distinguished team of academics, critics and practitioners. Beginning with a discussion of the century's vital inheritance from late-romantic operatic traditions in Germany and Italy, the text embraces fresh investigations into various aspects of the genre in the modern age, with a comprehensive coverage of the work of individual composers from Debussy and Schoenberg to John Adams and Harrison Birtwistle. Traditional stylistic categorizations (including symbolism, expressionism, neo-classicism and minimalism) are reassessed from new critical perspectives, and the distinctive operatic traditions of Continental and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and United States are subjected to fresh scrutiny. The volume includes essays devoted to avant-garde music theatre, operettas and musicals, filmed opera, and ends with a discussion of the position of the genre in today's cultural marketplace.

Battlefield Yorkshire

Author : David Cooke
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Yorkshire's past is replete with bloody battles and sieges. From the earliest times armies have marched across the Yorkshire countryside and have fought for control of the land, the towns and the cities. Roman, Viking, Norman and the Scottish invaders have all contributed ruthless episodes to the story. Christian fought pagan, Englishman fought foreign invader, and loyalist fought rebel, in some of the most destructive battles of British history. And bitter internal conflicts, which set neighbour against neighbour, created an equally violent heritage as rival lords and landowners contended for power and influence in the north. David Cooke gives a vivid description of the outbreaks of warfare that have punctuated the county's history. Using graphic contemporary accounts and numerous illustrations and maps, he creates a vivid narrative of a county that was a battleground until modern times.

Medieval Scandinavia

Author : Phillip Pulsiano
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This classic resource on the world of the Sagas is now back in print. With full-page maps and useful supplementary photos, this acclaimed encyclopedia covers every aspect of Scandinavia during the Middle Ages, including rulers and saints, overviews of the countries, religion, education, politics and law, culture and material life, history, literature, and art. A valuable and absorbing volume for students of the Norse sagas, the Viking age, and Old English history and literature, and for anyone interested in the cultural and historical heritage of Scandinavia. Includes cross-references and comprehensive index.

Saga Six Pack 2

Author : Rasmus Bjorn Anderson
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Byzantines and Crusaders in Non Greek Sources 1025 1204

Author : Mary Whitby
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These essays survey the range of historical sources from the peoples who collided with the Byzantine Empire during this period of dramatic upheaval. The Empire that had been expanded and consolidated by Basil II (d. 1025) was to disintegrate in the face of incursions from the north and Muslim east. In addition, pilgrims and crusaders from the west passed through the Empire and settled - culminating in the capture of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade in 1204. In order to understand the history of the region during this period, one must be aware of the rich source material created by these shifting populations, in a wide range of languages, and with differing traditions of historical writing. The fourteen essays give an overview of the material, highlighting any problems the historian may have in dealing with it, and provide detailed bibliographical surveys. Latin, Arabic, Jewish, Slavonic, Georgian, Armenian and Syriac sources are all discussed. This invaluable reference work offers new approaches for all those working on the meeting of the Christian and Muslim worlds in this period.

A History of the Crusades

Author : Kenneth Meyer Setton
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The six volumes of A History of the Crusades will stand as the definitive history of the Crusades, spanning five centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian perspectives, and containing a wealth of information and analysis of the history, politics, economics, and culture of the medieval world.

Norse Sagas Translated Into English

Author : Donald K. Fry
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New Vocal Repertory 2

Author : Jane Manning
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Pieces are graded according to their demands on vocal techniques and musicianship. Each is given detailed treatment from both performing and teaching viewpoints, with music examples, programming suggestions, and practical information.