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Kathy Chooses

Author : Joy Carlson
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Having been groomed by her father, Kathy was always in some type of sexual relationship. She had already had two abortions, one by a rape which occurred in high school, and the other when a boyfriend left her. Her new live-in boyfriend, Doug, had said he wanted children. Yet, when Kathy became pregnant, he told her to get an abortion. “Get an abortion,” he said, “Women do it all the time.”Kathy had seen the results of the second abortion and it affected her deeply. How could she do that again? They say it is the woman’s choice. With Doug pressuring her to have an abortion, could she make her own choice? What would Kathy choose?

Exquisite Weddings

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Exquisite Weddings is a publication that understands a wedding should be as unforgettably unique as the couple getting married. Our goal is to inspire brides, and within the pages of our magazine, we bring together a powerful ensemble of luxury experience, engaging the dreamer and the romantic.

The Couple who Became Each Other

Author : David L. Calof
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Draws on a wide range of case histories to explore the extraordinary powers of the human mind and illuminate the therapeutic process

An Ear to the Ground

Author : Scott C. Davis
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Personal essays on the theme "local truth". Piquant, surprising, unpredictable prose from 75 of the finest emerging writers of the East and West Coasts. These men and women speak to particular subcultures and localities. Their words have sharp edges. Their thinking is strong, deeply felt, rooted-a welcome change from the pabulum that is produced for a mass audience. Learn of our future as is passes from the heat and passion of local discourse into national debate. Listen to men and women who, for all their individuality, share Cune's notion that literature, by its excellence as art tends to orient, heal, and uplift.

Family Life Education

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Public Finance

Author : Michael L. Marlow
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This text provides a balanced treatment of both theory and practice for courses in public finance, public sector economics, cost-benefit analysis, public choice or public policy. Features: * Thoroughly covers both tax and expenditure topics, including extensive discussion of current scholarly research as well as recent examples. * An entire chapter on health care includes discussion of current policy issues regarding health care reform (Ch. 13). * Current and complete treatment of deficits (Chapter 17) integrates discussions of previous chapters and provides students with a lively treatment of the topic. * The entire chapter on theory and use of off-budget credit and insurance policies is unique in a public finance text. * Many boxed items examine leading current policy issues. * Extensive use of graphs shows historical and current trends. * A complete appendix on microeconomic theory makes the text useful for several levels of teaching. * Examination of major changes in income tax laws lends appreciation for past reform as well as current reform issues.

Commercial Transactions

Author : Lynn M. LoPucki
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Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach explores the nuances of transaction law from a systems’ perspective, examining the infrastructure that supports commercial transactions and how lawyers apply the law in real-world situations. The outstanding team of co-authors uses an assignment-based structure that allows professors to adapt the text to a variety of class levels and approaches. Well-crafted problems challenge students’ understanding of the material in this comprehensive, highly teachable text. New to the Seventh Edition: 25 new cases spread across all three major parts of the text More than 50 new problems in the Sales material Updated and revised discussion of proceeds issues in bankruptcy Revisions through the book to reflect new technologies Professors and students will benefit from: Easy-to-teach materials with class sessions that flow naturally from bite-sized assignments, each with a problem set Comprehensive Teachers’ Manual that provides answers to every question we ask Accessible authors who are happy to interact directly and on short notice with adopters Assignment structure that makes it easy to select topics for coverage The opportunity for adopters to become characters in the book Information-rich, concise text Clear explanations of the law and institutions – no hiding of the ball Having all the information students need to solve the problems A focus on the things students need to know to succeed in their future jobs A real-life approach that prepares students for practice

Using and Conducting Nursing Research in the Clinical Setting

Author : Magdalena A. Mateo
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An AJN Book of the Year in its previous edition, this resource thoroughly explores how to conduct and use research in a variety of clinical settings. It begins with an overview of how research is used in practice and how it affects quality assurance and clinical problem-solving. Then, it discusses practice outcomes, examines the forces influencing today's focus on outcomes, and provides guidelines for evaluating programs and avoiding pitfalls in data collection. Finally, this new edition presents strategies for facilitating research, gaining access to a clinical setting, acquiring funding, collaborating with other researchers, and conducting a study. It concludes with chapters on writing the research report and disseminating research through presentation and publication. 7 new chapters: The Conceptual Framework, Case Management Outcomes in the Community Setting, Cost as a Dimension of Outcomes, Outcomes Evaluation, The Evaluation Component of Research Utilization, Managing Variances of Care, Qualitative Methods. Helps readers apply and conduct research in a broad range of settings, including hospitals, clinics, homes, and physician offices. Emphasizes topics important in todays changing healthcare environment such as measuring the cost of care in relation to outcomes. Offers step-by-step guidance on conducting a research study, as well as strategies for gaining access to a clinical setting, acquiring funding, collaborating, writing the research report, and disseminating results. Make complex concepts easy to apply in practice with clear writing and engaging case examples throughout the text.

Choosing Family Child Care

Author : Kathy Modigliani
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Author : Dottie Bruce Gandy
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"From stay-at-home mom, to corporate America, to behind the pulpit, the women in Choose! show us that the more choices we give ourselves, the more in control we are of our lives." --

The Edible Flower Garden

Author : Kathy Brown
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This book is a unique gardening guide and recipe collection in a beautifully photographed volume with over 25 planting schemes explained in foolproof detail.

Choose Kindness

Author : Kathy Nash
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This is a heartwarming story about a little girl learning to believe in herself and her ability to change the world with kindness, no matter her age, gender, or nationality. This book is based on a true story. SYNOPSIS: Miss Nyasha challenges her students to accept a kindness mission. Little Marie accepts the challenge. Along the way she learns many valuable lessons. With the help of her friends, family and teacher she embarks on a journey that will last a life time. She learns to work with a team, confront peer pressure, how to share and how to build friendships. Marie learns to believe in herself and in the incredible power of kindness.

You choose the ending Skits for Youth Ministry

Author : Stephen Parolini
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At last -- no-fail skits that GRAB your kids' attention -- and HOLD it!

Kathy Kristof s Complete Book of Dollars and Sense

Author : Kathy Kristof
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An award-winning financial journalist offers a complete guide to personal finance, covering such important areas as budgeting, buying life insurance, setting up a retirement plan, saving for college expenses, and developing a lifetime financial program. Original.

Financial Accounting

Author : Jamie Pratt
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Human Competence

Author : Thomas F. Gilbert
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What People Have Said About Human Competence ""Human Competence" stands not only as a tribute to Tom's genius, but also as the best single source of ideas about performance technology. It is a 'must have' for anyone serious about changing the performance of individuals or organizations." --Dick Lincoln, Centers for Disease Control ""Human Competence" is the crowning achievement of a most remarkable man. But more than that, it is the performance technologist's foundation. Read it with zest, but read it with the intent of learning as much as you possibly can." --Odin Westgaard, Hale Associates "Tom's work has given me the framework to help others in a powerful way--it is a big part of my message of respecting and valuing people at work." --Elizabeth Guman, Performance Insights ""Human Competence" is a must read for anyone wishing to become a true performance improvement professional." --Peter Dean, University of Tennessee at Knoxville "Among the ideas bulging from this classic work: performance exemplars, potential for improving performance, behavior-accomplishment distinction, performance matrix, ACORN troubleshooting test, performance audits, states, Worth = Value - Cost, knowledge maps, mediators, and job aids. The great accomplishments he left behind will continue to profit behavior analysis and performance improvement for a long, long time." --Ogden Lindsley, Behavior Research Company ""Human Competence" is probably the most borrowed and least returned book in my library. It's good to have it in print once more, so that I can keep replacing it, and rereading it for new insights from the original master of HPT." --Rob Foshay, TRO Learning, Inc.

2019 Planner Choose Joy

Author : Kathy Shutt
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Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, and much more, this planner is a lovely reminder that each new day is a gift from God--a true reason to live with a joy-filled heart every day of the week!

Community Health

Author : Kansas. State Department of Health
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Hard to Solve Brainteasers

Author : Jaime Poniachik
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The solutions to these tantalizing teasers take common sense, not great knowledge of deep subjects. Hints and clues are available along the way, and so are the answers. 60 illustrations.