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Karlstadt as the Father of the Baptist Movements

Author : Calvin Augustine Pater
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Karlstadt as the Father of the Baptist Movement

Author : Calvin Augustine Pater
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A Companion to the Eucharist in the Reformation

Author :
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This collection of articles by European and American scholars offers an introduction to the Eucharist in the Reformation, as theology, liturgy, and wellspring for thinking about the relationship between the sensible world and God.

The New Westminster Dictionary of Church History The early medieval and Reformation eras

Author : Robert Benedetto
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Jerald Bauer's Westminster Dictionary of Church History was originally published in 1969 and has ably served an entire generation of pastors, students, and scholars over the last decades of the twentieth century. In recognition of both the dictionary's age and the latest developments in patristics and other fields of study, Westminster John Knox Press commissioned this volume to continue in the previous work's tradition by providing up-to-date and immediate, authoritative, and introductory definitions and explanations of the major personalities, events, facts, and movements in the history of Christianity. Volume One covers the early, medieval, and Reformation periods and contains nearly fourteen hundred articles written by more than two hundred contributors. Volume Two will cover the modern period, from 1700 on.

Calvin s Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church

Author : Matthew J. Tuininga
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In Calvin's Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church, Matthew J. Tuininga explores a little appreciated dimension of John Calvin's political thought, his two kingdoms theology, as a model for constructive Christian participation in liberal society. Widely misunderstood as a proto-political culture warrior, due in part to his often misinterpreted role in controversies over predestination and the heretic Servetus, Calvin articulated a thoughtful approach to public life rooted in his understanding of the gospel and its teaching concerning the kingdom of God. He staked his ministry in Geneva on his commitment to keeping the church distinct from the state, abandoning simplistic approaches that placed one above the other, while rejecting the temptations of sectarianism or separatism. This revealing analysis of Calvin's vision offers timely guidance for Christians seeking a mode of faithful, respectful public engagement in democratic, pluralistic communities today.

Enemies of the Cross

Author : Vincent Evener
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"The present book argues that Martin Luther and his first allies and intra-Reformation critics (Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt and Thomas Müntzer) appealed to suffering to teach Christians to distinguish between true and false doctrine, teachers, and experiences. In so doing, they developed and deployed categories of false suffering, in which suffering was received or simply feigned in ways that hardened rather than demolished self-assertion. These ideas were nourished by the reception of teachings about annihilation of the self and union with God received from post-Eckhartian mysticism. Luther, Karlstadt, and Müntzer developed this mystical inheritance in different directions, each of which intended to shape Christians for differing forms of ecclesial-political dissent: Luther redefined union with God as a union through faith and the Word, and he counselled Christians to endure persecution as divine work under contraries; Karlstadt described union with God as "sinking into the divine will," and he upheld this union as a post-mortem goal that required, here and now, constant self-accusation and improvement on the part of the individual and the community; Müntzer looked for God to possess souls according to the created order, making Christians into actors for the execution of God's will on the earthly plane. The democratization of mysticism that so many scholars have attributed to these reformers' teachings involved a delimitation: mysticism joined to Reformation teaching was used to identify false experiences, false teachers, and ultimately false Christianity"--

Editionsdesiderate zur Fr hen Neuzeit

Author : Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Germanistische Edition. Kommission für die Edition von Texten der Frühen Neuzeit. Arbeitstagung
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The Eucharistic Pamphlets of Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt

Author :
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Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt played a key role in the development of the evangelical understanding of the Lord's Supper. In 1521 he wrote several pamphlets urging a reform of the Mass. In 1524 he broke with Martin Luther and published a second group of pamphlets rejecting the traditional belief in Christ's corporeal presence in the Eucharist. Despite the importance of Karlstadt's tracts, they are little known today, and his understanding of the Lord's Supper is often reduced to a caricature. For the first time, Amy Nelson Burnett translates his thirteen pamphlets into English, illuminating Karlstadt's importance for the Reformation debate over the Eucharist and his contribution to what would become Reformed sacramental theology.

Radicalism and Dissent in the World of Protestant Reform

Author : Anorthe Kremers
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This volume of essays explores the themes of radicalism and dissent within Protestantism. The comparisons highlight the contingent nature of particular settlements and narratives, and reveal the extent to which the definition of religious radicalism was dependent upon immediate context and show that radicalism and dissent were truly transnational phenomena. The historiography of the so-called radical reformation has been unduly shaped by the hostile categories imposed by mainstream or magisterial reformers during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This volume argues that scholars should adopt an open-ended understanding of evangelical reform, and recognize that the boundaries between radicalism and its opposite were not always firmly drawn. The distinction between the two is an inheritance of the Lutheran Reformation of the 1520s, which shaped not only the later course of the Reformation in the Holy Roman Empire but also attitudes towards and writings on religious dissent in the Netherlands and England. Radical critique is immanent within mainstream Protestantism, in a faith that emphasizes the power of the gospel with its unrelenting demands.

The Radical Reformation 3rd ed

Author : George Huntston Williams
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George Williams' monumental The Radical Reformation has been an essential reference work for historians of early modern Europe, narrating in rich, interpretative detail the interconnected stories of radical groups operating at the margins of the mainline Reformation. In its scope—spanning all of Europe from Spain to Poland, from Denmark to Italy—and its erudition, The Radical Reformation is without peer. Now in paperback format, Williams' magnum opus should be considered for any university-level course on the Reformation.

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians

Author : Patrick W. Carey
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The last 20 centuries of Christian history have witnessed the emergence of numerous theological traditions. This reference provides alphabetically arranged entries for more than 450 Christian theologians. Included are entries for those individuals whose work was primarily in systematic and spiritual theology, or who were church historians chiefly concerned with theological matters. Whenever possible, each entry provides basic biographical information, a brief account of the theologian's education and career, and a summary of the person's most important contributions to theology. The entries end with bibliographies of primary and secondary sources, while the volume concludes with a selected, general bibliography.

Glaube und Theologie Faith and Theology

Author : Wolfram Kinzig
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Glaube und Theologie stehen seit den Anfängen des Christentums in produktiver Spannung zueinander, die die Reformation mit ihrem Prinzip des sola fide einerseits und mit ihrer Institutionalisierung einer schriftzentrierten akademischen Theologie andererseits in besonderer Weise aktualisiert hat. Dadurch entwickelte sich in den neu entstandenen Evangelisch-theologischen Fakultäten eine "wissenschaftliche Theologie" auf höchstem Niveau, die weltweit rezipiert wurde. Diese Theologie sieht sich allerdings in jüngster Zeit kritischen Anfragen ausgesetzt. Säkularisierungsprozesse führen zu einem massiven religiösen Bildungsverlust und damit zu einer Trivialisierung von Theologie. Zeitgleich breiten sich weltweit christliche Gruppen aus, die auf eine akademische theologische Ausbildung keinen Wert legen. In Anbetracht dieser Situation entsteht die Frage, inwiefern die Theologie reformatorischer Tradition auch in Zukunft religionsproduktiv sein und eine für die Kirchen grundlegende Arbeit leisten kann. Um diese Frage zu diskutieren, trafen sich auf Einladung des Evangelisch-Theologischen Fakultätentages, der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Theologie und der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland im Oktober 2017 Theologinnen und Theologen unterschiedlicher christlicher Konfessionen in Wittenberg zu einer internationalen Konferenz. Deren wegweisende Beiträge sind in diesem Band veröffentlicht. Since the beginnings of Christianity, there has been a fundamental tension between faith and theology. The Reformation, with its principle of sola fide on the one hand and its institutionalisation of a scripture-based academic theology on the other hand, drew particular attention to the tension and suggested new answers to that problem. That effort contributed to a fundamental transformation of academic theology within the faculties of Protestant Theology which emerged as a result of the movement. In the past decades, however, academic theology has come under considerable pressure. [In much of Europe and North America,] The process of secularization has led to a massive decline in religious education and – partially as a reaction to this – to a trivialization of academic theology. At the same time, one can observe a global proliferation of evangelical and Pentecostal groups. These groups sometimes display a certain indifference towards academic theological training, or even reject it altogether. In view of this development the question arises to what extent the relationship between faith and theology as defined in the wake of the Reformation will in future continue to be religiously productive and may thus serve the churches and their congregations.

Pro Ecclesia Vol 25 N3

Author : Pro Ecclesia
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Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology. It seeks to give contemporary expression to the one apostolic faith and its classic traditions, working for and manifesting the church's unity by research, theological construction, and free exchange of opinion. Members of its advisory council represent communities committed to the authority of Holy Scripture, ecumenical dogmatic teaching and the structural continuity of the church, and are themselves dedicated to maintaining and invigorating these commitments. The journal publishes biblical, liturgical, historical and doctrinal articles that promote or illumine its purposes. Ways to subscribe: Call toll-free: 800-273-2223 Email: [email protected] For back-issues, please contact [email protected] Editorial inquiries: Joseph Mangina, [email protected] Submissions should be sent by email attachment in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, with identifying marks removed for the purposes of blind peer review. Book review inquiries: Brett Salkeld, [email protected] Advertising inquiries: Carli Hansen, [email protected] Subscription inquiries: [email protected] ISSN: 1063-8512

Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe

Author : Ronald K. Rittgers
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Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe, edited by Ronald K. Rittgers and Vincent Evener, is a research handbook on the Protestant reception of mysticism, from the beginnings of the Reformation through the mid-seventeenth century.

A Companion to the Swiss Reformation

Author : Amy Nelson Burnett
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A Companion to the Swiss Reformation presents the varied form taken by the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland over the course of the sixteenth century, highlighting regional differences as well as consequences for the Swiss Confederation as a whole.

Christ Exalted

Author : Barry H. Howson
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Hanserd Knollys was an important and leading figure of the early Calvinistic Baptist movement in Great Britain in the seventeenth century. His spiritual and pastoral journey began with the Church of England, followed by a brief time in Congregationalism, and finally landing with the Particular Baptists. Knollys was an educated Baptist clergyman, having graduated from Cambridge University, who published over twenty-five works in his lifetime. Zealous for the Lord, previously published by Barry Howson and Dennis Bustin, allows the reader to get a glimpse of the man and his thought. This book, Christ Exalted, allows the reader to penetrate deeper into his thought by reading some of his more pastoral works. In addition, Knollys was taken up with the signs of the times and eschatology. Consequently, the final chapter of this book includes a chapter on his eschatological thought taken from six of his works that address this subject.

The Anabaptists

Author : Hans-Jurgen Goertz
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The Anabaptists were at the radical, utopian edge of the Reformation, ruthlessly repressed by Catholic, Lutheran and secular authorities alike. Hans-Jurgen Goertz gives a comprehensive account of their political and religious significance, their views, and their social setting within the wider context of the Reformation. Particular attention is paid to the role and experience of women and of 'ordinary' Anabaptists in addition to those of the educated elite. Whilst the focus of the book is on Germany, extensive coverage is also given to Anabaptism in England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and elsewhere. This English edition includes a new introduction which considers the historiographical context of the book. The opening chapter has also been expanded to include a section on the emergence of Anabaptism in England. The Anabaptists has been fully revised since its publication in German, and takes account of the most recent historiography on the subject. It also includes a selection of primary sources together with a full listing of important Anabaptist works.

Celebrating the Legacy of the Reformation

Author : Benjamin K. Forrest
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In this compilation of essays, experts in the field provide an in-depth look at the long-lasting impact of the Protestant Reformation. Readers will gain new insights into the legacies of theology, spiritual formation and personal worship, catechism and preaching, and the missions and martyrs of the Reformation. Celebrating the Legacy of the Reformation will inspire and challenge readers to learn from the past for the sake of the future.

Karlstadt and the Origins of the Eucharistic Controversy

Author : Amy Nelson Burnett
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The debate over the Lord's Supper had momentous consequences for the Reformation, causing the division of the evangelical movement, influencing the formation of political alliances, and contributing to cultural differences among the Protestant territories of Germany and Switzerland. Karlstadt and the Origins of the Eucharistic Controversy is the first full-length study of the beginning of that debate. Going beyond the traditional focus on Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, it emphasizes the diversity of the "sacramentarian" challenge to traditional belief in Christ's corporeal presence in the bread and wine of the Eucharist, and it re-evaluates the significance of Luther's colleague, Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt, for the debate. Burnett describes Luther's earliest criticisms of the mass and the efforts in Wittenberg to reform liturgical praxis to correspond with his ideas. She then looks at pamphlets written by other reformers to show how Luther's understanding of the sacrament was adapted and modified outside of Wittenberg. Ultimately, Burnett shows how Karlstadt's eucharistic pamphlets introduced into the public debate arguments that would become standard Reformed criticisms of the Lutheran position. The book also demonstrates the influence not only of Erasmus but also of John Wyclif and the Hussites for discussions of the sacrament, highlights the role of the reformers of Basel and Strasbourg for developing the "Zwinglian" understanding of the Lord's Supper, and draws attention to the early eucharistic theology of the Silesians Kaspar Schwenckfeld and Valentin Krautwald. This book will be an indispensable guide for readers seeking to understand the issues surrounding the outbreak of the eucharistic controversy in the sixteenth century.

Reformation and Modern Rituals and Theologies of Baptism

Author : Bryan D. Spinks
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This second of two volumes, surveying the historical underpinnings of baptismal liturgies and theologies, traces developments through the Reformation, liturgies in the 18th and 19th centuries, and explores important new ecumenical perspectives on developments of 20th Century sacramental discussion. Present practices of Baptists, Amish, as well as Methodist, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed and Anglican denominations are also examined.