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Kill Them With Kindness

Author : Eve Craig
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This book is a clean Cozy Mystery short story that does not contain any foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events. While celebrating the new windfall of her very expensive Hanoverian gelding, Rufus, the old barn cat, showed up sick. Holly then realized that she hadn't chosen a vet for the animals. One of her employees suggested that she use the local Veterinarian in Hill City. Since Rufus was not showing any improvement after seeing the vet, Holly made a follow up appointment to have him checked out again. Upon their arrival she found the doctor dead. Was the Veterinarian's death a result of natural causes or could it have been murder?

When Killing Them with Kindness Doesn t Work Try Voodoo

Author : Turtlebird Journal Publishing
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When Killing Them with Kindness Doesn't Work Try Voodoo - Blank Funny Lined Journal - Black Sarcastic Notebook This snarky funny sarcastic blank lined journal is better than a card and makes the perfect gift for a coworker, boss, friend, family member and even fun for yourself! Features: Descriptive and mysterious title to keep your friends and colleagues guessing 120 blank lined 6x9 pages for journaling, a diary, taking notes, keeping lists, etc. Premium black matte softcover Perfect binding

Kill Em With Kindness

Author : CS DeWildt
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Nick Gillis grows marijuana and minds his own business, a policy that pays off in the small Midwest town he calls home. But when he breaks his own rule by helping out a girl at a bar, it’s enough to put him on the radar of the most dangerous man he knows. It’s truly a case of no good deed going unpunished as Nick’s debt leads him down a dark path littered with psychologically damaged convicts, a crooked chief of police, and one well-trained murder of crows. Praise for the books of CS DeWildt: “…full of masterful imagery from a provocative author at the top of his game, piled high on a bullet train of violence that demands that once you start watching, you don’t look away.” —Brian Panowich, author of Bull Mountain “DeWildt stands alone as a wicked wizard of crime fiction. Love You to a Pulp serves up heart and depravity in equal portions. Bold, brash, and completely original.” —Tom Pitts, author of Hustle “Chris DeWildt is the first honest-to-God heir apparent I’ve read to the rural noir master Jim Thompson.” —Joe Clifford, author of Lamentation and December Boys

Kill Them with Kindness Then Fart As You Walk Away Coworker Notebook Sarcastic Humor Funny Gag Gift Work Boss Colleague Employee HR Office Journal

Author : Habinal Shop
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A beautiful, bright, fun notebook. Ideal for taking notes, jotting lists, brainstorming, Bible study, prayer journaling, writing in as a diary, or giving as a gift. Not too thick & not too thin, so it's a great size to throw in your purse or bag! SIZE: 6 X 9PAPER: Lightly Lined on White PaperPAGES: 120 Pages

Kill Them With Kindness Then Fart As You Walk Away

Author : Luna Tick Press
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Here's a funny lined perfect bound paperback notebook. This is an awesome gift for a coworker. Enjoy a good laugh at work. A simple, small, easy to carry journal with edge to edge lines on front and back of each page (108 lined pages). The perfect Secret Santa, gag gift, Christmas, Holiday, or project employee appreciation gift for any office environment. To see more Snarky Worker Press notebooks, click on Luna Tick Press Author page .

The Complete Concordance to Shakespeare

Author : Mary Cowden Clarke
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Kill with Kindness

Author : Dell Shannon
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'A Luis Mendoza story means superlative suspense' Los Angeles Times Lieutenant Luis Mendoza is laid low with measles and the Homicide Squad of Los Angeles Police Department has to manage without its Chief of Detectives. There are several off-beat cases to occupy them, like the man tied to a railway and decapitated by a passing train. But, Mendoza does not take his convalescence lying down and he is soon unofficially investigating a case that his colleagues are already pursuing...


Author : Illinois State Historical Society
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The Bibliography of Crime Fiction 1749 1975

Author : Allen J. Hubin
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Analytical Concordance to the Bible on an Entirely New Plan

Author : Robert Young
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A Sketch of Exploration in Bible Lands

Author : Thomas Nicol
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English Synonyms Explained

Author : George Crabb
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The Monthly paper of Sunday teaching

Author :
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The Balance of Human Kindness and Cruelty

Author : Robert B. Edgerton
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This book reviews the many conflicting theories about human nature, those that stress our dark side, and those that emphasize our goodness. It then explores actual human behavior in societies around the world beginning with earliest and smallest known societies, foraging people such as the!Kung San Pygmies, then various kinds of farming people, and finally, city dwellers. It also focuses on human behavior during the 20th Century providing detailed examples of human kindness and inhumanity. It also examines human behavior under the most terrible kind of stress imaginable--deadly, prolonged famine. How people respond to famine around the world is described with an emphasis on the killer famine that starved much of Ireland from 1845 to 1850. Many Irish people died of starvation but unlike other parts of the world where starvation led the strong to kill and eat the weak, Irish culture forbade such killing and in reality it did not take place. Finally, the book summarizes the evidence, then concludes that even though people have biological urges that lead toward anti-social behavior, human rule systems can control most of these anti-social predispositions.

A Large and Compleat Concordance to the Bible in English According to the Last Translation

Author : Samuel Newman
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A Concordance to the Plays of Shakespeare

Author : William Henry Davenport Adams
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Couldn t We Just Kill em and Tell God They Died

Author : Cathy Lechner
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Do your children make you insane? Does your husband seem deranged? Do you have a friend who drives you crazy? In Couldn't We Just Kill'em And Tell God They Died?, popular author and women's minister Cathy Lechner helps you love the impossible people in your life. "Some family and friends you choose yourself," says Cathy, "but others are simply thrust upon you. Because you don't always get to choose who to love and when to love them, you sometimes feel like strangling some of them (well, maybe not quite!)." In the same popular style of her best-seller I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet, But Who's Going To Cook Dinner?, Cathy's anointed words will minister hope and healing to your troubled relationships. With hilarious anecdotes, side-splitting stories and candid insight, Cathy will have you laughing with those people who often make you cry.

Superhero Comics of the Golden Age

Author : Mike Benton
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Traces the history of the superhero comics from the early 1930s to the late 1940s, plus profiles of the heros and their artists and an annotated checklist of the comics

The Shakespeare Phrase Book

Author : John Bartlett
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Court of Common Pleas

Author : Alexis Bernier
File Size : 63.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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