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Killers of the King

Author : Charles Spencer
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January, 1649. After seven years of fighting in the bloodiest war in Britain's history, Parliament had overpowered King Charles I and now faced a problem: what to do with a defeated king, a king who refused to surrender? Parliamentarians resolved to do the unthinkable, to disregard the Divine Right of Kings and hold Charles I to account for the appalling suffering and slaughter endured by his people. A tribunal of 135 men was hastily gathered in London, and although Charles refused to acknowledge the power of his subjects to try him, the death sentence was unanimously passed. On an icy winter's day on a scaffold outside Whitehall, in an event unique in English history, the King of England was executed. When the dead king's son, Charles II, was restored to the throne, he set about enacting a deadly wave of retribution against all those – the lawyers, the judges, the officers on the scaffold – responsible for his father's death. Some of the 'regicides' – the killers of the king – pleaded for mercy, while others stoically awaited their sentence. Many went into hiding in England, or fled to Europe or America. Those who were caught and condemned suffered agonising and degrading ends, while others saw out their days in hellish captivity. Bestselling historian Charles Spencer explores this violent clash of ideals through the individuals whose fates were determined by that one, momentous decision. A powerful tale of revenge from the dark heart of royal history and a fascinating insight into the dangers of political and religious allegiance in Stuart England, these are the shocking stories of the men who dared to kill a king.

No King killers

Author : James Anderson
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The history of king killers or the 30th of January commemorated in the lives of fanatick saints

Author : History
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Killer King

Author : Stuart R. West
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Sometimes it’s good to be the king. Leon Garber never wanted to be CEO of any corporation, let alone the one that's been trying to kill him for the past year and a half. That’s why it makes no sense when LMI offers him a job—a chance to take down the corporation from the inside. It's a killer job but somebody has to do it. A job Leon loves a little too much… Sometimes it’s great to be the king!

The King of Killers

Author : Remington Kane
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TAKEN! - THE KING OF KILLERS Book 19 of the TAKEN! Series By REMINGTON KANE Jessica goes head to head with a legendary serial killer, the notorious King of Killers, who once bested her famed father. As if hunting one monster wasn't enough, Mr. White must track down an escaped prisoner who will do anything to stay free.


Author : Angela Royston
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Sharks are top of the food chain. This means that they are top predators. Find out all about alligators, their life at the top, links in the food chain and "killer facts"!

Immigrant Killers

Author : Carolyn M. King
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Charles I s Killers in America

Author : Matthew Jenkinson
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When the British monarchy was restored in 1660, King Charles II was faced with the conundrum of what to with those who had been involved in the execution of his father eleven years earlier. Facing a grisly fate at the gallows, some of the men who had signed Charles I's death warrant fled to America. Charles I's Killers in America traces the gripping story of two of these men -- Edward Whalley and William Goffe -- and their lives in America, from their welcome in New England until their deaths there. With fascinating insights into the governance of the American colonies in the seventeenth century, and how a network of colonists protected the regicides, Matthew Jenkinson overturns the enduring theory that Charles II unrelentingly sought revenge for the murder of his father. Charles I's Killers in America also illuminates the regicides' afterlives, with conclusions that have far-reaching implications for our understanding of Anglo-American political and cultural relations. Novels, histories, poems, plays, paintings, and illustrations featuring the fugitives were created against the backdrop of America's revolutionary strides towards independence and its forging of a distinctive national identity. The history of the 'king-killers' was distorted and embellished as they were presented as folk heroes and early champions of liberty, protected by proto-revolutionaries fighting against English tyranny. Jenkinson rewrites this once-ubiquitous and misleading historical orthodoxy, to reveal a far more subtle and compelling picture of the regicides on the run.

Chasing King s Killer The Hunt for Martin Luther King Jr s Assassin

Author : James L. Swanson
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An astonishing account of the assassination of America's most beloved and celebrated civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, by NY Times bestselling author, James L. Swanson.

The History of King killers

Author :
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Descendant of a Regicide

Author : Joseph Gough
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This book is about a descendant of one of the Regicides. A Regicide is a Latin word for King-Killer, the name given to those judges responsible for the trial and execution of King Charles I in 1649. After the Restoration in (1660) of the monarchy they were accepted from the general pardon granted by the Act of Indemnity. At the time 41 of the 59 signers of the death warrant were still alive. Fifteen of them fled. General Goffe was one of the three that fled to New England. Nine of those who signed the warrant and four others closely connected with the trial were hanged. Six others, who were deemed less politically dangerous, were imprisoned for life; some were later reprieved. General William Goffe, a son of a Puritan clergyman was a colonel of infantry and member of the High Court who signed the death warrant of the King. He was also one of Cromwell's ten major generals. The Regicides or King-killers as they were called, were after awhile, closely hunted, but the authorities and people of New England effectually concealed them from their enemies for years. I believe that General William Goffe changed his name to William Gough and lived in Maryland until his death in 1679. This is the year General Goffe died. This book is about William Gough's family who I believe are descendants of a Regicide. I will also tell what I believe are General William Goffe's English relatives. Letter from Author's new found cousin, LtCol Michael J. Gough, USAF (Ret) In August, 2001, after receiving a Gough history, I became consumed with the search for my heritage. I eventually joined a popular forum and discovered Joseph Gough helping many people understand their Maryland/Kentucky heritage. I could tell by his answers that we were of the same lineage. I answered his request to 'post my line' and was pleasantly surprised by his "Hello Cousin" reply. Since that time Joseph and I have reestablished our family ties while he has helped countless cousins learn their heritage. During the course of his research Joseph discovered coincidences that indicated a possible conspiracy of royal proportions. The conspiracy involved two fugitives. William Goffe was a fugitive from the King Charles II. William Gough was a fugitive from English religious persecution. Goffe was a Puritan compatriot of Oliver Cromwell. Gough was a Catholic gentleman trying to quietly live his life in Maryland. By the very nature of conspiracy, direct evidence is hard to find. Every person associated with Goffe was subject to the King's harsh justice. Therefore, no direct evidence could exist or all co-conspirators were at risk. Joseph has compiled a circumstantial case that William Goffe did not die in a cave or basement in the frontier town of Hadley, Massachusetts. Rather he established his Hadley cover story and then escaped to Maryland where he lived out the remainder of his life. Who would look for a proper Puritan in the Catholic Colony of Maryland? This is a history book with elements of a mystery novel. Read it for its historical content and ponder it's mysteries. LtCol Michael J. Gough, USAF (Ret)

A Killer in King s Cove

Author : Iona Whishaw
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A smart and enchanting postwar mystery that will appeal to fans of the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. It is 1946, and war-weary young ex-intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start. When she finds herself happily settled into a sleepy hamlet in the interior of British Columbia surrounded by a suitably eclectic cast of small-town characters she feels like she may finally be able to put her past to rest. But then a body is discovered, the victim of murder, and although she works alongside the town’s inspectors Darling and Ames to discover who might have possibly have motivation to kill, she unknowingly casts doubt on herself. As the investigation reveals facts that she has desperately tried to keep a secret, it threatens to pull her into a vortex of even greater losses than the ones she has already endured. A clever postwar mystery that will appeal to fans the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear or the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd.

Boa Constrictor

Author : Louise Spilsbury
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Boa Constrictors are top of the food chain. This means that they are top predators. Find out all about alligators, their life at the top, links in the food chain and "killer facts"!

Murder by the Book

Author : Duncan Greenwood
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Thriller / 3m, 2f / Int. Crisp, witty exchanges pepper this light hearted and inventive thriller that unfolds with a series of macabre twists. A thriller writer indulges in vitriolic word duels with his estranged wife until she shoots him. An amateur detective from the next flat attempts to solve the murder before calling the police. More deadly games are in store when the corpse rises and the tables are turned more than once for the victim and the killers.

Polar Bear

Author : Louise Spilsbury
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Polar bears are top of the food chain. This means that they are top predators. Find out all about alligators, their life at the top, links in the food chain and "killer facts"!

Killer of Kings

Author : Matthew Harffy
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Beobrand has land, men and riches. He should be content. And yet he cannot find peace until his enemies are food for the ravens. But before Beobrand can embark on his bloodfeud, King Oswald orders him southward, to escort holy men bearing sacred relics. When Penda of Mercia marches a warhost into the southern kingdoms, Beobrand and his men are thrown into the midst of the conflict. Beobrand soon finds himself fighting for his life and his honour. In the chaos that grips the south, dark secrets are exposed, bringing into question much that Beobrand had believed true. Can he unearth the answers and exact the vengeance he craves? Or will the blood-price prove too high, even for a warrior of his battle-fame and skill?

Serial Killers and the Media

Author : Ian Cummins
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This book examines the media and cultural responses to the awful crimes of Brady and Hindley, whose murders provided a template for future media reporting on serial killers. It explores a wide variety of topics relating to the Moors Murders case including: the historical and geographical context of the murders, the reporting of the case and the unique features which have become standard for other murder cases e.g. nicknames for the serial killers, and it discusses the nature of evil and psychopaths and how they are represented in film, drama, novels and art. It also questions the ethics of the “serial killing industry” and how the modern cultural fixation on celebrity has extended to serial killers, and it explores the impact on the journalists and police officers from being involved in such cases including some interviews with them. The treatment of Brady and Hindley by the media also raises profound questions about the nature of punishment including the links between mental illness and crime and whether there is ever the prospect of redemption. This book draws on cultural studies, criminology, sociology and socio-legal studies to offers a multi-dimensional analysis of the impact of this case and then uses this as a basis for the analysis of more recent cases such as the crimes of Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman.

A Murder at Pucklechurch The Death of King Edmund 26 May 946

Author :
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Abstract : This article re-examines the circumstances of King Edmund's murder at Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire in May 926. It argues that the accepted version that the death was a mischance arising from a brawl with an outlaw is unlikely and is based on medieval accounts that are clearly contradictory and unconvincing. It suggests that the persona of the king's killer as the thief, Leofa, was a construct by later chroniclers designed to counter rumours that the king was the victim of a political assassination.

Don t Kill in Our Names

Author : Rachel King
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Presents the stories of ten members of a national anti-death penalty group, Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation, describing what led them to choose forgiveness for the killers of their loved ones instead of revenge.

Murder In Room 305

Author : Gary C. King
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A shocking true crime story of sex, greed and cold-blooded murder! Veteran true crime author Gary C. King spins a gripping real-life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violence...a riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong. Kathryn Ann Martini graduated from Yale with a bright future in the banking business. Young, beautiful and ambitious, she had everything going for her. Until she met Michael David Lissy, the sleazy proprietor of a scuba diving school who was a coke addict that consorted with pimps, prostitutes and other known criminals. Burned out and broke, he had nothing going for him. Then he met Kathryn...a match made in hell. On July 6, 1984, the raped and mutilated body of Kathryn Martini Lissy was found at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Soon afterward, police arrested Michael David Lissy, Kathryn's husband of one year. A few months earlier, Lissy had taken out a large insurance policy on Kathryn's life, naming him as sole beneficiary. Then he hired an underworld assassin to stalk and kill his wife. After one of the most sensational trials in Eugene's history, Lissy was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Notice to readers: This book was previously published as Web of Deceit.