Journey Into the Mind's Eye

Fragments of an Autobiography


Author: Lesley Blanch

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 1681371944

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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A stunning tale set in England, Paris, and Moscow, chronicling Blanch's love for an older Russian man and the passionate obsession that takes her to Siberia and beyond. “My book is not altogether autobiography, nor altogether travel or history either. You will just have to invent a new category,” Lesley Blanch wrote about Journey into the Mind’s Eye, a book that remains as singularly adventurous and intoxicating now as when it first came out in 1968. Russia seized Lesley Blanch when she was still a child. A mysterious traveler—swathed in Siberian furs, bearing Fabergé eggs and icons as gifts along with Russian fairy tales and fairy tales of Russia—came to visit her parents and left her starry-eyed. Years later the same man returned to sweep her off her feet. Her love affair with the Traveller, as she calls him, transformed her life and fueled an abiding fascination with Russia and Russian culture, one that would lead her to dingy apartments reeking of cabbage soup and piroshki on the outskirts of Paris in the 1960s, and to Siberia and beyond.

The Strong Eye of Shamanism

A Journey Into the Caves of Consciousness


Author: Robert E. Ryan

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892817092

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 308

View: 7719

Introduces the mindset of the shaman and presents a view of the patterns of symbolism that underlie all religions

Well Driven Nail


Author: Ruth M. Panchelli

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1613790821


Page: 298

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Life is filled with many trials and many blessings; we will learn to see them from God's point of view. This book reveals a visionary's journey to understand her trials in life. It gives the reader a fascinating picture of just such a journey to find the blessing from a Holy God. It helps us to move on from the flames of indifference to understand the truth in our trials. It is during this journey we find an Advocate who redeems us from the vast Chasm of darkness. He is the Light in our darkness to bring us into the wonders and glory of a new existence. We are set on a path leading us to enter into a joyous discovery of our blessings. The reader is sure to delight in the wonders tucked into God's word in regard to our eternal existence. The author's simplistic vision has proven to be far more profound as we look into a moment in eternity.The author, Ruth M. Panchelli, was born in Birmingham, Alabama and moved to Florida after her fathers death. There she met her husband of twenty-five years and raised two children. She has devoted her talents and gifts in order to leave a legacy in this book series. Ruth is a passionate visionary in a time when we need to return to our Biblical roots. It is her gift of vision to proclaim the insightful glimpses of glory coupled with the understanding of the Word of GOD.

The Beholder's Eye

A Collection of America's Finest Personal Journalism


Author: Walt Harrington

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 9780802199621

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

View: 8356

Great journalists, at one time or another, have all been characters in their own stories: people with personalities that shaped what they saw and reported, and were touched and changed by the experiences about which they wrote; and innovators who borrowed the storytelling techniques of fiction. The Beholder’s Eye showcases the very best of an increasing trend toward personal narrative: Mike Sager stalking Marlon Brando in the Tahitian jungle; J. R. Moehringer’s quest to discover the true identity of an old boxer; Bill Plaschke’s story about a woman with cerebral palsy who runs an obscure Los Angeles Dodgers Web site; Scott Anderson’s story of his lifetime of covering war after war; Harrington’s own tale of his interracial family’s struggle to persevere; and many others. Written by reporters who were willing to reveal themselves in order to bring readers insights that were deeper than supposedly objective third-person stories, their articles are an invaluable resource for aspiring journalists, students, and teachers of the craft of writing, and any reader with an appreciation for masterful storytelling.

The Adventures of CT

The Children's Books for Adults Volume : 3, I Will


Author: Michaelson Williams

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468923765

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 939

The Adventures of CT chronicles the life of “CT” Christopher Thornton, a critical thinker and his two friends Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin a trio of unsuspecting hero’s to the planet Earth. Christopher Thornton, Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin possess extraordinary gifts which allow them to expose hidden truths, scandalous government cover ups, and mass mind control. They possess powers of critical thinking, empowered speech, and sheer physical strength which guide the trio on their journey to save the human race. Christopher, Julie, and Ronin monitor the tools of mind control, and brainwashing to unearth the lies and tails being told to the people of this planet in order to control and enslave them. The main purpose of this trio’s journey is to open the mind’s eye of an enslaved humanity on earth. News mediums which are used to fill the minds of the children of Mother Earth are policed by the trio to reveal nothing but the facts, no matter how unpopular and unbelievable those facts may seem. It is believable lies that are taken as true and the truths are dismissed as lies and conspiracy theories. This must be changed, this most switched, and the mind controlling poisons undone. If not Christopher, Julie, and Ronin realize this could very well be the demise of the majority of humans inhabiting planet Earth.

Journey Into Cyprus


Author: Colin Thubron

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448156114

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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Cyprus, spring 1972. Tensions are rising between the Greek South and the Turkish North. Within two years, the country will become divided. It is at this distinctive time in history British travel writer Colin Thubron embarks on a 600 mile trek across the country. Moving from Greek villages to Turkish towns, the author of Shadow of the Silk Road and Night of Fire provides a profound look into the people of Cyprus – from Orthodox monks to wedding parties to peasant families – against the landscape of a beautiful Mediterranean island on the eve of chaos and tragedy. A remarkable quest rich in literature, classics and architecture, Journey Into Cyprus ingeniously intertwines the history and politics of Cyprus and its mythical past with the tumultuous present – from the master of travel books and writing, Colin Thubron. ‘An accomplished linguist and historian, his passionate concern for antiquity in all its aspects - mythological, architectural, conceptual - lends weight and warmth to every chapter’ Financial Times

Blinded By The Sun


Author: Seamus Guyver

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1491879955

Category: Poetry

Page: 160

View: 5206

A passage between the stars, the moon and the thoughts caught within all of us. The different emotions we hide sometimes when left staring at the sun feeling the moon within your mind. For all the people and chances that have gone before. Of all the times we felt so much alive and the regrets we hold like the dark side of the moon. Knowing the journey will lead us within the sun; changing our views. Feeling a step within life is just a change within our minds. Now feel the journey within one mind; take the time to ponder all the thoughts and feelings felt within one sun and the mood of this life and how it can lift you higher and take you down when you lose the focus of the road that lies ahead and people who move like ghosts within your trail. Knowing one day you will unite the Sun and the Moon and find a distant peace within your heart. This may take time and Journey will have many falls. But the road is just a reflection within the memories of our minds.