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Jules Verne Rediscovered

Author : Arthur B. Evans
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This brilliant study of Verne's three cycles (1850-62, 1862-86, 1886-1916) analyzes the works from a biographical, sociohistorical, ideological, and narratological point of view. With a deep focus on Verne's pedagogical slant, Evans demonstrates convincingly the parallels between the French author's aim to `de-alienate' science and his aim to valorize learning, knowledge, and reading (his heroes conquer more knowledge for themselves and for the world). Choice This first modern American study of Jules Verne offers a wide-ranging reappraisal of a very familiar but often misunderstood author and his works. In spite of his status as one of the most translated novelists of all time, Verne and his Voyages Extraordinaires have long been neglected in American literary scholarship. This book seeks to reaffirm Verne's significant contribution to the development of early science fiction through a detailed investigation of his romans scientifiques. Evans has focused his study on the didactic dimension of Verne's narratives, which were originally intended to teach the rudements of science and morality to French youth through the medium of popular fiction.

Jules Verne

Author : Edmund J. Smyth
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This collection of essays reflect the diversity of approaches currently being brought to bear on the writings of Jules Verne. "An indispensable book for those who want to see how far we have come along the path toward a better understanding of Verne."—Science Fiction Studies

Jules Verne

Author : Timothy A. Unwin
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Jules Verne (1828-1905), in popular imagination, is synonymous with prediction of the future. He was a master of the self-conscious novel, his work a pastiche of science discourse. The author makes a compelling case for Verne as a master of the 19th century experimental novel, in the company of Gustave Flaubert and other canonical French writers.

Hollywood Presents Jules Verne

Author : Brian Taves
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Even for those who have never read Jules Verne (1828--1905), the author's very name conjures visions of the submarine in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the epic race in Around the World in Eighty Days, the spacecraft in From the Earth to the Moon, and the daring descent in Journey to the Center of the Earth. One of the most widely translated authors of all time, Verne has inspired filmmakers since the early silent period and continues to fascinate audiences more than one hundred years after his works were first published. His riveting plots and vivid descriptions easily transform into compelling scripts and dramatic visual compositions. In Hollywood Presents Jules Verne, Brian Taves investigates the indelible mark that the author has left on English-language cinema. Adaptations of Verne's tales have taken many forms -- early movie shorts, serials, feature films, miniseries, and television shows -- and have been produced as both animated and live-action films. Taves illuminates how, as these stories have been made and remade over the years, each new adaptation looks back not only to Verne's words but also to previous screen incarnations. He also examines how generations of actors have portrayed iconic characters such as Phileas Fogg and Captain Nemo, and how these figures are treated in pastiches such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012). Investigating the biggest box-office hits as well as lower-budget productions, this comprehensive study will appeal not only to fans of the writer's work but also to readers interested in the ever-changing relationship between literature, theater, and film.

A study guide for Jules Verne s Around the World in 80 Days

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A study guide for Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days", excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students series. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Verne s Journey to the Centre of the Self

Author : William Butcher
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The Mysterious Island

Author : Jules Verne
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At a time when Verne is making a comeback in the US as a mainstream literary figure, Wesleyan is pleased to publish a new translation of one of his best-known novels, The Mysterious Island. Although several editions under the same title are in print, most reproduce a bowdlerized nineteenth-century translation which changes the names of the characters, omits several important scenes, and ideologically censors Verne's original text. The Mysterious Island was published in 1874, and it is one of Verne's longest novels. The plot depicts a group of men who have become castaways stranded on an island in the Pacific during the American Civil War. The novel describes their attempts not only to survive but also, with the aid of the scientific and technological know-how, to rebuild their world from the meager resources of the island. At the end, however, it is realized that Captain Nemo, from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, has secretly been helping the settlers. A marvelous adventure story, The Mysterious Island is also notable for its modern retelling of the utopian deserted-island myth, with repeated echoes of Robinson Crusoe and the Swiss Family Robinson. This Wesleyan edition features notes, appendices and an introduction by Verne scholar William Butcher, as well as reproductions of the illustrations from the original French edition.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Author : Jules Verne
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This new translation is faithful to the lyricism, verve, and humour of the original, and is the only annotated edition available.

The Mighty Orinoco

Author : Jules Verne
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Jules Verne (1828-1905) was the first author to popularize the literary genre of science fiction. Written in 1898 and part of the author’s famous series Voyages Extraordinaires, The Mighty Orinoco tells the story of a young man’s search for his father along the then-uncharted Orinoco River of Venezuela. The text contains all the ingredients of a classic Verne scientific-adventure tale: exploration and discovery, humor and drama, dastardly villains and intrepid heroes, and a host of near-fatal encounters with crocodiles, jungle fever, Indians and outlaws — all set in a wonderfully exotic locale. The Mighty Orinoco also includes a unique twist that will appeal to feminists — readers will need to discover it for themselves. This Wesleyan edition features notes, and a critical introduction by renowned Verne scholar Walter James Miller, as well as reproductions of the illustrations from the original French edition. CONTRIBUTORS: Walter James Miller, Stanford Luce, Arthur B. Evans.

Around the World in Eighty Days

Author : Jules Verne
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The story of the journey made by a Victorian gentleman, Phileas Fogg, who wagered that he could travel around the world in eighty daysFive weeks in a balloon was Verne's first novel, which documents a jaunt across Africa in a hydrogen balloonm.