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Keeping At It

Author : Paul Volcker
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The extraordinary life story of the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, whose absolute integrity provides the inspiration we need as our constitutional system and political tradition are being tested to the breaking point. As chairman of the Federal Reserve (1979-1987), Paul Volcker slayed the inflation dragon that was consuming the American economy and restored the world's faith in central bankers. That extraordinary feat was just one pivotal episode in a decades-long career serving six presidents. Told with wit, humor, and down-to-earth erudition, the narrative of Volcker's career illuminates the changes that have taken place in American life, government, and the economy since World War II. He vibrantly illustrates the crises he managed alongside the world's leading politicians, central bankers, and financiers. Yet he first found his model for competent and ethical governance in his father, the town manager of Teaneck, NJ, who instilled Volcker's dedication to absolute integrity and his "three verities" of stable prices, sound finance, and good government.

I m Not Done Yet

Author : Ed Koch
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The former mayor of New York City reflects on life after politics, explaining why keeping active has helped him deal with aging.

Keeping Faith at Princeton

Author : Frederick Houk Borsch
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In 1981, Frederick Houk Borsch returned to Princeton University, his alma mater, to serve as dean of the chapel at the Ivy League school. In Keeping Faith at Princeton, Borsch tells the story of Princeton's journey from its founding in 1746 as a college for Presbyterian ministers to the religiously diverse institution it is today. He sets this landmark narrative history against the backdrop of his own quest for spiritual illumination, first as a student at Princeton in the 1950s and later as campus minister amid the turmoil and uncertainty of 1980s America. Borsch traces how the trauma of the Depression and two world wars challenged the idea of progress through education and religion--the very idea on which Princeton was founded. Even as the numbers of students gaining access to higher education grew exponentially after World War II, student demographics at Princeton and other elite schools remained all male, predominantly white, and Protestant. Then came the 1960s. Campuses across America became battlegrounds for the antiwar movement, civil rights, and gender equality. By the dawn of the Reagan era, women and blacks were being admitted to Princeton. So were greater numbers of Jews, Catholics, and others. Borsch gives an electrifying insider's account of this era of upheaval and great promise. With warmth, clarity, and penetrating firsthand insights, Keeping Faith at Princeton demonstrates how Princeton and other major American universities learned to promote religious diversity among their students, teachers, and administrators.

Keeping God at the Center

Author : David R. Blumenthal
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Keeping God at the Center is informative as well as instructional. It contains four kinds of teaching: first, insights derived from pondering the meaning of selected phrases and prayers from the traditional liturgy; second: four chapters on the personalist theology behind traditional Jewish prayer; third, meditations on the liturgy and clear instructions on how to pray certain prayers; and, fourth, instructions on how to pray certain prayers mystically. Both those well-acquainted with the prayerbook and those completely unfamiliar with it will be able to derive benefit from this book. It is a continuation of the main themes of Blumenthal’s earlier work in Jewish spirituality, theology, and mysticism.

Keeping It Real in an Unreal World

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…In this book, Keeping it Real in an Unreal World, Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut examines the reality of illusion (or the illusion of reality?). He talks about how we can come to pursue our best efforts at finding something that resembles a path through the foggy haze of an earth-dwellers life, and the fuzzy twists and turns and convolutions of existence. If our voyage is one of expectation, our reality will become just that. Its a perceptual thing; how we each perceive it is a highly individual matter. If you keep an open mind, Michael's promise is that rewards will come out of your enthusiastic reading participation. Dont assume you know anything whatsoever about real life; it goes better for us when we think of it like that. In reality, each day we start out new, and each new day presents itself with an entirely new set of illusions. In sorting out the illusions, we have the chance to make things happen in our lives. The book is presented in five sections. To begin with, in Section One the whole matter of reality and illusion is examined. The next section talks about the individual self, and what reality means to him. The third section explores reality close to home, in the lives of our mind, and with our friends and family. Section Four moves into the outer world, where a global view of reality is addressed. Finally, in the last section (Five), Michael takes on the great and perennial metaphysical questions, doing his best to apply the human notions of God and Universe to the world of the thinking self. Michael admits he is only sharing thoughts on how he narrowly see things. You will hopefully have your own spin on reality, different from everyone else in the world. Keeping it real comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Each of us looks at it uniquely, and what you are about to experience in this book is merely one tiny sliver of reality perspective. When you are finished reading the book, it is Michael's hope that you will have given more consideration to the matter of whats real and not real for yourself. And that you will take valuable living information from it. Reality. Its a funny thing. How we negotiate our way through it goes a long ways towards whether we adapt or fail in our experiences and encounters with life. Enjoy your journey, both through the book, and through life!

Stephen Joseph Theatre Pioneer and Provocateur

Author : Paul Elsam
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A 1967 obituary in The Times labelled Stephen Joseph 'the most successful missionary to work in the English theatre since the second world war'. This radical man brought theatre-in-the-round to Britain, provoked Ayckbourn, Pinter and verbatim theatre creator Peter Cheeseman to write and direct, and democratised theatregoing. This monograph investigates his forgotten legacy. This monograph draws on largely unsorted archival material (including letters from Harold Pinter, J. B. Priestley, Peggy Ramsay and others), and on new interviews with figures including Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Trevor Griffiths and Sir Ben Kingsley, to demonstrate how the impact on theatre in Britain of manager, director and 'missionary' Stephen Joseph has been far greater than is currently acknowledged within traditional theatre history narratives. The text provides a detailed assessment of Joseph's work and ideas during his lifetime, and summarises his broadly-unrecognised posthumous legacy within contemporary theatre. Throughout the book Paul Elsam identifies Joseph's work and ideas, and illustrates and analyses how others have responded to them. Key incidents and events during Joseph's career are interrogated, and case studies that highlight Joseph's influence and working methods are provided.

Chronicles of Capstan Cabin Or The Children s Hour

Author : James Jackson Wray
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Author : Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
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Keeping Watch

Author : Jane M. Choate
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AROUND-THE-CLOCK PROTECTOR Despite the threats against her life, Danielle Barclay thinks having a bodyguard is unnecessary. Or at least that's what she tells herself before meeting Jake Rabb. A former Delta Force soldier, Jake is used to rope-lining from helicopters into enemy territory—not following around a senator's daughter. The lovely deputy district attorney is as strong-willed as she is brave, especially when the escalating danger assures Jake that her stalker means business. As the attacks become personal, Danielle finally puts her trust—and her feelings—on the line with her defender. But how will Jake protect her if the stalker is closer than they think?

Keeping It Real

Author : Michael Bradshaw
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Keeping It Real is a collection of short stories written by Michael Bradshaw. There are those who know someone or has had loved ones incarcerated. These stories should provide some insight into the minds of those who can relate to them.


Author : Ray J. Jones
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Manage Me Manage You

Author : Zahoor Bargir
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There is no 'I' in Team, but there is an 'm' and 'e', ME! * Notice me * Value me * Acknowledge me * Listen to me * Understand me Effective managers are vital in this competitive world. Whilst they have to ensure they get the best out of their team to get the work done, any team is a sum of its parts. Each team member plays a crucial role and if they're not happy then this will have an impact on their colleagues. We all have different motivations and ways of working. If managers can meet these individual needs, managing their overall team will become so much easier. Zahoor Bargir uses the DISC system to show how managers can be themselves and yet manage others how they want to be managed.

James Oliver Curwood

Author : Judith A. Eldridge
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Now he would become an avid conservationist in the early days of that movement, a change that would lead indirectly to his death 13 years later.

The Quiver

Author :
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V. 12 contains: The Archer...Christmas, 1877.

How Precious Was That While

Author : Piers Anthony
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Piers Anthony tells his own remarkable life story in this candid autobiography, a volume that is sure to intrigue and entertain his many fans-and infuriate his critics. The book begins with a review of the author's early years, revealing new and telling details about his upbringing at the hands of two brilliant but often careless parents, including a riveting section about their harrowing experiences as expatriates in Spain just before the Second World War. But most of the book focuses on the past fifteen years since Bio of an Ogre (the first volume of his autobiography) was published, a time both of personal progress and professional frustration for Anthony, as his works became increasingly ambitious while his sales began to slow. He offers cautionary tales on the pitfalls of the "bottom line" publishing mentality, as well as scathing portraits of several well-known publishing figures. Candid, opinionated and endlessly fascinating, How Precious Was That While is an intimate self-portrait by one of the most intriguing writers of our time. "This unsparingly forthright second memoir should ruffle some feathers that badly need ruffling." - Kirkus Reviews At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

How to Write a Million Dollar Adventure Novel Novel Writing as a Profitable Profession

Author : Ray Mesluk
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Your First Job Getting It Keeping It

Author : Heather Hogarth
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First job seekers' profiles - What do I want to do? - Steps towards your goal - What size organization? - Parents - Employers - Life as a jobseeker - Applications - Interviews - Knockbacks - The job - Conditions of employments.

Building Up a Run down Cotton Plantation

Author : David Arthur Brodie
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The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids

Author : Children's Bible Hour
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A collection of devotions for each day of the calendar year, including readings, illustrative stories, memory verses, and questions to internalize the messages.

Catching them at it

Author : Sally Featherstone
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Practitioners working within the EYFS are still uncertain of exactly how to manage assessment. This book will take them through the process step by step. It explains the terminology involved, shows practitioners how to turn 'observation' into 'assessment' and in the final chapter sets out how to manage and interpret all the information they have gathered. This book is an essential part of all early years bookshelves as the government expects 80% of the judgements on progress towards the Early Learning Goals to be based on observations of children in 'child-initiated' play environments.