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Keepers of the Flame

Author : Lecturer in International Politics School of Oriental and African Studies Stephen Hopgood
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The first in-depth look at working life inside a major human rights organization.

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Ian Hamilton
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Literary biography is an endlessly fascinating form, not least because of the fierce controversies that attend the question of how much of a writer's real life ought to be related to readers. Ian Hamilton, a first-rate biographer who encountering his share of adversity in writing the life of J.D. Salinger, is the perfect chronicler of such controversies in this brilliant study, first published in 1992, which charts the course of literary biography from Donne and Shakespeare to Plath and Larkin. 'Such a compelling read.' Antonia Fraser, Times 'Lively and informative, powerfully and humorously written.' Anthony Burgess, Observer 'Surely the funniest book ever written on the doom-laden issue of posthumous literary fame.' Jonathan Keates, Independent

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Robin D. Owens
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Two sisters born to serve… The sorcerers of Lladrana have already Summoned three women to help fight the evil attacking their world. Yet their fourth Summoning brings the unexpected—twin sisters. And ones with strong ties to Earth. Both have a special gift to heal. But while Brigid Drystan has explored that gift through unorthodox means, Elizabeth has poured herself into getting a medical degree and denying her powers. Now, stuck in a strange land, fighting a plague sent by the Dark to weaken Lladrana, they must use all their resources to save lives. And one twin will risk her own on an experiment that might doom them both.…

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Robert M. Hazen
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"For, Lo! We live in an Iron Age--In the age of Steam and Fire!" wrote a poet mesmerized by the engines that were transforming American transportation, agriculture, and industry during his lifetime. Indeed, by the nineteenth century fire had become America's leitmotif--for good and for ill. "Keeping the flame" was deadly serious: even the slightest lapse of attention could convert a fire from friendly ally to ravaging destroyer. To examine the cultural context of fire in "combustible America," Margaret Hazen and Robert Hazen gather more than a hundred illustrations, most never before published, together with anecdotes and information from hundreds of original sources, including newspapers, diaries, company records, popular fiction, art, and music. What results is an immensely entertaining and encyclopedic history that ranges from stories of the tragic "great fires" of the century to fire imagery in folktales and popular literature. Dealing more with technology than with fire in nature, the book provides a vast amount of information on fire manipulation and prevention in urban life. Hazen and Hazen discuss the people who worked with fire--or against it. Founders, gaffers, blacksmiths, boilers at saltworks, and housewives knew how to "read" a fire and employ it for their purposes. A few dedicated investigators inquired about the scientific nature of heat and flame. And firefighters gradually progressed from "bucket brigades" to "using fire to fight fire" with the newly invented steam engine. The colorful stories of these Americans--the risks they took and the rewards they received--will fascinate not only social historians but also a broad audience of general readers. Originally published in 1992. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Travis Vogan
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NFL Films changed the way Americans view football. Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media traces the subsidiary's development from a small independent film production company to the marketing machine that Sports Illustrated named "perhaps the most effective propaganda organ in the history of corporate America." Drawing on research at the NFL Films Archive and the Pro Football Hall of Fame and interviews with media pioneer Steve Sabol and others, Travis Vogan shows how NFL Films has constructed a consistent, romanticized, and remarkably visible mythology for the National Football League. The company packages football as a visceral and dramatic sequence of violent, beautiful, graceful, and heroic gridiron battles. Historically proven formulas for presentation--such as the dramatic voiceovers once provided by John Facenda's baritone, the soaring scores of Sam Spence's rousing background music, and the epic poetry found in Steve Sabol's scripts--are still used today. From the Vincent Price-narrated Strange but True Football Stories to the currently running series Hard Knocks, NFL Films distinguishes the NFL from other sports organizations and from other media and entertainment. Vogan tells the larger story of the company's relationship with and vast influence on our culture's representations of sport, the expansion of sports television beyond live game broadcasts, and the emergence of cable television and Internet sports media. Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media presents sports media as an integral facet of American popular culture and NFL Films as key to the transformation of professional football into the national obsession commonly known as America's Game.

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Robert Stearns
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Keepers of the Flame

Author : Merlin L. Neff
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Ein Blick in die Adventbewegung zeigt, wie das Erbe der Reformation bis heute weitergetragen wurde. Alle Filme wurden an Originalschauplätzen gedreht. Sie lassen Geschichte lebendig werden und machen uns die Herausforderung unserer Zeit bewusst. - The purpose of literature is to help us to see, to feel, and to appreciate the world in which we live. Great poetry and prose have been the result of man's quest for beauty--the beauty of nature, the beauty of human relations, and the beauty of religious faith. To young men and young women who wish to see, to feel, and to discover what the poets and prose masters of English and American letters have felt and expressed concerning the Christian adventure, this book is written - 1. Living in Two Worlds.2. Wings of Victory.3. A Gleam of Light.4. Challenge to Reform.5. Champion of the Faith.6. In Prison Free.7. The Surging Wave.8. Strength Out of Suffering.9. The Heart's Desire.10. "The World Is Too Much With Us".11. Following the Gleam.12. Victorious Christian Optimism.13. Adventurers in the New World.14. He Listened to Nature's Voice.15. On the Battlefield of Truth.16. "A Steadfast Firmament of Blue".17. Trying to Spell "God".18. The Flame Burns Low. Books for Study

Keepers of the Flame

Author : Theodore J. Kowalski
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A wealth of qualitative data concerning urban districts and their school superintendents in the United States is contained in this book. Theodore J Kowalski examines the lives of 17 urban school superintendents focusing on their problems and aspirations. Of particular significance is the discussion of how factors such as community environment, organizational change and culture, and the person in the job combine to influence decision-making and administrative behaviour.

Keepers Of The Flame

Author : Sean O'Brien
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In the 1930s a young poet and patriot, Richard Jameson, falls in love with the socialist daughter of Sir Henry Exton, a powerful media mogul. But in courting her, he finds himself embroiled in a fascist struggle for influence over the heart of the establishment. After Thatcher sweeps to victory during the 1980s, Jameson is on the verge of being rescued from literary obscurity but finds the ghosts of his fascist past have not been laid to rest.

The Keepers of the Flame 1850 1950

Author : James Franklin Oates
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Keeper of the Flames

Author : Jenna Solitaire
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My name is Jenna Solitaire, and I am the Keeper of the Boards. With the elements of Air and Water at my command, I now go in search for the most dangerous Board I have sought so far—the Board of Fire. From the searing desert of the Middle East, Jenna and Simon travel to the ancient city of Pompeii, following the clues to the hiding place of the Board of Fire—also known as the Board of the Flames. But Peraud is hot on their trail, and is more determined than ever to claim the two Boards the Keeper already possesses. Jenna must also contend with her growing attraction to Simon, who is torn by his desire for her—and his sacred duty to the Church. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Keeper of the Flame

Author : Mike Lipkin
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North American Sun Kings

Author : Joseph B. Mahan
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Saint Germain

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Author : Mary Blue
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This is a story about womankind's natural role as guardians of the Flame of Spirit that dwells within the heart of all human beings. Lilith, the eternal root of the sacred feminine from humankind's spiritual genesis, symbolizes archetypally this role women once held by sacred design and divine intent. They were known as the Keepers of the Flame, those who oversaw and guided the way humans organized themselves in all affairs that governed their lives. The foundation for their way of life was based upon Natural Law versus man-made laws. One of its core principles was the universal practice of giving, sharing and including. The purpose of this work is to reach out to those who want to go beyond patriarchal conditioning by showing that the history we have been led and taught to believe as true, especially about womankind, is false. In fact, what is true about human nature and its original way of life came before the patriarchy, what is referred to as the matriarchy. The original archetype of Lilith is described based on the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green with the intent to help bolster and invigorate every woman's spirit by showing her the way back home to her own natural self; to stand again as one individual who exists as part of a group consciousness, the species human, interwoven into an even larger family comprised of all Earth's sacred beings, and by doing so, to reconnect to the Spirit that dwells within each and every heart linking all to her own, and to relearn how to speak its Truths with passion and conviction for the benefit of all. That is Lilith. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You will know truth when it speaks to your soul. It is a knowingness that simply exists beyond the words. As I read through the book, I felt an immediate resonance with the concepts put forth by the author. I learned, I absorbed, I embraced. Somehow I remembered. The remembering felt as natural as breath in, breath out. Great educators like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have described how ancient myths continue to inform and live on within our collective unconscious. Our great spiritual teachers, many of whom are referenced within the pages of this book, remind each one of us of our connection to universal source, to the divinity that exists within each one of us. They invite us to embark on the journey inward, to reconnect with our center, our soul, and with the source of all that is. In this luminous book, the author exquisitely and simply synthesizes the knowledge imparted by the spiritual masters regarding our Creatress force. She speaks of the transgender whole of the sacred feminine in its unfiltered and unconditioned version. This is not the Lilith story with the overlay of patriarchal conditionings that give an explanation for humanity's spiritual downfall, but rather that of her preHerstory - of the unified, fecund and regenerative Creatress seed from which all life has sprung. I invite you to allow your own knowingness to verify the truth contained within these pages. Don't read this book - experience it, for yourself, for your soul. . . . Rose Marcus,Evolutionary Astrologer, Author, "Insights into Evolutionary Astrology"

Pearls of Wisdom 1977

Author : Saint-Germain
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Making the Archives Talk

Author : James L. W. West
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"A collection of essays by editor, biographer, bibliographer, and book historian James L. W. West III, covering editorial theory, archival use, textual emendation, and scholarly annotation. Discusses the treatment of both public documents (novels, stories, nonfiction) and private texts (letters, diaries, journals, working papers)"--Provided by publisher.

Teen Goddess

Author : Catherine Wishart
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Combines spiritual practice, guided meditation, and self-improvement techniques to help young women discover and access their hidden goddess powers.

Memories of Mark

Author : Annice Booth
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mark Prophet was a man of tremendous spiritual mastery, yet profoundly human. In Memories of Mark, we see both the magic and the mystery of this visionary pioneer of modern religious thought through the eyes of his friend and student, Annice Booth.

Inner Faces of God Kabbalah

Author : Summit University Press
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