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Just Like Mum Used to Make Cakes and Bakes

Author : Jane Pettigrew
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A delicious collection of traditional teatime recipes taken from the National Trust’s famous tearooms, featuring many classic favourites like Chelsea Buns, Cherry Bakewells and Victoria Sponge, just like mum used to make. All the basics of good baking are covered, including how to make pastry, basic bread making and pie making, with useful tips on common baking problems and how to avoid them. In addition to all the classic teatime bakes there is advice on how to choose a tea that best complements each recipe.

Cakes and Bakes

Author : Jane Pettigrew
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Just Liked My Mother Used to Bake

Author : Catherine Osborne
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With more than 25 recipes, "Just Like My Mother Used to Bake" is feast of cakes, pies, tarts, and cupcakes. There's nothing quite like the smell of a homemade apple pie fresh from the oven or the sticky sweetness of an indulgent brownie. If you've forgotten just how great those bakes from childhood tasted, the recipes in this book will have you whipping up sweet treats just the way your mother made them in no time. Whether you want to surprise your own mother with a traditional key lime pie or bake together just like the old times, there are plenty of recipes here to keep you busy in the kitchen.* The perfect Mother's Day gift.* 25 recipes, plus quotes about mothers.* Part of the successful series of Mother's Day booksby Ryland Peters & Small, which include My Mother Said(32,000 copies sold), Mothers and Daughters(20,000 copies sold), and Thank You for Being My Mother.

Bella s Christmas Bake Off

Author : Sue Watson
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‘At one point I choked on my coffee I was laughing so much! ... with characters you really care about Sue Watson has written a book that will keep you captivated until the very last page. The Book Review Café Two best friends. One big lie. The best bake off EVER. Bella Bradley is the queen of television baking – a national treasure. Her Christmas specials have been topping the ratings for years and her marriage to Peter ‘Silver Fox’ Bradley is the stuff of Hello magazine specials. But this year things are going to be different. For Amy Lane, Bella’s best friend from school, life hasn’t held quite the same sparkle. And when Amy’s husband walks out three weeks from Christmas, it seems their lives are further apart than ever. Amy has watched Bella’s rise to fame fondly, despite the fact Bella was always a terrible cook. But when she realises that Bella’s latest Christmas book is made up entirely of Amy’s mother’s recipes, the gloves are off… After winning a competition to appear on Bella’s TV show, Amy is going to make sure that for Bella and her viewers, this will definitely be a Christmas to remember… A hilarious, heart-breaking and feel good read about best friends, baking and the magic of Christmas. What readers are saying about Bella’s Christmas Bake Off ‘I never thought I'd laugh and cry as much as I did while reading this book. I wish I could give it 10 stars! I loved this story and hope others do too.’ The Final Chapter ‘I genuinely laughed out loud reading Bella's Christmas Bake Off. It was a lovely, relaxing read, and one that really cheered me up. It has the perfect recipe of laughter, happiness and a little romance thrown in… I absolutely loved this book, it is a fab Christmas read and I highly recommend it. I give Bella’s Christmas Bake Off 5 Stars.’ Tea Lady Mumbles ‘Within a matter of pages I was (as usual with these books) laughing my socks off and immediately fell in love with the slightly crazy Amy … Sue Watson has such a knack for the humorous side of characters … Her humour, writing style and stories never fail to hit the spot and are guaranteed to cheer me up, make me laugh and generally improve my mood.’ Best Crime Books and More ‘Bella's Christmas Bake Off should have pride of place on your Christmas bookshelf! It is a warm, brilliant, lovely story that made me feel warm and good inside.’ On My Bookshelf ‘She's only gone and done it again. Sue Watson has got the recipe just right, an uplifting read, with all the glitz and glamour of Christmas with tantalising temptations you'll feel you can lift straight off the pages. She's an author who I'll never tire of reading, each and every book delivers exactly what it says on the tin - escapism, laced with pure indulgence - just perfect. If you don't buy any other Christmas book this year make sure you buy this one, you won't be disappointed! Crooks on Books ‘This does exactly what it says on the tin. It's funny and heartwarming, sad and heat-breaking, all at the same time.’ Claire Loves to Read


Author : Leicestershire (England). Education Department
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Advice for parents and professionals on how to help young children with autism.

Never Forget

Author : Willie H. Lattimore
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With the intent of educating and sparking discussion among younger generations, Willie Lattimore shares an intriguing insight into life in rural America during the 1960s and beyond in his memoir. In this time, the Lattimore family endured hardship, shared joys, and expanded the roots of the family tree. Willie begins with a retelling of his childhood growing up in Louisville, Alabama, where he enjoyed eating cornbread pancakes, horseback riding, fishing at the Blue Hole, and watching his logger father play on a Negro League baseball team. As he details his unique coming-of-age journey, Willie shares an entertaining glimpse into what life was like during a time when racism was prevalent, food was preserved in unusual ways, corporal punishment was the norm, and castor oil was the preferred remedy for every ailment under the sun. Throughout his narrative, which continues through his military career, Willie demonstrates how he relied on his church teachings and moral upbringing to make good choices and overcome challenges. Never Forget... combines humor, photographs, and real-life adventures with the goal of preserving the wonderful history of the Lattimore family for generations to come.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Author : Jasper Briggs
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From the ages of seven to thirteen, Jasper Briggs experienced neglect, abuse and a world of addiction. During those years, she spoke about the experiences she went through as a child growing up in that environment. The book is titled "Through the Eyes of a Child" as it was written from that point of view. The book focuses on staying positive and looking up as the dysfunction continued throughout her childhood. It doesn't matter where you came from or what your experiences were, your life becomes what you make of it. Forgiveness is part of the healing process, once you learn to let go you can finally move forward and it feels so good!

Things Mother Used to Make

Author : Lydia Maria Gurney
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Originally published in 1913, this book contains a lovely collection of classic recipes, just like mother or grandma used to make. Including such delicious dishes as 'Huckleberry Cake', Potted Beef', 'Boston Baked Beans' and 'Pumpkin Pie', this book is a wonderful addition to anyone's recipe collection, allowing you to create dishes that will take you straight back to the past.

Mom s Big Book of Baking Reprint

Author : Lauren Chattman
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Busy chef and mom, Lauren Chaltman's, collection of easy and flexible recipes for baking.

Podcasting for Profit

Author : Leesa Barnes
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Provides a plan for using the fast-growing world of video and audio podcasting, to promote a business and turn a profit.

Farmers Review

Author :
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Christmas at Grandma s

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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Snowflakes are swirling, carolers are singing and shoppers are crowding into shops...Christmas is coming! If you're like us, you'd love to recreate the holiday magic you remember from Grandma's home, but don't have all day to spend in the kitchen. Christmas at Grandma's is filled with simple-to-make recipes for every festive occasion. For Christmas morning breakfast, serve Christmas Sausage Soufflé and Overnight Sticky Buns. After sledding or cutting down the tree, warm everyone up with mugs of Yellow Pea Soup. An open-house buffet with Ambrosia Cheese Dip and Grandma's Cocktail Nibbles is perfect for merrymaking with friends. Busy-day dinners are a snap with Granny's Baked Macaroni & Cheese or Mom's One-Pot Chicken Supper. Make the big day special with Nonna's Christmas Eve Spaghetti, Mama's Baked Brown Sugar Ham or Tangy Glazed Chicken. Ginger-Orange Cranberries and Corn & Broccoli Casserole round out a festive menu. What we all remember most about holidays with Grandma is the desserts, right? Try family favorites like Cranberry Cream Pie and Apple Spice Cake...yum! Cookies are a must, so we've rounded up Sugar Doodle Drops and Chocolate Gingerbread Men. They're so much fun to make and eat! You'll also find sweet memories of holidays gone by, plus clever tips for sharing Christmas with your kids or grandkids.

Amazing Place

Author : Marianne Gingher
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Some of us understand place in terms of family and community, landscape, or even the weather. For others, the idea of place becomes more distinct and particular: the sound of someone humming while washing dishes, the musical cadence of a mountain accent, the smell of a tobacco field under the hot Piedmont sun. Some of North Carolina's finest writers ruminate on the meaning of place in this collection of twenty-one original essays, untangling North Carolina's influence on their work, exploring how the idea of place resonates with North Carolinians, and illuminating why the state itself plays such a significant role in its own literature. Authors from every region of North Carolina are represented, from the Appalachians and the Piedmont to the Outer Banks and places in between. Amazing Place showcases a mix of familiar favorites and newer voices, expressing in their own words how North Carolina shapes the literature of its people. Contributors include Rosecrans Baldwin, Will Blythe, Belle Boggs, Fred Chappell, Jan DeBlieu, Pamela Duncan, Clyde Edgerton, Ben Fountain, Marianne Gingher, Judy Goldman, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Randall Kenan, Jill McCorkle, Michael McFee, Lydia Millet, Robert Morgan, Jenny Offill, Michael Parker, Bland Simpson, Lee Smith, Wells Tower, and Monique Truong.

A Mom for Tim

Author : Lori Handeland
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The Search Is On! Life has never been easy for Tim. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, he's finally found a home with Dean Luchetti. And yet…something's missing. Now that he has a dad, Tim's convinced that what he needs is a mom. Which means he has to find Dean a wife. But no matter who he puts in front of his father, Dean seems to only have eyes for Tim's principal, Stella O'Connell. When Stella returns to her hometown to take the principal job, she dreads running into Dean. Their teenage love had ended badly—what if he still holds a grudge? Or worse, what if he still has feelings for her? Stella is in town only temporarily to get her life back on track. The last thing she wants is a complicated relationship. And yet the more time she spends with Dean and Tim, the more she doesn't want to leave them. Could she have found the place she belongs right where she started?

White Lines

Author : Tracy Brown
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Jada left home at the age of sixteen, running from her own demons and the horrors of physical abuse inflicted by her mother's boyfriend. She partied hard, and life seemed good when she was with Born, the neighborhood kingpin whose name was synonymous with money, power, and respect. But all his love couldn't save her from a crack addiction. Jada goes from crack addict and prostitute to survivor and back again before she finds the strength to live for herself and come out on top. And her stormy romance with one of the fiercest hustlers on the streets makes White Lines one of the most unforgettable urban loves stories of the year.


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A Bake A Holic s 40 Favorite Recipes

Author : Frances Elizabeth Mezo
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Proven recipes by a dedicated and skilled "bake-a-holic" with over 40 years experience. Delicious and gorgeous cakes, pies, cookies, tarts, muffins, etc. Delight your friends, family, coworkers, church members, etc.


Author : Matt McAllester
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On a sunny morning in May 2005, foreign correspondent Matt McAllester's mother, Ann, died unexpectedly of a heart attack, and despite having spent six years reporting on death and devastation from the world's most brutal war zones, he was pole-axed by grief. Pole-axed, and also astonished to be grieving for a woman who had been largely absent from his life, lost for two-and-a-half decades in her private world of madness. In the weeks and months that followed, Matt found himself poring over old family photos and letters, searching for the warm, quick-witted and beautiful woman he remembered from his earliest childhood, who had now vanished for the second time. But as he looked anew at her long-cherished collection of cookbooks, it occurred to him that the best way to find her again might be through something they both treasured: the food she had once lovingly prepared for her family before she was snatched away from them by illness. With the help of Elizabeth David, the cookery writer his mother most revered, Matt embarked on a culinary journey, returning from the front lines to cook Ann's much-loved recipes: from cassoulet, to spare ribs, to steak with Bordelaise sauce, to oeufs en cocotte, to strawberry ice cream - the source of one of his happiest memories. And for the first time he had someone to prepare these dishes for: his new wife, with whom he was trying to conceive a child. Bittersweet is McAllester's poignant account of rediscovering his mother's life, coming to terms with her death, and travelling towards a new future as a father. Powerful, affecting and interspersed with mouth-watering recipes, it is a moving testament to the healing power of cooking for those you love.

The Unfinished Child

Author : Theresa Shea
File Size : 44.57 MB
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Marie finds herself unexpectedly pregnant at 39. Meanwhile, her best friend, Elizabeth, has never been able to conceive, despite years of fertility treatments. In a genetic test routinely offered to older mothers, Marie discovers that the child she is carrying has Down syndrome. Intertwined throughout the novel is the story of Margaret, a woman who gave birth to a daughter with Down syndrome in 1947, when such infants were considered to be “unfinished” children. As the novel shifts through the decades, the lives of the three women converge, and the story speeds to an unexpected conclusion. With skill and poise, debut novelist Theresa Shea dramatically explores society’s changing views of Down syndrome over the past 60 years. The story offers an unflinching and compassionate history of the treatment of people with Down syndrome and their struggle for basic human rights. Ultimately, The Unfinished Child is an unforgettable and inspiring tale about the mysterious and complex bonds of family, friendship and motherhood.

The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

Author : Jennifer Appel
File Size : 76.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The complete and “charming” (Gourmet) collection of deliciously old-fashioned and deeply satisfying recipes from everyone’s favorite New York City cupcake bakery. Ever since the original Magnolia Bakery opened its doors in 1996, people have lined up day and night to satisfy their sugar cravings—and this book is Magnolia’s comprehensive guide to making all of their beloved desserts, including their home-style cupcakes, layer cakes, banana pudding, and other treats. Illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs that capture the daily life of the bakery, The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook shows you how to make their famous banana pudding, sinfully rich buttercream icing and red velvet cake, and dozens more irresistible desserts.