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K 12 STEM Education in Urban Learning Environments

Author : Wendt, Jillian L.
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This title is an IGI Global Core Reference for 2019 as it provides the timeliest, trending research around overcoming challenges within the urban educational system. Featuring real-world solutions and comprehensive coverage on teacher professional development, racial microaggressions, STEM, and diversity in elementary and secondary education, this publication is ideal for teachers, faculty, administrators, policymakers, and educational researchers. K-12 STEM Education in Urban Learning Environments provides emerging research on the challenges and barriers of STEM education in urban environments and how to move forward in overcoming these challenges and barriers to provide equitable education for all K-12 students. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as teacher preparation, programming, gender and racial barriers, and more, this publication is ideally designed for teachers, faculty, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and scholars.

Improving K 12 STEM Education Outcomes through Technological Integration

Author : Urban, Michael J.
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The application of technology in classroom settings has equipped educators with innovative tools and techniques for effective teaching practice. Integrating digital technologies at the elementary and secondary levels helps to enrich the students’ learning experience and maximize competency in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Improving K-12 STEM Education Outcomes through Technological Integration focuses on current research surrounding the effectiveness, performance, and benefits of incorporating various technological tools within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classrooms. Focusing on evidence-based approaches and current educational innovations, this book is an essential reference source for teachers, teacher educators, and professionals interested in how emerging technologies are benefiting teaching and/or learning efficacy.

Antiracist Professional Development for In Service Teachers Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : View, Jenice L.
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The “ideal” 21st century public school teacher has a keen understanding of the racialized history of education and has already taken a critical stance regarding that history. This teacher is a changemaker and able to create classroom conditions that enable all children and youth to be changemakers as well. In order to assist teachers to become this ideal educator, antiracist professional development must be undertaken. Antiracist professional development has as its goal the transformation of teachers for the eventual transformation of classroom environments, instruction, and curricula to provide for equitable and inclusive educational experiences, particularly for students of color. Unfortunately, such transformative teacher professional development has been in short supply in the age of high-stakes standardized testing and the deprofessionalization of the teaching profession. Antiracist Professional Development for In-Service Teachers: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a crucial reference book that addresses the historical, sociological, and pedagogical background concerning racial issues in education. It proposes an antiracist model for professional development as a tool for transforming schools and teachers to be critically sensitive changemakers. Drawing upon more than 20 years of developing a transformative teaching master’s program, the book includes data from the authors’ national survey of teacher professional development, assignment examples, teacher work products, and the authors’ self-critique/reflections on their efforts to support teachers in transforming their practice. The book also presents the voices of P-12 teachers, including those who thought that they already “knew it all,” the new teacher at a punitive public charter school with high turnover, teachers who took leadership within the school and in the larger community, and teachers who significantly changed their classroom practice for the long-term. Moreover, the authors offer policy recommendations for teacher professional development experiences that meet the needs of all teachers; experiences that provide support for teachers’ professional growth, that have an immediate impact on student learning, and that create the conditions for school communities to work together as changemakers. It includes an epilogue that considers the urgency of these issues as were revealed by the 2020 global pandemic. As such, this book is ideal for teachers, teacher educators, educational leaders, administrators, policymakers, academicians, researchers, and students.

Asian Women in Corporate America Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : Lakshminarayanan, Sambhavi
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By necessity, understanding of leadership has been based on who used to be business leaders, namely men. In the last few years, Asian women have been making their mark in corporate America. Although Asian women have become part of the American workforce, and some have achieved spectacular success, there is little discussion about them. Many of these women could be first general immigrants, still balancing the strong pull of two cultures. Even for second or third generation immigrants, Asian cultures can often exert immense pressures. Thus, the achievement of these women deserves far more attention than it has received, and comprehensive research on these advances should be presented. Asian Women in Corporate America: Emerging Research and Opportunities traces the history of Asian women’s presence as executives of major American corporations, presents biographical sketches of a select few, draws upon factors (individual, corporate, and societal) that influenced their journeys, and links to past theories on business leadership. The chapters serve to bring attention to a minority group in leadership and extricates factors that helped in the success of Asian American women in these prominent roles. While highlighting topics such as existing leadership theories, gender and ethnicity in leadership, models of theories regarding Asian women, and their involvement in major corporations, this book is a valuable reference tool for managers, executives, researchers, practitioners, academicians, and students working in fields that include women’s studies/gender studies, business and management, human resources management, management science, and leadership.

Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation in the 21st Century Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : Smith, Dimitra J.
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Community colleges are essential in preparing the 21st century workforce. Research has indicated that there is a shortage of individuals prepared for skilled workforce opportunities, such as plumbers, electricians, and many others. In fact, while college is essential in workforce development, it is not the only route that can lead to a successful livelihood. Developing a skill that transfers into an essential trade is a route less taken. Community colleges are ideally situated to respond to the shortage of a prepared workforce by providing an array of programs that reach a wide range of individuals with talents that may not include a college degree. Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation in the 21st Century: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a comprehensive reference source that covers the essential role of community colleges in developing a skilled workforce via varying educational opportunities that include degree completion, workforce development, and skill enhancement. Readers will benefit from the book’s ability to advocate for the need for individuals with skillful trade options, provide different areas to consider as trade options, discuss the role of community colleges in preparing a workforce, examine the challenges that can arise for individuals with a trade, and present a global outlook on the workforce of the 21st century. Covering topics that include career pathways and STEM programs, the book is especially valuable for academic institutions that are looking to provide options for talent expansion. Leadership and education scholars, leadership practitioners within community college and university settings, leaders within workforce development sectors, researchers, and students will also find this reference useful for developing a skilled and competent workforce.

Incorporating LGBTQ Identities in K 12 Curriculum and Policy

Author : Sanders, April
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Educators in the K-12 school environment work diligently to help at-risk students find success in the classroom. One particular group of at-risk students is the LGBTQ+ population. K-12 students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer often fear the repercussions of disclosing this information in the classroom environment. Homophobia from fellow students, faculty, and/or administrators can be in the form of bullying, lack of acknowledgement of identity, absence in curriculum, etc. There is a strong need for this group of students to be included in the landscape of curriculum design and policymaking. Incorporating LGBTQ+ Identities in K-12 Curriculum and Policy is a critical research publication that provides comprehensive research on inclusive curriculum design and education policy that specifically impacts LGBTQ+ students. Featuring an array of topics such as gender diversity, mental health services, and preservice teachers, this book is essential for teachers, counsellors, school psychologists, therapists, curriculum developers, instructional designers, principals, school boards, academicians, researchers, administrators, policymakers, and students.

Participatory Literacy Practices for P 12 Classrooms in the Digital Age

Author : Mitchell, Jessica S.
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The ability to effectively communicate in a globalized world shapes the economic, social, and democratic implications for the future of P-12 students. Digitally mediated communication in an inclusive classroom increases a student’s familiarity and comfortability with multiple types of media used in a wider technological culture. However, there is a need for research that explores the larger context and methodologies of participatory literacy in a digital educational space. Participatory Literacy Practices for P-12 Classrooms in the Digital Age is an essential collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of integrating digital content into a learning environment to support inclusive classroom designs. While highlighting topics such as game-based learning, coding education, and multimodal narratives, this book is ideally designed for practicing instructors, pre-service teachers, professional development coordinators, instructional facilitators, curriculum designers, academicians, and researchers seeking interdisciplinary coverage on how participatory literacies enhance a student’s ability to both contribute to the class and engage in opportunities beyond the classroom.

Promising Practices for Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Science Engineering and Medicine

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
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Careers in science, engineering, and medicine offer opportunities to advance knowledge, contribute to the well-being of communities, and support the security, prosperity, and health of the United States. But many women do not pursue or persist in these careers, or advance to leadership positions - not because they lack the talent or aspirations, but because they face barriers, including: implicit and explicit bias; sexual harassment; unequal access to funding and resources; pay inequity; higher teaching and advising loads; and fewer speaking invitations, among others. There are consequences from this underrepresentation of women for the nation as well: a labor shortage in many science, engineering, and medical professions that cannot be filled unless institutions and organizations recruit from a broad and diverse talent pool; lost opportunities for innovation and economic gain; and lost talent as a result of discrimination, unconscious bias, and sexual harassment. Promising Practices for Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine reviews and synthesizes existing research on policies, practices, programs, and other interventions for improving the recruitment, retention, and sustained advancement into leadership roles of women in these disciplines. This report makes actionable recommendations to leverage change and drive swift, coordinated improvements to the systems of education, research, and employment in order to improve both the representation and leadership of women.

Change and Improvement in School University Partnership Settings Emerging Research and Opportunities

Author : Catelli, Linda A.
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Now more than ever, the collaboration of researchers and practitioners from both PreK-12 and higher education in partnership and in research is imperative for solving problems in teaching and learning and for instituting fundamental change in education. There is growing empirical work on educational change and improvement in school-university partnership settings that should be explored. This applied research and research design impacts the initiation and institution of change in partnership settings. Thus, the role of research is an essential lever for reform. Practical perspectives are necessary to share for shaping a future in partnerships and to promote collaborative action and inquiry in school-university and professional development partnership settings. This includes changes in the partnerships’ classroom teaching, in school and college policies, student outcomes, course content, and in partnerships’ teacher education programs. Change and Improvement in School-University Partnership Settings: Emerging Research and Opportunities spotlights the types of research, research designs, and exemplar studies that were successful in producing changes and improvements in the longitudinal partnerships the author founded and directed. The chapters reveal what worked and why it worked along with brief descriptions of the exemplar studies that served as catalysts for change. In addition, a brief history of the partnership movement in America is given along with an overview of the current landscape of the different types of education partnerships prevalent today and their key research features. This book is ideal for researchers, scholars, teacher-researchers, change agents, professors, teacher educators, students, and graduate fellows interested in conducting practical and effective applied research for change and improvement in school-university partnership settings.

Narrative Thinking and Storytelling for Problem Solving in Science Education

Author : Riley, John Thomas
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The 21st century has seen no shortage of historic problems, which has begged the question, How is society preparing today’s young people to take on these challenges? There have been a fair number of obscure but promising approaches that warrant testing but do not currently attract the level of attention needed to secure the necessary resources for a proper test. Narrative Thinking and Storytelling for Problem Solving in Science Education is an essential academic publication that focuses on the use of storytelling to respond to the fundamental need to share experiences while also inspiring world-changing solutions through the stimulation of curiosity, imagination, and reflection. Focusing on this widespread, powerful, and multifaceted form of communication, this book centers on the use of storytelling as a narrative and rhetorical technique in scientific knowledge, research, teaching, and learning. Covering topics such as digital storytelling, narrative schema, and mediation, this powerful reference source is ideal for researchers, scientists, instructional designers, communication specialists, and academicians.