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The Joy of Financial Security

Author : Donna Skeels Cygan
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A top financial advisor provides readers techniques for becoming financially secure, covering such topics as investment strategies, retirement planning, and minmizing taxes.

Choosing Joy Creating Abundance

Author : Ellen Peterson
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Explores the practical dimensions of abundance by helping readers define their ideas of personal success and overcome the hidden obstacles that often hinder prosperity. Original.

Forgiveness The Key To Lasting Joy

Author : Roland Taylor
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Does your marriage lack true happiness? Is your family struggling to get along? Do you continue to deal with a loss from long ago? Wherever your pain lies, it is likely nestled in one deep, dark pit: a lack of forgiveness.

Fruit Amidst The Thorns

Author : Roman New
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“Fruit Amidst the Thorns” is a book of 40 essays about living a positively charged life while experiencing unwanted and undesirable circumstances. The essays have a wide range of diversity and include “Evolution: Are You Left Behind?” “Are You Already Made?” “The Day Competition Began,” and “By Their Fruit We Will Know Them.” The reading of “Fruit Amidst the Thorns” will implant seeds to blossom with strong and fruitful attitudes.

Business Or Pleasures

Author : Joseph Ager
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Africa's plight is no doubt, presently, a concern of notable political and business leaders across the world. I believe this is Africa's time and age in which Africans, African leaders and the rest of the world must put their hands on the plough. And in the natural impossibility of having more than two hands per human, the legs of all must be engaged to follow their hearts. Now is the best time for anyone to help walk Africa out of misery while Africans do the bulk of the work themselves. Using Nigeria as a model, this book proves that free enterprise will help Africa do for itself if empowered far beyond what the world can do for her. OTHER SECTIONS INSIDE INCLUDE: 1. Questions to ask ourselves about our talents, visions and what we really want in life. With insights on Money, Love, Work and Time. 2. Inspiration and motivation for the-would-be entrepreneur and business owner, with powerful business and success secrets to learn from: J.D Rockefeller, Soichiro Honda, Conrad Hilton, Ray Kroc, T.D Jakes, Thomas Edison etc. 3. A recommended reading list that will help you maintain the cutting edge vital to success in business and life in general.

Nominations of Jennifer Joy Manson Lawrence J Jensen and Orson G Swindle III

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Environment and Public Works
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Consumer Financial Services Litigation

Author :
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The Joy of Knowing God

Author : Richard L. Strauss
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A study of God's attributes and their relevance to daily living.

The Joy of Stress

Author : Peter George Hanson
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Dr. Hanson provides a no-nonsense look at how to stop stress from controlling your life by learning to control the stress. Includes stereocopy diagrams.

The Joy of Dynamic Giving

Author : Bill Bright
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More than many other books on tithes and offerings, this book addresses giving on many levels, stressing matter of the heart.

Financial Security for Women

Author : Mary F. Ivins
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The Learning Paradox Creating Security by Rediscovering the Joy of Learning

Author : Harris, Jim (Jim R. M.)
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The Joy of Capitalism

Author : Steven E. Plaut
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Library Journal

Author :
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The Joy of Not Knowing It All

Author : Ernie J. Zelinski
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Resource designed to help you profit from creativity at work or play, offering hope and opportunity. The author inspires one to take risks, be different, challenge the status quo, ruffle a few feathers, and in doing so make a difference in the world.

Joy of Committed Love

Author : Gary Smalley
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Explaining the differences between the sexes, this book looks at the basic division between men and women. The author argues that men are, in actual fact, more violent when angry than women who tend to be more verbal. The book offers new insights into the reasons a wife is more likely to nurture a relationship, even though her husband doesn't carry the instinctive awareness of what the relationship should be. Every relationship can be fufilling, the secret lies in knowing, understanding and honouring your mate. Whether married for two weeks or 20 years, this book carries important facts for loving couples and their lives together. Better or for Best.

Christianity Today

Author :
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Inner Joy

Author : Harold H. Bloomfield
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Suggests possible remedies for curing anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure to the fullest, and encourages individuals to unlock hidden pleasure potential at play and at work through natural turn-ons

Family Journey Into Joy

Author : C. S. Cowles
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Pure Joy

Author : Rick Stedman
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With refreshing candor, Stedman examines the value of being single, simultaneously recognizing that God created us as sexual beings. Exploring the conflict of this apparent contradiction in a revolutionary and biblical approach, he annswers such questions as: How far is too far?; How much are singles worth sexually?; Why do singles sometimes feel so worthless?