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Key Concepts of Polymerase Chain Reaction

Author : Giorgio Salati
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The primary objective of this book is to illustrate recent concepts in molecular biology with focus on the application to human, animal and plant pathology, in numerous aspects like analysis, prevention and treatment of diseases, prognosis, etiology and use of these methodologies in comprehending the pathophysiology of several diseases that impact living beings. The topics included are measuring DNA damage; overview of PCR principles; submicroscopic human parasitic infection and real time PCR techniques in cancer investigations. This book will be beneficial for researchers, students and professionals engaged in the field.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction

Author : Kary B. Mullis
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James D. Watson When, in late March of 1953, Francis Crick and I came to write the first Nature paper describing the double helical structure of the DNA molecule, Francis had wanted to include a lengthy discussion of the genetic implications of a molecule whose struc ture we had divined from a minimum of experimental data and on theoretical argu ments based on physical principles. But I felt that this might be tempting fate, given that we had not yet seen the detailed evidence from King's College. Nevertheless, we reached a compromise and decided to include a sentence that pointed to the biological significance of the molecule's key feature-the complementary pairing of the bases. "It has not escaped our notice," Francis wrote, "that the specific pairing that we have postulated immediately suggests a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material." By May, when we were writing the second Nature paper, I was more confident that the proposed structure was at the very least substantially correct, so that this second paper contains a discussion of molecular self-duplication using templates or molds. We pointed out that, as a consequence of base pairing, a DNA molecule has two chains that are complementary to each other. Each chain could then act ". . . as a template for the formation on itself of a new companion chain, so that eventually we shall have two pairs of chains, where we only had one before" and, moreover, " ...

Life on Earth

Author : Teresa Audesirk
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The book has been carefully written to integrate the necessary biological facts into a broader conceptual framework that stresses unifying themes and the ways in which an understanding of biology can enrich and enlighten day-to-day living.

Cumulated Index Medicus

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Clinical Hematology Theory Procedures Enhanced Edition

Author : Mary Lou Turgeon
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Cystic Fibrosis and DNA Tests

Author :
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Exercises for the Molecular Biology Laboratory

Author : Patrick Guilforce
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Molecular Diagnostics

Author : William B. Coleman
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This updated and expanded tutorial guide to molecular diagnostic techniques takes advantage of many new molecular technologies to include both improved traditional methods and totally new methods, some not yet in routine use. The authors offer cutting-edge molecular diagnostics for genetic disease, human cancers, infectious diseases, and identity testing, as well as new insights into the question of quality assurance in the molecular diagnostics laboratory. Additional chapters address other technologies found in the clinical laboratory that complementary to molecular diagnostic technologies and discuss genetic counseling and the ethical and social issues involved with nucleic acid testing.

Proceedings of Ultrasensitive Biochemical Diagnostics

Author : Gerald E. Cohn
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Proceedings of Ultrasensitive Biochemical Diagnostics

Author :
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Concepts of Genetics

Author : William S. Klug
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For one- or two-term courses in Genetics in the departments of Biology, Zoology, Agriculture or Health Science. This text is known for its clear writing style, emphasis on concepts, visual art program and thoughtful coverage of all areas of genetics. The authors capture students' interest with up-to-date coverage of cutting-edge topics and research. The authors emphasize those concepts that students should come to understand and take away with them, not a myriad of details and exceptions that need to memorized and are soon forgotten. The seventh edition boasts the next generation of interactive learning tutorials and animations integrated within the Companion Website.


Author : Daniel L. Hartl
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Concepts in Biochemistry

Author : Rodney F. Boyer
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Rodney Boyer's text gives students a modern view of biochemistry. He utilizes a contemporary approach organized around the theme of nucleic acids as central molecules of biochemistry, with other biomolecules and biological processes treated as direct or indirect products of the nucleic acids.The topical coverage usually provided in current biochemistry courses is all present - only the sense of focus and balance of coverage has been modified. The result is a text of exceptional relevance for students in allied-health fields, agricultural studies, and related disciplines.

Knowledge for Sustainable Development

Author : Unesco
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This three volume set presents a multidisciplinary examination of the global life support systems on which we depend by providing a selection of articles on sustainable development issues written by international experts. Volume 1 focuses on the earth and atmospheric sciences, mathematical, biological and medical sciences, social sciences and humanities, physical sciences, engineering and technology resources. Volume 2 covers chemical sciences, energy science and water engineering, as well as the main issues related to environmental sciences and ecological resources. Volume 3 offers a comprehensive view of food and agricultural engineering resources, the management of human and natural resources, economic and institutional resources, information technology and systems management, as well as a regional overview of sustainable development issues. Each article includes a bibliography, a glossary and a guide to further information available as part of the on-line Encyclopedia version (

NCLEX PN Review Made Incredibly Easy

Author :
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"Discover the stress-free way to study for the licensure examination. With NCLEX-PN Review Made Incredibly Easy, Third Edition, you'll actually enjoy learning, stay motivated, and improve your performance on the NCLEX-PN!" --Book Jacket.


Author : Cecie Starr
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Author : John McMurry
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A colorful, pedagogically enhanced standard textbook for the introductory course. It begins with atomic structure, proceeds next to bonding and molecules, then to bulk physical properties of substances, and ends with a study of chemical properties. Each chapter concludes with a brief description of an interesting application or extension of the chapter subject, a summary, a list of key words, and a large number of problems. Many student-oriented supplements are available. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Biology of Microorganisms

Author : Thomas D. Brock
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PCR Technology

Author : Thomas Weissensteiner
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A technique used to amplify the number of copies of a specific region of DNA, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is at the forefront of the dramatic development of biochemistry. This text provides the tools for developing innovative approaches to using this leading technology. It includes theoretical considerations, discussions, and a selection of

PCR Strategies

Author : Michael A. Innis
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PCR Strategies expands and updates the landmark volume PCR Protocols. It is a companion laboratory manual that provides a completely new set of up-to-date strategies and protocols for using PCR in all relevant research areas. The editors have organized the book into three sections, focusing on principles, analyses, and research applications for a wide variety of basic and clinical needs. If you own PCR Protocols, you will want PCR Strategies. If you don't own PCR Protocols, you will need to buy both Features: * Concepts explained * Methods detailed * Trouble-shooting emphasized * Novel applications highlighted * Major sections: * Key concepts for PCR * Analysis of PCR products * Research applications * Alternative amplification strategies